MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

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Advanced innovation and technology adoption is a key to the growth of every business enterprise in the modern era of globalization and digitalization.

With the growth of a high level of competition in the present market, it can be observed that a company’s goodwill and positioning are highly dependent on the level of adoption of advanced technologies by the company (Mikolajczyk et. al. 2018).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample Advanced Technologies help an organization and assist its growth as it assists in proper management, effective operational management, efficient supply chain management, and several other activities.

Zara is a Spanish apparel retailer of Spain that runs its business in several international markets and runs on the motto of fast fashion. It includes several products such as clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty, and perfumes (Zara, 2022).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample Thus, the fundamental aim of the present study is to evaluate the advanced technological development and its adoption under the supply chain management of Zara.

The report also mentions the key roles and responsibilities of the CCO, that is, the chief collaborative officers. It also analyses leaders’ key roles and responsibilities that assist organizational change within Zara. Moreover, several agility models and theories are used to study the same to provide a vivid study of the concept.

Task 1: The Case for Change

Company’s Overview

Zara is an apparel retailer based in Spain, and the company deals in the retail industry. It was founded in 1975 and served worldwide. The vision statement of Zara is to contribute to the sustainable development of the community and the environment in which the company interacts (Aftabet. al.2018).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

The central aspect of the vision statement of Zara is developing society and improving the environment. Furthermore, the mission statement of Zara is to provide the customers with what they want and get it to them quicker than anyone else.

Zara’ Purpose for digital transformation

The company is digitally transforming to compete in the competitive business scenario and maintain the industry’s leading position. The principal objective of Zara is to keep the competitive edge in the sector and satisfy the customers and gain brand loyalty.

Because of the increasing competition and maintaining operational excellence, Zara is digitally transforming its supply chain. The company has decided to implement advanced technologies.

It can be stated that this digital transformation will prove helpful for the company in keeping up with the consumer demands and sustaining efficiently in the global retail market (Xuejieet. al.2019).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample Ensuring effective supply chain operations and process and application of the technologies will make the company’s operations efficient.

Thus it will be able to fulfill the customer’s demands quickly and timely. Thus, it can be stated that the objectives of the digital transformation of Zara are to serve the customers quickly and to ensure a leading position in the retail market. Moreover, the digital initiatives that Zara can embrace are cloud-based ERP, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things.

Task 2: Gaining Digital Business Agility

Considering and adopting an agile approach in the transformation refers to establishing a goal, and digital agility in business explains how a business organization can quickly enable, change, update or adapt their process (Song, 2021).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

As per the global Centre for digital business transformation, the construct of the digital vortex is the way to conceptualize how this digital disruption impacts the companies and industries.

This was based on a survey of 1000 executives working in 12 industries globally. The three critical things that a company requires to be agile are hyper awareness, informed decision-making, and faster execution. In the present contemporary business scenario, every business organization must build these capabilities to respond quicker and more effectively to the changing business environment and threats and to grab the market opportunities.

Digital Business Agility Model

MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Digital Business Agility Model

(Source: Bandy, 2017)

Hyper-awareness Hyper awareness can be said as the capability of a business organization to recognize, detect and monitor changes in the business environment. The insights can be attained by employees and external sources, including competitors and customers. In this regard, the example of the company Nestlé can be elaborated. The company is good at attaining insights from its consumers by following social media engagement. For example, Nestlé has created a digital acceleration team called this team, which is responsible for monitoring social media activities. It is a place where the company identifies the needs of the customers and what customers are talking about them. Therefore in the context of Zara, the company can also emphasize adopting some digital initiatives to gather insight into the existing opportunities and threats in the business environment (Roederer and Mayrhofer, 2021).It can also establish an active and competitive social media presence to identify what the customers are talking about them and what their requirements are from the company.Thus, the company is required to continuously evaluate the market, and consumer needs to get an idea of the upcoming trends and changes. The technology that can be used in this context by the company is machine learning technology, where the company can easily grab the market trends conditions. It will help the organization develop an understanding of the needs of the customers.
Informed decision making The step of this is informed decision making, and in this, the company is capable of making the best and wise decision in every situation. Similarly, in the case of Zara, the company is required to make active decisions that should be based on accurate data (Singh, 2020).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample The company is necessary to rely on real-time information instead of past experiences. Also, the findings must be shared within the organization promptly to become efficient in making informed and timely decisions. Zara can develop data analytics capability that can augment human judgment. It is believed that even after conducting a lot of research, some companies still make wrong or ineffective decisions in certain situations. This is because the company completely relies on assumptions and past experiences or gut feelings, reducing the chance of success. Therefore, Zara is recommended to rely on data-driven and informed decisions (Duoyan, 2021).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample Thus disclosing the decision making can be done by recognizing the changes, collecting relevant data and information, brainstorming the possible alternatives, weighing them, and reviewing. In this scenario, the staff members and employees of the company can also be included in the decision-making to ensure their level of commitment and motivation.

