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Construction companies go through a number of difficulties and barriers when it comes to the management of the complex problems of labor and legal management that is one of the most cardinal problems that is to be controlled and managed as well properly (Sepasgozar, 2020). There are many construction companies that deals only with the large-scale projects and there are many companies that deal with the small-scale projects while there are some which only deals with the kind of both type of construction and building projects. The risk areas often faced by the companies in the construction industry is the lack of what is called as the contract management, legal bindings, resource planning and labor management and nowadays, there is another issue that is being presented which as well is in the area of the health safety that is critical to note and understand as well (Li and Liu, 2019). There are various types of the complex problems in relation to the areas of the risk management and health safety that involves or rather, in direct works, affects the lives of the labor working on site that is very important to note and cardinal to manage here. Death or serious injuries of the labors in the construction industry generally occurs due to the lack of the training and the lack of the proper environmental safety maintenance and this leads to charges with the legal noncompliance with the construction company with federal and state laws that is vital to understand (Chung et al. 2020). The company Buildwell Ltd. has been chosen for this project management study and there are different areas of project management like execution, planning, monitoring, initiation, and closing has been analyzed with respect to Buildwell while the strengths and the challenges of the organization has been found out. The main issue of the company is quality and many of its stakeholders and the clients specially has been complaining about this England based company because the problems has often found to be starting later or on the site as it can be understood leading to the whole sort of the project management issues like delays and recurring costs (Darko et al. 2019). Hence, the study done over here is totally and majorly focused on the development of the right outcomes as for this Buildwell limited company and the main emphasis of the study is on the aspect of the quality improvement and the quality management for the company that is vital to note and understand as well.

Delays as well as the time management is one of the critical aspects of the problems faced by the companies in the construction industry domain and this is chiefly due to the fluctuations in the weather condition (extreme climatic changes hinders work and risks the safety of the building and the workers on the on site as well). The formal contract that is binding on the contractor and that with the very client is often problematic because the legal terms and the proper amount what is known as the agreement is not met but the work is proceeded leading to issues with the project management and project phases of building construction that is important to understand as well (Yılmaz and Kanıt, 2018). Moreover, time issues and delays are caused by the lack of right and optimum levels of the set of skills and expertise in the staffs and labors involved in the construction project work. If the project manager lacks the necessary skills of project management like execution and planning as well as doing the critical path analysis, this can be a major issue and impact the whole life cycle of the project leading to the recurring costs that is important to note and understand as well. Absenteeism on part of the workers and the labor can lead to the development of serious issues and the risks which is why, it is particularly important to notice and supervise as well as motivate the workers to present and be productive in the right direction, so that the construction goals are met and to ensure lesser delays or none of them (Ji and Chen, 2020). Construction is a teamwork and without the team members of project managers, engineers, architects, the designers, and various types of the labors with expertise in different areas of construction – can lead to serious drawbacks and downfalls for the company and more harm being done to the project itself.  The company Buildwell is going through a number of risks and the problems that has also affected the productivity of the company and the quality issues has led to life threatening outcomes as well as chief form of the risky outcomes for the organization that is to be noted and this has been discussed thoroughly in this study with relation to Buildwell Limited based in the southeast England.


The company Buildwell Ltd is based in the Essex region of the country of England and the company is said to have a client base of a huge and lavish number that shows the market of the company that is important to note. The foundation of the company dates back to the period of the 1980s when it was a small startup company in the construction segment and over the years, the company has grown a great deal, which earned in the year of 2016-2017, a revenue that exceeds almost the 10 million in the Great Britain pounds that is GBP. The main competitors of the company Buildwell Ltd are the Taylor Wimpey and the Persimmon that is important to be observed and the products that are built by the company Buildwell are called as the Buildwell homes that is to be noted. Now, when the aspect of market growth is concerned, it is seen that most of the companies in this domain suffer from what is tagged as the quality issues due to shortage of time and labor plus also the desire to make profits without investing or focusing much on the quality.  This is the mindset that has affected many of the companies in the construction domain in the country of England and that is why, there is a need for quality management and quality improvement, that the director the company Buildwell Ltd also feels about. As for a matter of fact, the market share of the company is about 10 percent that is important to be noted and observed as well.

