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Section 1- The relevance of educational research

In this section, I analysed my learning and make a focus to understand the importance of having educational research. Furthermore, providing some creating policies and practices will help manage educational areas.

Section 1.1 Explain why research is important to educational policy-makers and practitioners

Before starting the module, I did have not appropriate information about the educational policies and practitioners. With the help of reading and literature review concept, it has been analysed that working appropriately with learning journals and workbooks to complete the working process. At the same time, understanding educational research will be helpful for watching videos. It further makes the explained nature for working in educational research and gathering the information for conducting research with having critical reflective and appropriate uses of activities (Agirreazkuenaga, 2022).

The use of effective search leads to the appropriate article and makes an argument with a wide range of authors and makes an opinion about the educational research in more improvised and effective ways. I have analysed how the UK needed to work and improve the role of quality for doing teaching and make the learning process with high education and promotion provide evidence methods, Therefore, the need to complete work in several initiatives for enhancing the research and inform different educational policies. Also, the need to work and provide evidence from a policymaking perspective will help use enhance outcomes for the children and families methods.

Most of the time, I have analysed that the use of researchers is able to make concern and address the equity issues and make an aim for investigating the positive change in the respective topic. There is the need for managing applications and providing work for analysing the situation and making the transfer to read, science and gain the knowledge for learning real-life challenges within society (De Nardis, 2022). The test aims to analyse the asses and gain the student’s ability to transfer, read and analyse the real-life challenges within the society.

Section 1.2 critically analyses the importance of educational research in raising and addressing issues of social justice

This section was brought up with the aim to work on the important topic and gain the educational research to explore and seek the positive changes. There is the need to work effectively and provide social justice by doing equity issues and gaining education in a more classified and effective way. With the impact of PISA and data collected sources, I have analysed that working and measures about schools from countries can be able to deliver the equity and ensure the problem from social backgrounds and manage equal chances. But all of these TED Talks and other shows make a strong impact on the student’s learning outcome. It means that students make a low socio-economic process and provide an effective performance measure and get success to lower the student’s ability and make more development in the country’s perspective.

This is further being analysed and offered for managing best education practices and working on the appropriate challenges in more classified ways. There is a need to work on the low performing measures from students’ and schools’ perspectives (Lombardi, 2022).

I have analysed that all the world is being connected and make conceptual policies and practices for learning each experience and adjust the rate of policies’ for work in different contexts. Analysing all of this information can be associated with managing applications and bringing success for understanding the nature and making a creation related to the PISA method. With the help of gathering the information, it is being possible to understand PISA. It make a creation and make an implementation to make open eyes with minds (Sá, Lourenço and Carlos, 2022). To get social justice and gain equity problems countries to improve the education system with more valuable education for provide future to their students and make a successful country’s future.

Section 1.3 Reflect upon your reading and use of educational research

I did not know to complete working with about the educational process with more before the having the module and the perfect time for me. The reason behind this is to allow more and explore the in-depth area to gain the practices and achieve the result in which people are more interested. I am very much interested in disruptive behaviour and its related problems as these are faced in preschool and gain the age of children in a more classified and effective way. With the use of appropriate children and educational research methods, I will do some more efficient and prepared methods and complete my future practices and provide evidence for improving the professional working standards, and influencing skills and make a path for me to work in future (Nor and Sihes, 2022).

Since my background is related to managing some special needs and making rehabilitation practices will be useful for making an intended nature and provide more learning nature and complete the special needs for gain the educational part. I will work on the different learning modules and work on the special needs and gain the educational part scenario in more classified ways. I will use and provide effective learning journals to explore the rates analyse the methods and further critically evaluate the range of articles which are associated with disruptive behaviour and educational learning session for enhancing my knowledge on the working topics (Ortega-Sánchez and Pérez-González, 2022).

Section 2- Approaches to educational research

Section 2.1 Strategies for critical reading research papers

There is the need to manage critically before I entered the master’s degree which was unknown to me. There is a need to manage undergraduates in different courses to make relevant sources to get information for the assignments. There is a need for managing information to be legit and make some trustworthy to make and implement in more classified ways.

After initial starting, I started to work and understand the nature to critique the factors and other’s people and gain assumptions about the respective topic (Smith, 2022).

There is the need for managing critically and achieving issues and making objectives to gain the evidence to multiple for analysing perspectives and evaluating the strength. All of these stages make it reasonable for arguments to be completely valid, and meaningful and provide logic for work inconclusive ways. Personality is still managing difficult for make constant the analysis and gains difficult for managing way of thinking approach.