Artificial intelligence is one such digital technology that can help the company in making effective decisions. Automation efficiency is one of the significant roles of artificial intelligence in ensuring effective decision-making. Artificial intelligence has the capability to quicken the process and offer decision-makers reliable insight.

Fast execution The last pillar of business agility is faster execution which demonstrates the ability of the organization to conduct and accomplish the plans in a quick manner and effectively (Zhiyu, 2020). This enables the company to put the decisions into practice,mobilizing individuals and continuously monitoring the options and progress against the predetermined goals. It is said that the large business organizations are often slow in executing the changes or transformation because of increased organizational complexity as the larger organizations involve a greater hierarchy, and this makes the execution process quite slower.The digital transformation of Zara can be ensured quick execution by developing a digital-ready and innovative culture along with implementing a democratic leadership style. When the democratic leadership style in the digital-ready culture is implied, the people will quickly adapt to the changes and start work on that as soon as possible.A collaborative culture in the organization is also the key requirement for the fast execution of the transformation because everyone will come up in support of each other (Vial, 2019).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

Faster execution of the digital transformation in Zara can be ensured by committing to the strategic plan. Also, as per the strategy, everyone within the organization must align their jobs and responsibilities.The democratic leader of this digital transformation should concentrate on clear and effective communication to empower the employees. Furthermore, after allocating the responsibilities, every employee’s performance should be measured and monitored to ensure quality. One such digital technology that can ensure faster execution of this transformation is the internet of things. Zara can ensure speedy operations and proper monitoring of data with this technology (Reis et. al. 2018).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample This is effective in automating and controlling the overall working, and this works without human intervention that ensures timely and faster output.


Task 3: Create a Digital Ready Culture

In a digital-ready culture, the company’s teams must perform autonomously and exercise judgments (Ebert and Duarte, 2018).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample A digital-ready culture embraces the ability to move towards digital platforms and channels and adopt digital initiatives to attain the objectives.

Zara is required to create a digital-ready culture. It can emphasize developing practices that can help digital firms set up and adopt approaches that can facilitate integrity, stability, and re-orientation of the exercises. In Zara, the company can implement a digital-ready culture in the organization by putting the customers first. The customers are the key stakeholders and essential for the organization, and therefore to satisfy them effectively, it is vital to empower the staff members or employees (Verhoefet. al. 2021).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

Digital-Ready Culture

MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample
Figure 2: Digital Ready Culture and Workforce

(Source: Kamath, 2019)

Therefore, Zara can organize training sessions in the organization to train their employees regarding the technical aspects of the supply chain and building new tools and using them. Organizing the session will help them accelerate their confidence.

They will be able to put the customers first in attaining brand loyalty, which is one of the most significant objectives of adopting this digital transformation (Tabriziet. al. 2019). http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment SampleCreating a collaborative work culture will ensure that the leaders are working towards strengthening the team relationships and are ready to embrace digital change. Moreover, this is also the responsibility of leaders or digital leaders to embed a culture of innovation.

Every employee within the organization must be motivated to develop innovative and creative solutions. This will enhance and boost their enthusiasm to take part in the digital transformation and adopt the same.

To become a digital champion, an individual must be patient, a great communicator, and understanding. When the leader offers patience, support, and friendly support to the employees, it will boost their confidence and be happy to participate in the company operations (Nambisanet. al. 2019).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample Digital champions can be considered the key to creating and sustaining digital projects to support others.

Task 4: Steer Collaboration

Job description of the CCO

CCO or chief collaboration officer of a company can be said to be the organization’s executive team member. CCO is responsible for managing and shaping the business strategy and its policies.

