LD9701 MSc Digital Marketing Assignment Sample


  • Highlight sportswear market
  • Market segmentation and product category will be discussed
  • Customer persona will be introduced and analysed
  • The recommendation will be given to sports direct

The following presentation will be able to highlight the market of sportswear for men. To study the case in detail, the category of the product and its market segmentation will also be highlighted. In this presentation, the brand sports direct has been chosen. A customer persona will be introduced, and their customer journey will also be highlighted. Recommendations for sports direct will also be presented in this presentation.

Company background

  • Top sports retailer In the UK.
  • Manufactures sports kits such as trainers, sneakers, sports clothes, fashion accessories

Sports Direct is one of the top sports retailers in the UK (Sportsdirect.com, 2022). The company was founded in 1982. The company is known for manufacturing and distributing sports kits across the United Kingdom. Sports kits include sports garments, fashion accessories, trainer clothes, sneakers and many other accessories required for participating in fitness activities and sports.

Target marketing for sportswear

  • According to Statista (2022), the men athletic footwear market is able to generate revenue of US $3,469 million in the year 2022. However, it should also be noted that the size of the market is expected to increase at an annual rate of 6.48%.
  • It is expected that in terms of men athletic footwear, the average volume per person is expected to be 0.40 pairs by the year 2022.

Product category men’s sportswear by Sports Direct

  • According to GlobalData Report Store (2022), the value of the sportswear market in the UK was valued at £8 billion in the year 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by more than 4% by the year 2025.
  • The sports footwear market experienced a decline in 2020. The percentage of decline was 5.

Men ssportwear

  • 4% of people in England over the age of 16 took part in physical activity. They spent more than 150 hours per week on physical training (Ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk, 2022).
  • 61% of individuals who buy sportswear products such as shoes take part in some type of physical exercise at least more than once a week. However, people over the age of 55 are more willing to take part in physical activities (GlobalData Report Store, 2022).

Target segmentation

  • 2% of buyers have stated that they prefer high brand value while purchasing products for physical activities. Younger customers value the brands even more (GlobalData Report Store, 2022).
  • In 2021, men in the UK earned £4 thousand compared to £28.3 thousand earned by women (Statista, 2022).
  • 67% of men in the UK are able to meet the required physical activity level regularly (europa.eu, 2022).
  • The people living in the UK spend an average of 396 minutes on social media every day. It was a 60 minutes increase from that of the previous year (Statista, 2022).
  • 69% of UK men within the age group of 16-44 took part in physical activities and met the requirements on a daily basis (Statista, 2022).
  • In the UK, 80 % of men prefer shopping for sportswear digitally or on online platforms (Statista, 2022).
  • 80% of customers have bought at least one item from online websites within the past 30 days (Statista, 2022).
  • In the UK, 87.5% of online shoppers belonged to the age group of 45-54 (Statista, 2022).
  • 64% of online shoppers favoured clothing as their favourite item category while shopping online (Statista, 2022).

Customer persona


Name: Edward Brock

Job:  Social media marketer

Annual income: £30000

Location: Manchester, UK

Education Level: Bachelor’s degree

Family: Divorced, two children

About him:  Punctual, ambitious, well behaved, and focussed

Likes: Sports, reading books, exercising, watching TV series and movies, travelling

Bio: Edward is a social media marketer at a renowned company based in Manchester, England. He had to work from home due to the pandemic, but now he has to go and work from his office. He wakes up early and performs exercises, and does physical activities. According to Edward, taking part in physical activities takes his mind off trivial things and allows him to concentrate on his work. Edward prefers the quality of sports shoes over price. He also uses social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


To use comfortable sports shoes for taking part in physical activities

Purchase branded and high-quality sports shoes

Fitness improvement

Online shopping

Internet use:







Reading books

Watching movies

Pain points:

Joint pain

He does not have enough time to dedicate himself to physical activities

The price of the product he wants to purchase is high

Cannot find products of high quality

Favourite brands:



Customer Journey Map


Edward uses social media platform often from where he discovered Sports Direct and its offering that leads him to the purchase the product. Additionally, he further ensures to start workout which has helped him to take purchase decision.


Edward further believes quality over price. On the other hand the premium pricing has helped him to decide.


Before purchasing the product Edward has further checked the review of the brand to ensure that the rightdecision is made.


Finally Edward decided to purchase the product online

Post purchase

The delivery of the product on time has finally made Edward even more excited to ensure repeat purchase


The hassle free delivery has helped the brand to gain loyal customer such as Edward

LD9701 MSc Digital Marketing Assignment Sample


  • Sports Direct needs to categorise the sportswear items based on the age group and professional level of the customers.
  • Provide more details on the products the customers want to use.

Customers are more likely to choose products if they are able to find their products of choice with ease.

If more details of the products are available, then the customers will be willing to pay more.


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