During the week four’s webinar it was referred for managing applications for understanding to gain approaches to work to information through thinking, analysing and reading perspective:

Critical thinking: This is related to working on personal experiences, values and realities to explore the methods and gain perception for viewing methods and explain the things in more obvious and common explanations (Bauer, 2022).

Critical analysis: Working on the skill that I have gained throughout the module helps in gain information, examine the relevance and gaining the strength for managing methods to evaluate the presented sources with backed evidence methods. This is the way of presenting the constructed method with high strong argument and being backed by managing evidence.

Critical writing: I think in this section, some difficulties are needed to enhance my abilities and control the measures of performance. It is further able to work on the arguments and make readers presence with high relevant evidence to compare with pros and cons.

Critical reading: Initially, I was working on the skimming and scanning method for working on the articles. But some of the strategies end up giving a superficial understanding of managing material. Through the process of managing methods, I have gained another perspective to work on the reading articles and become an active reader. However, the need for challenging and constant growth will be helpful for managing applications to complete working the sources (Beneke, Machado and Taitingfong, 2022).

I have further analysed the methods, webinar is the process for managing and understanding the strategy and critically reading the methods for evaluating the article in more classified ways. It is further being possible to make evidence and not to examine the methods with more efficient and classified ways to work on a deep level.

There are different analysing and evaluating standards which are important for the skills and gain important understanding powers. With the help of working in proven their points and make some logical conclusions with a wide range of evidence in the present study. I further critically evaluate and use the evidence from the research and crucial to conduct the research in more classified and effective ways (Gönen and Kızılay, 2022). This is conducted the reason for identifying strong points and enhancing the vulnerabilities for doing research and assessing the impact on the findings. There is a need to work effectively and provide the gaps to require the research and make findings to help the change, create and understand the policies which are required.

Section 2.2 critically analyse and evaluate educational research articles

Section 2.2.1 Quantitative research methodologies

Article: Teacher Perceptions of Evidence-Based Classroom Management Practices.

  1. What are your intentions?
    • Yes, the research is conducted through primary methods and it has been directly collected and examined through data.
    • I have used the quantitative approach. That means this research survey is conducted to collect the data. It is further useful for making participants and making large scale information for gathering and analysing the information from numerical data.
    • The researcher has been used to survey a research design (Harish, Price and Aphinyanaphongs, 2022).
    • The researcher uses new knowledge about the teacher’s understanding and gains a wide range of applications of the different research-based classrooms and different strategies.
  1. Identify the main ideas

2.1 Aim of the research is to gather data and examine the teacher’s applicability to gain knowledge and make a research-based classroom for effective use of strategies and their implementation process.

2.2 Yes, the chosen research and its purpose were clear and made some effective ideas and gain the purpose for conducting the research and explained the aim’s in more specific ways.

  1. Identify the theoretical and methodological approaches?

3.1 With the help of a positive paradigm the research and its realism approach work with epistemological perspective and growth. The new knowledge is useful for analysing the processing method and works with a high rate of comparison on quantitative analysis of the data and the use of standardised methods (Hromova, 2022).

3.2 To collect the data, the researcher uses the online survey method and which helps in analysing the data and use a wide range of descriptive method and summarise the data in more classified ways.

3.3 Since the data is collected on a large scale and is used for managing districts and make an online survey would be useful for managing and creating the distributive methods. It is convinced, efficient, quicker and more economical perspective.

3.4 This is the method for being the guarantee and gaining all the participants’ information which is used in the same questions.

  1. What evidence is provided to support the arguments?

4.1 The evidence was presented in the quantitative data form.

4.2 I think the strong evidence for conducting this research was working in tables, implementing graphs and gaining more credibility and accuracy to the research methods. Whereas, an online survey can become a weakness of the research methods. These are related to having no access to the internet, participant’s information and gaining the privacy consultancy that may not be protected effectively.

4.3 Yes, the evidence provides appropriate research questions analysis.

  1. So What?

5.1 The study comes with the result of having repercussions on different training sessions and makes a pre-service and in-service char to inform about the teacher and not getting proper training and implementing costs.

5.2 It is useful for managing different specialities and working with different experiences and training sessions. However, the only recruited teachers can work with different districts and limit the findings to more classified ways (Kroker-Lobos, 2022).