The appointment of a CCO in Zara will help the company accomplish different roles and responsibilities. When it comes to the job description of CCO, the person is responsible for managing the strategy and management within Zara (Duoyan, 2021). http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment SampleCCO will oversee the administration and coordination of different aspects of the business planning of the team, business development and management, project evaluation, and project execution.

CCO is capable within Zara of formulating the monthly dashboard and formulating annual progress report and presenting it to the boards of directors of the company and keeping them updated about the performances. The officer must have a master’s degree with at least 15 years of work experience in the corporate world or retail sector (Oreg and Berson, 2019).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

CCO can increase collaboration across team members and departments at Zara

It has been identified that Zara is undergoing a major digital transformation (Zaki, 2019).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample Therefore the appointment of a chief collaboration officer in the company will ensure efficient collaboration across different team members and departments. For example, the CCO will ensure that everyone within the team and the organization are on the same page.

That personnel will remove the misunderstandings and communication gaps among the departments so that work quality is not hampered. Additionally, that person will encourage consistent and open communication and practice transparency. These are the most effective traits of the collaboration officer, and with this capability, it will be possible to implement the changes within the organization effectively.

Task 5: Select your Leaders

Goleman’s leadership styles at Zara

There are generally six of Goleman’s leadership styles; affiliative, authoritative, coercive, democratic, coaching, and pacesetting leadership (Drzewiecka and Roczniewska, 2018). http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment SampleBased on this leadership style, it can be said that the most suitable leadership style in the context of Zara is the democratic leadership style. Leaders are the company’s backbone, and the employees follow the leaders and their behaviors.

With the application of democratic leadership, it will be possible for the company to encourage the employees to participate actively in the digital transformation process. (Digirolamo and Tkach, 2019).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

Figure 3: Goleman’s leadership styles

(Source: Leadership Styles – Daniel Goleman, 2021)

The democratic leaders possess the capability to involve the staff members in the change process and encourage and empower them to share their opinions and ideas. Thus, to ensure active involvement and participation of the employees in the digital transformation of the supply chain function, democratic leaders can prove effective.

The democratic leaders encourage creativity and strengthen team relationships. It is evident that democratic leaders adopt a hands-off approach. Instead of micromanaging the situation they believe in, they motivate the employees to develop creativity and innovativeness. The democratic leaders welcome the input of the employees.

Approaches and techniques for developing leadership style within Zara’s leaders

Zara can further adopt several techniques and approaches to develop a democratic leadership style in the employee to support this digital transformation.

The individual is required to develop better relationships with the subordinates and ensure a bond with the employees. To become a democratic leader, one must ensure that one can make group decisions, resolve complex problems in a group, and encourage teamwork.

GROW Model

MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

Figure 4: GROW Model

(Source: The GROW model: Similarities between Coaching and UX, 2017)

Apart from this, one of the most significant approaches is GROW model, and this can be used to develop democratic leaders. This refers to Goal, reality, options, and will (Panchal and Riddell, 2020).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

GOAL Goal: Development of democratic leadership skills

Time: 2 months

REALITY Action: Taken up by leader for attainment of democratic leadership skills
OPTIONS Evaluation: Opportunities and alternatives for developing democratic leadership skills.
WILL Wants: Depends on the Digital Democratic Leader


The Goal as per this model is to develop the democratic leadership skills within a required timeline, which can be two months; in the context of reality factor in this, the leader in the required to take those actions which can help to attain his goals (Sull et. al. 2020).http://MSc Management Leading through Digital Disruption Assignment Sample

Further, the third aspect is concerned with evaluating the available options, opportunities, and alternatives that can be adapted to attain any specific goal of developing democratic leadership skills. Lastly, the final stage of this model is will. However, it is said that in this context of Zara, this depends on the digital Democratic leader concerning what options the individual wants to choose.


Thus, it can be articulated from the report as mentioned above that new technology adoption or adoption of advanced technology within the supply chain of any business is a key to its growth and development. Thus, Zara, one of the well-known brands, needs to turn towards advanced technology, which would prove to be an effective change within the organization.

The acceptance and integration of new technologies into existing systems or creating a new one, helps Zara gain goodwill and a competitive edge within its relevant market. When integrated within the supply chain of Zara, the use of AI, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and several other innovative and advanced technologies will allow it to carry out its business operations more accurately and quickly. Such a change can be adopted effectively by using several agility models.


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