MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Assignment Sample 2023


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Personal effectiveness holds crucial importance to analyze a wide range of professional growth skills and strengthened knowledge of diverse business paradigms, based on which extended growth horizons can be achieved. Globally business leaders are further extending best personal effectiveness skills to determine strengthened knowledge, accurate professional competencies, and diversely enhance diverse growth synergies The role of personal effectiveness is crucial, to determine keen achievement among extensive growth mechanisms diversely.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook is one of the best leaders whose professional skills and proactive knowledge interrelated towards new skills and behavior, have a high influence to determine competitive innovation rise. The recent report will analyze the skills and behavior, and leadership habits of Mark Zukerberg that have enabled the leader to deliver change among working parameters (Ward et. al. 2022).

The role of leadership and management practices holds a huge influence to determine growth-oriented rise, development of commercial growth competitively, and generating expertise in professional consistency based on extended determinants. It will enable new business professional benchmarks to be achieved competently and functionally enhance new growth abilities with high consistency.

Recent reports will determine stable new learning goals, achieve extended growth horizons, and evolve among wider competitive determinants for extended new long-term returns diversely.

Mark Zukerberg has been consistently shaping company business standards with informative ideologies, towards a strategic keen framework and larger growth-oriented abilities.

The recent study will determine an identification of learning styles, Mumford’s learning style diversely, main new learning styles, and strengths of various competencies. It will determine the most effective working paradigms widely and extensively advance growth, on wider business domains for significant new learning.

Task 1    

Skills and behaviors of Mark Zukerberg

There are various skills and unique leadership behavior of Mark Zukerberg, which has enabled the brand to deliver change rapidly into working mechanisms, for strengthening competent vitality diversely. Facebook is one of the best brands that has been competently leading change actively, transforming new growth-oriented abilities, and examining critical enhanced domains widely.

Hard worker:  Mark Zuckerberg has one of the best professional skills of hard-working, which has enabled leaders to shape effective behavior abilities consistently within new directional factors. It can be also analyzed that leader has been professionally witnessing competitive development in shaping Facebook services and engaging among employees actively to determine long-term productivity. The skill of Mark Zukerberg is one of the strengths to engage in new determined abilities, for extensive diverse benchmarks enhancement (Strelkova et. al. 2022).

Critical Thinker: The leader has been always been a critical thinker which has shaped successfully Facebook business ideologies diversely, where it has achieved new business strategies diversely to engage in new wider competitive domains. Mark Zukerberg has been a critical thinker to establish new progressive working standards and deliver wider competitive avenues for engaging in professional competent avenues.

Problem solver: Mark Zuckerberg is one of the best problem solvers, which has enabled the company to deliver change management activities and deliver growth-oriented strengths to be shaped consistently. Through problem solver skills, a leader has been diversely growing to be one of the best CEO to determine the best decisions for growing best working rise consistently. Through proactive decisions, and higher precision in terms of new determinants working horizons leader has achieved new benchmarks to be achieved actively within a longer time frame.

MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Assignment Sample 2023

Figure 1: CEO Of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg

(Source: CEO of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg, 2020)

As per the views of Saunders and Bajjaly (2022), the leadership and personnel effectiveness of leaders have been consistently growing to be diversely crucial for achieving the best horizons and delivering change rapidly among working paradigms within vision-oriented goals.

Mark Zukerberg has been competitively growing to deliver new strengths rise, for leadership and personal management to enhance achievement benchmarks. It is highly effective in crucial organization leadership change management, vision strengthened rise to deliver change rapidly into working mechanisms profoundly.

The manager has been consistently growing to deliver new change rapidly for delivering growth rise diversely, in bringing commercial profits and motivating employees through crucial retaining surge strongly.

Entrepreneur management vision has been consistently growing to deliver positive motivation rise, for functional change actively and deliver growth actively. Employees can competently work with a transformed vision and cultivate positive motivation, for cultural growth-oriented leadership. It further shapes positive business evolvement and enables business ideologies to be worked on with a clear vision, cultivating growth-oriented rise diversely.