5.3 This study is very important for enhancing the teacher’s training and make preparing for managing programmes and making an issue for managing the classroom effectively.

  1. What questions arise from the respected article?

6.1 Yes, I have analysed that in starting researcher made a discussion on difficulties and needed pre-service approach to the behaviour problems. However, the researcher is not able to stand on the topic and also, they did not provide any kind of the list of participants and have pre-service approaches to make results.

6.2 No, the researcher only worked on self-statements no observation will be conducted to validate the research.

6.3 Yes, all the ethical considerations and permissions have been taken and achieve all the ethics to complete the study.

6.4 The questions which were raised are:

  • Do all the courses and training methods covered in the research used to address continuous problems for teachers and are they likely able to encounter the classroom activities?
  • Did all the supervisors provide appropriate feedback and make direct problem-related approaches for aligned the practices and supported by research?

Section 2.2.2 Qualitative research methodologies

Article: Becoming a Highly Effective Elementary Teacher and How to Support Teachers’ Development Support Teachers’ Development.

  1. What are your intentions?

1.1Yes, the study is being implied and collect the data for managing directors and make a group of participants.

1.2In this research, the researcher opted for both quantitative and qualitative data approaches and which means the data is collected through a mixed-method approach. But, the number of the group that participated is small which is considered one of the features of the qualitative approach.

1.3The researcher used an instrumental case study approach (Miller-Hargis and Harte, 2022).

1.4 Case study serves for managing purpose and reveals the issue in more classified and efficient ways.

  1. Identify the main ideas

2.1 The main purpose of the research is to identify the ideas, make classroom management and make an effective classroom environment. Furthermore the study for doing effective behaviour and how it was different from different levels of the teacher.

2.2 Yes, all the questions are clearly articulated in the current study.

  1. Identify the theoretical and methodological approaches?

3.1 By gathering information from the teacher’s perspective and gaining management topics and adopting the interpretivist nature of the paradigm.

3.2 By choosing a semi-structured interview methods are adopted for collecting qualitative information (Villanueva, 2022).

3.3 It is useful to make a combined result of qualitative and quantitative approaches for addressing each research question.

3.4 Yes, all the methods are suitable for conducting research and understanding the nature for gain teacher’s experiences.

  1. What evidence is provided to support the arguments?

4.1 Both quantitative and qualitative types of evidence were presented to the readers.

4.2 As per the record, the study has substantial evidence and is being presented for managing participants and making quotas for the questions to make inclusion for getting participants. On the other hand, using a case study can bring limitations to the project, as it is not easy to cross the information provided.

4.3 Yes, all the questions were approached and used to provide a suitable answer to them. It is useful for analysing the result and gaining teachers’ experience, development and overall effectiveness in the research-based approaches.

  1. So What?
    • The result of the study is related to managing school administrators and understanding the type of environment in a more efficient and classified way. Choose the information and providing guidance can help the teachers for developing skills and gain behaviour in management areas.
    • The study is related to managing teachers’ perspectives and completing the different state and teaching effectiveness levels. This would be useful for managing varieties and brought validation and trustworthiness for developing research and gaining the theory in more effective ways (Wight and Cooper, 2022).
  • 3 This research is important as it helps in gathering information and reformulating the teacher’s method and programmes. It is further related to promoting the skills and making highly effective teacher’s skills in more classified ways.
  1. What questions arise from the respected article?

6.1 Some unclear data is having quantitative measures for studies. However, the survey collects the data and uses a wide range of methods for describing the result in more efficient and classified ways.

6.2 No, the researcher was not able to make teacher observations in the classroom and gain more accuracy for legitimacy to the studies.

6.3 Yes, the researcher conducts all the ethical consideration and bring ethical approval for conducting methods. It is useful for managing applications and bringing information for the effective purpose and management of the participants. (Ortega-Sánchez and Pérez-González, 2022)

6.4 The researcher raises questions which include the need to discuss the future studies and make a collection for providing ratings and make a scale. It further helps in making interviewing administrators and supervisors strengthen the findings in more classified ways. Also, I have analysed that the researcher should be able to work and make a continuation to look into the department and make a key area for the effective use of classroom settings.


I will critically reflect on the learning journals for all the sections. Furthermore, I have learned the ways to critically examine the methods and complete the usages of research articles in a more efficient way.