The risks and the complaints faced by the company is not at all decreasing and only going worse as 15 complaints out of the eighty-five buildings built by the Buildwell Ltd has been flagged up by the local authorities that is an important area. Moreover, the residents who has come to live in the houses and for whom, the construction has been made has found chief problems which costed them up to thirty-five thousand pounds in the currency, for some as well which shows the levels and the depths of the much-complicated quality issues with the products of the company, that is Buildwell Ltd. The relationship of the construction companies with the local authorities and the control bards are one of a kind and there are different types of the settings as well as the complex legal requirements that are often needed to be done in many areas that is vital to understand as well. In fact, for the construction companies anywhere, it is the relationships of the companies with the clients and the local authorities that the companies thrive upon and any issues or gaps here, can lead to adverse construction outcomes – putting the major load on money and properly that is important to understand as well. Sometimes the remedial and complaint area management work done post the construction is done by the company Buildwell and sometimes it is not which is why, the losses faced by the England company is huge and is on the verge of being acquired by a large multinational firm (Sang et al. 2020). The project management risks of the company are with legal and material management as well as the financial planning and client relations that is limiting its market share and this is leading problem for the last two years that is important to note and understand as well. The market research was done for the company here and it was found out that almost about fifty one percent of the clients (new ones) who have constructed their houses with the Buildwell have major issues and complaints, showing the massive upset in the areas of the quality of the products of the company (Bahamid, Doh and Al-Sharaf, 2019). As a result, there has been issues with the labors and staffs leaving the projects thus losing out on the manpower count and there has been additional stress of increased supplier costs that is important to understand as well. In fact, there also need to be a sort of compliance with the government needs for the social housing projects and the financial tracts of such important building works is also not done effectively by the company over here, too. That is why, a new project improvement manager has been involved in the project so that the different set of the quality and related issues of Buildwell Ltd is managed effectively and most properly that is vital to note too.

Part A

Project management

The projcet improvement manager that is the PIM has all the set of dueties and the regulations to be followed while doing and undertaking the various stages of the project management that is important to understand as well. The total time period of the project management for quality imrpovement for the manager, is set a definite period of 4 months and quarterly, the reprts of the project cycle progression and outcomes achieved needs to be shown by him to the directors of the company. The reporting of the data as for the project outcomes at different stages will be crtical and there will be the major sets of the technological, process as well as the quality management changes done in this period of project manager by the newly appointed manager, the detials of which has been provided below.


It is important to understand the budget costs and tally it with actual needs of the project that is important to understand. Moreover, there is a need for the development of the right practices in financial strategizing and planning so that the risks with the quality improvement project is substantially reduced that is vital to understand as well. The budget allocated the decision makers of the company for this quality improvement project is about £275,000 and this includes a range of costs starting from new hardware and the quality improvement requirements as well as the salary of the appointed project manager and external travelling plus the external consulting costs that is vital to be comprehended.


As for the management of the project for quality improvement, there is a need for the dvelopment of right workforce which is vital and there are certain personnels who will be working along the porject manager (Xu et al. 2021). There will be two consultants hired for this project who will be paid at the rate of 800 pounds per day and in addition, there will be two secrataries as well who will be paid an amount of 3000 pounds per calendar month that is to be noted as for the personnel payments, other than the manager.

Currents project management and dvelopmentary issues of the company

The company is having complaints from the clients and the government authorities that is most vital to note and most of the complaints faced by the Buildwell company is pertaining to the quality issues with the houses they have built, and the recurring costs associated with it. The technology integration and infrastructure of the company is also very poor which is why the software and the hardware upgradation along with the quality management system is required that will be done with this quality improvement project.