As per the views of Stainbank (2022), management and leadership diversity hold huge importance to significantly add value rise, growth-oriented expertise on decision-making paradigms profoundly for an affirmative rapid connective rise. A leader’s corporate vision and extended determinants have huge commercial goals and standards to be diversified, with wider operational goals.

3 Covey 7 habits of successful people model

The Covey 7 habits of successful people model will enable to determine wider functional rise to engage on new competitive evolvement, growth-oriented expertise for successful management implementation. Model 7 habits have crucial importance, to determining managerial and leadership strengths of leader, whereas Mark Zukerberg has been consistently growing to deliver new specific rise on wider business domains.

MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Assignment Sample 2023

Figure 2: 7 Habits of highly effective people, 2021

(Source: 7 Habits of highly effective people, 2021)

Being proactive: Mark Zukerberg is proactive in all leadership decisions, which has enabled business professional consistency to be delivered in the best manner progressively. It has functionally enabled business-determined paradigms to be shared in the best manner, and keep the workforce to be motivated actively.

Behind with end in mind: By beginning with the end in mind, Mark Zuckerberg has precision in mind to determine change with specific creative innovation and also bring functional growth within long-term abilities (Picard et. al. 2022).

Put first things first:  The leader has the skill and aptitude to put first things first, with a precise attitude toward gaining the best commercial growth through decisions actively. It has also enabled business abilities to be shaped with creative knowledge, and an innovative mindset within functional growth.

Think win-win: The think win-win strategy works with varied functional efficacy to evolve on wider long-term professional competitive domains and pertain to strategic evolvement. Facebook serves the best services with evolving period and Mark Zukerberg’s leadership strengths, which has enabled the brand to cultivate the best range of working mechanisms diversely.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood: This skill is another integral potentiality where a leader seeks first to understand and analyze new functional expertise, to evolve on wider competencies growth. Mark Zukerberg has been significantly witnessing a change in new growth-oriented efficacy for long-term strategic improvement (Li et. al. 2022).

Synergize: The skill trait of synergizing further opens up new scope to determine competent working strengths, based on extended improvise wider innovative benchmarks to be shaped within a longer period. Synergizing creative progressive abilities will enable business ideologies to be shaped up professionally and advancement among competent surge actively.

Sharpen the saw: The skill of sharpening the saw holds huge importance to determining new decisions being taken with specific skill traits, and progressive abilities widely to determine specific keen expertise strategically (Weerawardane and Byrne, 2022). Sharpening the saw further determines new potentiality benchmarks to be attained within a longer business run, where Mark Zukerberg Facebook is one of the best companies.

From the above analyzed aspects, it can be analyzed that Mark Zukerberg has the best range of professional skills and competitive business abilities, which has extensively enabled the brand to cultivate vision stringently (Prieto-Sánchea and Merino, 2022). It further determines specific keen evolvement of new innovative decisions, and creative technical strategies to be shaped with wider keen expertise strengthened.

Task 2

Summary of results within Mumford learning styles

Activists: From the Mumford learning style test results it can be analyzed that Activists’ skills such as looking for new experiences are present in my behavior, where my skills of creative vision expansion are strong.  Implementation of new ideas and consistent creative synergies are diverse, which has enabled me to determine the imperative rise to learn progressively new skills (Debolle et. al. 2022).

Reflectors: I also have been reflecting on new skills learning, where my professional ability as a reflector is strong to advance on further crucial benchmarks actively. My analytical skills, decision-making, and leadership potentialities have to be improved on with diverse performance growth actively for wider business growth synergies dynamically.

Theorists: The analyzed results from tests signify that theoretical new approaches have to be implemented with new significant strengths, by diversely witnessing a rise in wider specific growth criteria within wider determined paradigms. My results further signified that I evolve on determining new stringent creative advancement, based on larger competitive evolvement based on new skills learning (Comesaña-Comesaña et. al. 2022).

Pragmatists: The theory specifically aims to consistently bring opportunities for new working practices to enhance competitive development proactively, and to determine significantly new working benchmarks widely. I further aim to take the best training to extensively determine proactive experience enhancement, based on functional growth-oriented expertise as per the new evolved rise.