In the section 1, I have worked on the relevance of doing educational research in a more efficient and classified way. I further try to evaluate the importance for make effective use of educational policy and making effective practitioners do their best with the right and significant approaches. Furthermore, I analyse the ways for getting effective use of educational research and raise the issues related to social justice practices (Sá, Lourenço and Carlos, 2022).

In section 2, I have analysed different strategies for doing educational research and ended up working on strategies for doing critical reading approach and using a wide range of papers related to quantitative and qualitative study based. After completing the analysis, I remained the work and make a wide range of limitations of doing research and should be presented to strengthen the questions more efficiently and appropriately (Beneke, Machado and Taitingfong, 2022).

Section 3- Ethical and social justice implications of educational research

Section 3.1- Importance of ethical research practice and how researchers apply ethical guidelines

It covered the consideration for the present ethical issues in the investigation that related to various sort of highly circulated research issues, generally, in the field of medicine, it involved the period of World war II in which the Nazi and as well as holocaust covered that time with effective terms of weak population and community. I approved with the current researchers when they debated that at the time of conducting the investigation it will not be an effective matter of gathering the source of data for the study then it will also require and critical to evaluate the impact of the investigation in the honesty rights security and as well as well-being aspect of those who take part in the following investigation. In all aspects of the research procedure the investigator is required to engage in the ethical procedure effectively and efficiently (Allee-Herndon, and, 2022). It involves the criteria of an ethical issue it will enter into consideration when the respective is selecting the research topic and also managing the investigation to maintain the design and also to implement the criteria of ethics. on the other hand, to neglect the problems with the respondent, significantly, the investigator takes into consideration the sum of ethical issues concerning managing it and tries to overcome them from the respondent’s life and manage it for a longer town than the consideration are as follows –

  • Informed consent – By offering the source of data to the respondent in advance then it will be linked to the objective of the investigation. By informing them prior about their right to decline or reject to take part and take out their sections at any time.
  • Non-maleficence or beneficence – Why neglect of performing any sort of problem to the respondent in terms of physical, psychological, legal, social, and as well as economic.
  • Privacy – An individual has the right not to take part in the investigation, not to answer any query, not be a questioned or interrogated, have the liberty to select what they want to prefer in which day get satisfied to doing that thing (Al-Rabia,  and, 2021).
  • Anonymity – The source of data offered by the respondent will not get this close to their personality or identity this will assure by eliminating any sort of documentation opportunity.


Section 3.2- Data Protection Act (2018) and GDPR legislations and guidelines

What structures or structures control ethics in the research area?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that follows rules and regulations for collecting and managing the personal source of data from respective who live in Europe. It involves roles responsibilities and needs for the investigators that hold the personal source of information to present how did deal with the values of the laws like documentation of how the information has been gathered and where it will be stored in an effective manual. As per the UK Government, the data protection act (DPA) in the United Kingdom implementation of GDPR (Brown,  and, 2021). It was created to manage how personal and as well as consumers source of data utilised by the respective management or the administrative body. It follows the effective aim of purpose to secure the respective individual and manage laws about how the source of information about an individual can be utilise on the other hand in the UK the present section of the British Educational Research Association (BERA) will offer accommodation and direction that will enable the educational researcher to measure all sections of presenting an educational investigation in a trained and ethical acceptance to manage the investigator’s activity.

Section 3.3- Ethical research practice with child participants

Individuals who responded will raise certain ethical problems by having vulnerable status. Respective individuals have diverse sections from an adult in various fields in terms of cognitive and linguistic development, attention to life experience is in which they wealth what is essential about their status and as well as power. Likewise, it is essential to maintain such sort of issues in mind set at all levels of the investigation, and generally, it will manage the informed consent that is requested.

When the individual is too young or will not have the cognitive skills to manage themselves and understand the objective of the investigation that it will not potential for them (Buchanan, and, 2021). It is not enough to have just themselves informed consent but it involves parents’ informed consent forms.

On the other hand when the individual is old sufficient and can manage and effectively relates to what the investigation needs then it is required to ask them if they are required to take part in the investigation. From my reading certain that investigators generally manage is there section in which they manage to take permission from the adult who is accountable for the respective child individual and after it day approach the following child and question about the following topic within research and after managing it the children are willing to participate or not in the research is also a major point. The informed consent was offered by assent which is a child affirmative statement to the respondent in the investigation as effectively and efficiently.