Analysis of the company’s new project management practices

MOD004451 Supply Chain Assignment

Figure 1 – project management steps



The key stakeholders of the project are the Project improvement officer, the two consultants as well as the two secretaries that is important to be noted.

The objective of the project is to improve the outcomes of quality management of the company, with new structures, systems and the policies that is important to understand.

The main constraint of the project is time and then budget.

The authority of the project lies with the project improvement officer who will be reporting to the board of directors on a quarterly basis that is vital to note and understand as well.


The scope of the project includes the new project standards (with respect to the software and the hardware upgrade as well as policy changes) and the training of the staffs that will accompany the process changes in the quality improvement project that is vital to understand.

The procurement is to be done with the new suppliers who will be supplying the raw materials and the software services which is why, the communication must be planned and also to be done effectively (Harris et al. 2021).

For the stakeholder engagement (especially the clients and the suppliers), there is a need for the development of corporate communications, where the emails and the telephonic calls will be made in order to send the right piece of important information at the right period of time.



The agile methodology will be used here in order to communicate the shortfalls, pace and completion level of the task at different stages of the project. And it is only the agile methodology that allows for the use of the strong visualization techniques and tools which are the pareto charts, value stream mapping as well as the others can be used for this process (Lili, 2021). Even the deliverables, the daily stand ups as well as the product backlogs can be seen and will be tracked using this agile methodology that is vital for the project management. Even the Kanban charts will be utilised to see the position of the task and what needs to be done.

For the quality improvement, the quality management ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software will be bought and incorporated in this stage and also with this, the building information modelling (BIM) will be used as well. The process changes are pertaining to the virtual reality and the augmented systems as well as the newly installed ERP quality management system will be accompanied by training.

Training plan design

The training of the staffs with the new skills and software will be given and the method followed has been given as follows. There will be a through skills training that will be given in pertinence to the construction management as well as the quality maintenance.

MOD004451 Supply Chain Assignment

Figure 2 – Training process


As this is a construction project, the BIM 360 software will be used in order to find the results and it search and track the real time day to day situational data, for better management of the risks and closing gaps during quality improvement project that is important to note as well (Dixit et al. 2018).

Status of the report Function
Project tracking It is important to track the important information of stages and tasks in the project that is very and certainly vital. The project officer using this software, will be monitoring these areas and tracking the changes, if made.
Risk register The risk stratification is important and so is the process of identifying the High index issues in prediction so that they can be avoided or mitigated.
Meeting between project manager and team Every week, the project officer will have a meeting with the team twice, once at the weekend and once in the middle of the week that is important to note.
Time update The time update will be done as the visualization made in the Kanban charts
Time sheet This will be updated from time to time in order to reach the right outcomes and construction targets.
Project meeting The investors and the directors will be sitting in meeting with project officer on a quarterly basis.



Once the planned goals of the critical project management are met, the quality outcomes are reached as desired, then the project will be closed.

Part B

Gantt chart

As it can be seen that the different types of the tasks to be accomplished are the project planning, software installation, hardware procurement and material management, training and finally the installation of quality monitoring system. The timeline of total is four months, the divisions of which has been given as Appendix 1 depicting 4 months.

Part C


The budget allocation has been £275,000 that is vital. All the activities as mentioned above will be coming with a certain level of costs and which has been shown below in the financial chart. Appendix 2 presents the project budget.


Thus, it can be concluded saying that the different types of constraints and risks with the project management over here that needs to be addressed project management and development best practices that is very and also particularly important as well. The different types of the risk parameters and the risk considerations can only be controlled with the help of the right financial planning and strategic management that needs the right and proper leadership from the side of the project improvement officer. The personnel selection as well as the staffing needs to be done properly so as to help the needs of the company Buildwell ltd in the most cardinal and pivotal manner. Moreover, the hardware and the software procurement, process transformation needs good amount of expenditure and there is n scope for any financial or any time wastage that is very and also particularly important. The quality monitoring with be done with the BIM 360 software and regarding all these technological upgradation and process changes, the training will be given the staffs involved in the company’s operations.

















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