I consider and approved with the researcher that if guardians take legal permission that it will not be meant that the children are required to take part (Doukakis,  and, 2021). Or the other hand, in some sections of the cases it causes harm to the child and the questioning can be adversely negative due to which it has no effective answers and interest from the children’s side.

To secure the children’s interest, the Educational Research Involving Children (ERIC) was developed to make sure that the children’s values, rights, and as well as well-being nature are respected and secured. On the other hand, it will help the investigator to manage their requirements for Ethical direction to help the investigator.

In the webinar, I and my team had the opportunity to manage the sections of groups and evaluate the effects of 3 sections on an investigation that include children’s involvement –

  • Children’s previous practices
  • Utilising conference as the information gathering technique
  • Privacy

In all the sections I agree that it is essential to evaluate the children’s previous practices due to which it is possible that at the time of conversation with the children are group can ask them emotional questions by which they will get harm during it or after the investigation. The interview is a data collection method that is easy to utilise which children due to it offers them the chance to talk, and indicate themselves about an effective subject matter that sometimes can be tough by another approach (Hanghøj,  Silseth,  and Arnseth, 2021). Likewise, it is significant to recognize that children are not similar it a significant also to pay attention to the approaches that individual children feel more satisfied and comfortable with and use it.

In privacy, what the child says at the time of investigation that require to be kept private. Children might get harmed or punished they might not agree to take part if secrecy cannot be assured. On the other hand, the validity of the source of information could be compromised then if the children tell something that is directly linked to any adverse or linked section then it will be our duty as the investigator to deal with an effective individual that will give help and manage the condition as efficiently and suitably.

Section 4- The application of research to educational practice

Section 4.1- how educational research can inform policy and practice

After releasing my primary areas of the following workbook I analyze that I was not effective sufficient to measure the suitable aspect and effective division that educational investigator had and also, on the other hand, it follow the negative structure and before that present in this area and the dealings with the purchase and as well as exercises (Kolnes,  Øverland,  and Midthassel, 2021). On the other hand, in deal with his strength and as well as weakness is like educational investigation and efficient liaison with policy, and as well as suitable exercise.

I have evaluated it by the manner of the article in the area in which I crucial images and analyse the section in the classroom and as well as another sort of behaviour management. While utilising the suitable framework, generally the question 5 and as well question 6 from the article I have realised that such sort of questions was enough effective and presently in a quite effective manner to know the dealings of their effects that the investigation can be forwarded in suitable policy, exercises and as well as the method of theory. It deals with that how the investigation is supportable for other dealings, environment, and culture and why it will support variations in the society. On the other hand, it also deals with several sections to verify if the investigation is distinct in each area if they had followed every consideration of each explanation and if the investigation is effectively ethical.

In this field area, I gain the section that not every section will happen effectively in the investigation. It also follows limitations in the utilization of the methodology in which not enough amount of respondents and heterogeneity are presented not selected and effective term of the method to collect the critical source of data to answer the investigation questions and as well as is also involved in effective data analysis work (Mucundanyi,  and Woodley,  2021). All such as pets of characters will decline the elements and as well as the accuracy of the investigation in a suitable manner.

Such sort of aspects is very significant to deal in consideration at the time of trying to remember if the studies of courses have enough support of evidence to affect their changing creating aspect or updating their source of policies and as well exercises. It is essential and necessary that the investigation has effective and trustable support every day with a heterogeneous sample of respondents with an effective term of mythology and as well as the high term of suitable data collection mode, it also covered the scenario of data analysis and as well as the global term of conclusion of the overall section that indicates the requirement to change the things in which it deals with policy, exercises and as well as a theoretical method to execute a new plan of action and adapt it as effectively (Polat, 2021).

Section 4.2- Critically evaluate the impact of research on policy and/ or practice

Educational research can also support the educated to know about the present issues and decimal is queried by the gain of more knowledge and awareness in certain topics that support them in ancient the exercises and concentrate on the essential policy of problem that is being followed and debated by the policymaker.

But what does “impact” means in policy and practice?

In my investigation, I ascertain an infective statement that supported me to know effectively what this refers to. For an investigation to have any effect, the outcome manages and forms several approaches and plans that are executed into exercises. Such variation can be visible on invisible, progressive or regressive, intended or unintended, and as well as a shorter-term or longer term.

The investigation is an essential component in education due to which it makes the general commerce substantial contribution to the new knowledge that rays in the present query or the form of problem in the educational area

This theoretical approach is supported by several researchers when they manage that educational research might support their educated to gain effective knowledge and awareness in certain subject matter for enhancing then there exercises and concentrate on essential policies with suitable issues that are being followed and maintained by policymakers (Snowdon, 2021). On the other hand, it also offers every source of data to policymakers due to which they are the present outcome will be supported by enough sections with several for respective, having an impact on approaches and exercises in the field of education.

Likewise, things will not happen in an effective manner by which investigation and its effect will create policymakers as well as practices. By having argument by several researchers it deals with the previous agreement of dealing that stated that even over the several years it is tough to eliminate the loophole among Educational Research and excise due to which research effectively has an impact on approaches of frequently fails to need and relates to the requirements of policymaker and practitioners.

When the researcher discusses the issue that is linked to the deficiency of effects that might be because of investigations that are communicated and distributed with evidence in a theoretical manner and the research questions presented with relevantly in which searches results and overview will be carried into it (Sortkjær, 2021). It reminds me of when I was evaluating the investigation subject criteria, such questions are very essential due to which the article fails in such aspect that will lead to the investigator being distant from what the purpose is or deficiency in the manner of the requirement of society or not having the political section to deal with.

It refers to the policymaker that wants to manage effective dealings between research policy and as well as the exercises by which it is essential to manage the suitable section of the contribution of research to change an upgrade in the area due to which sometimes the evidence will present contradictory to make finding.

At the time of my research to valuate effective section what is frequent in the UK to decrease the present over the loop and have the effective quality of research that can support the effects of policy and as well as exercises, I ascertain the research excellence framework that is a system that managers and measure the quality of investigation to manage the section and quality of word-class dynamic and responsive of the investigation. To a sure, the quality valuates into the dealings of the output as well.


I will effectively reflect on such learning journals that what I have learned with an effective section that evaluates research articles which is my difficulty while this task and reflect on further studies as my professional term of role.

Strategies used to analyse and evaluate educational research articles

The above framework utilised to evaluate my two selected articles supported me to be an effective reader with a higher term of the critical section which asks a question about the quality and effective section of the task in the consideration I follow (Verger,  and Skedsmo,  2021). I learn to manage the methodological approaches that are utilised, search and evaluate if the selected method were the most effective for the study and why. It also deals with the validity criteria which is a heterogeneous group that can follow in the research and gives a more suitable and proper section at the time of generalizing the research topic. It is the time of answering the questions I also managers about the answer that can be presented in an effective manner that supported me to answer the question more logically.

Critical reflection on my skills in interpreting educational research

After this, it effectively help my suitable sections to manage and after that, I determine it tough to know the suitable answers of the plan of action to manage the strength and as well as weakness of the source of information that is presented by the several writers that can be a little bit confusing to understand which is supposed to combine in the framework of answers for this question. After an effective and suitable reading session it will reunion with Louise that is effectively possible to know about what I required to demonstrate in the following questions (Willis,  Shaukat,  and Low‐Choy,  2022).

After completing and evaluating the points I remained with the confusion if the drawback of the investigation should be demonstrated in the strength or weakness questions or furthermore in the question that have the writers evaluated all possible discussions or not.

All the queries and uncertainty throughout the crucial analysis are having an impact on such sections in my knowledge about certain data analysis techniques, critical reading, and as well as being my first time critically sections to analyse and major them for the more role of the article.

It also developed the positive aspect of utilising this structure that was suitable at the time of an analysis that I have gained more inside about presenting several research of understanding the weakness if the investigation design can follow a bring to the investigation and the benefits and as well as drawback of utilising particular methods. Having more suitable dealings with all this data will offer me time to prepare myself when I was presenting my suitable investigation. By neglecting some possible limitations or drawbacks and effectively adapting the lower terms of misunderstanding it will possibly create the criteria to develop effective and suitable research.

By following the above first practice in evaluating the educational researcher, I managed to enhance the task that I had in some areas of the lesson and follow more efficiently such ability at the time of my post-graduation with the fundamental role of the task. I will also follow the literature review in my courses of investigation by which I am required to increase my ability in crucial evaluating subject matter, analyzing them, and combining them into my research with an effective way to have a more proper level of investigation into it.

As I require to set my professional career in the behaviour disorder and behaviour management field in which I have such an ability to measure such articles that discuss the furthermore topic to collect the source of data about what is known and what can be made in previous or last years and as well as what will get to be upgraded if the changes are being made, at last deals with the manner of collection that can relate to the source of data effectively and efficiently.




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