Two main learning styles, strengths, and limitations of personal qualities assessment

The two main learning style assessments can be analyzed that personal qualities assessment holds specific influence on determining specific rise, for larger competitive improvement among personal growth. I aim to work on two learning theories which are as follows:

Reflectors: The learning style of reflector holds specific influence on evolving new competitive strategies rise on progressively evolving for wider strategies abilities, based on reflective skills enhancement (Bhatti et. al. 2022).

By being reflective I have analyzed interpersonal skills, specific determinants related to data management and analytical progressive skills are my strengths. I further aim to motivate on the evolved rise to extensively work on progression that, analytical skills and data management need to be further enhanced functionally.

Furthermore, the strength of this learning style is it enables personal and professional growth to be worked on with specific competitive evolvement.  Weakness is it becomes time taking to learn progressively new evolved rise, on wider skills enhancement for bringing professional skills abilities to raise.

Pragmatists:  The learning theory of pragmatists enables to determine wider scope-oriented pace to deliver growth rise, based on extended determined innovation professional growth. By being a pragmatist, I have been evolving to learn new progressive leadership abilities, based on strengthened rise to larger progressive benchmarks for extended mechanisms to enhance competitive improvement for evolved functional growth.

The strength of the learning style of Pragmatist learning style is, that it determines specific evolvement rise for wider evolved growth-oriented pace to evolve on commercial proactive learning. The weakness of pragmatists on other hand is that it has complicated training to be worked on, where significantly determined abilities have to be evolved for competitive improvement (Beloshitskiy and Garayshin, 2022).

Individuals through reflectors and pragmatists’ learning styles will be able to evolve on new specific working benchmarks, for significant competitive improvement for determining keen growth. I aim to take learning and specific evolvement with determining new extensive learning, for evolved benchmarks profoundly.

Task 3

Two methods for improvising skills

The two methods that are highly crucial for strengthening improvement in skills are as follows:

Taking training courses:  It is one of the best methods to enhance skills and professional knowledge among competent engagement within projects, for delivering rise on new growth-oriented abilities. Training courses progressively enable new potencies to be worked on with specific working accuracy; larger growth oriented evolved determinants widely (Begna, 2022). Management and leadership skills are better practiced with competitive new skills enhancement, wider edge benchmarks oriented active learning competencies actively.

Practicing good communication skills: The method of practicing good communication skills is also integrally crucial, to evolve on wider competitive business skills development. There are various training sessions, brainstorming programs, and activities to evolve specific accuracy-oriented new learning abilities widely. It enables to be confident, take specific learning competencies and enhance professional parameters to be delivered with the best vision rise, for extensive competitive performance.

MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Assignment Sample 2023

Figure 3: Training sessions importance, 2020

(Source: Training sessions importance, 2020)

Similarities and differences between two methods

Similarities between two methods: The similarity between training courses and practicing good communication skills method is that both enables individual ton to learn progressively new performance-oriented learning (Bakhtiyari and Tabassum, 2022).

It further significantly enables a new growth-oriented pace to be worked on with extensive mechanisms, strategic delivery of new ideas, and creative working synergies widely. Both styles are easy to be implemented with a significant focus on larger technical paradigms to be worked on with a significant vision, which adds value to long-term professional growth.

Differences between two methods: Differences between the two learning methods are that taking training courses and practicing good communication skills further have to be worked on with a specific integral role. People have to be attentive through strategic training courses management, and delivery of wider advanced goals for professional skills enhancement.

The practice of communication skills style is not that effective as a person is not able to analytically explore wider analytical skills, and diversely determine progression on accurate benchmarks (Anderson and McKenzie, 2022).

Most effective methods to develop skills

Taking training sessions is the most effective method to develop new competitive development of varied new skills as per strategic time-oriented pace, for extensive working mechanisms and enhanced commercial pace. Furthermore, individuals are practically able to explore authentic benchmarks, and diversely expand competitive strategic evolvement among wider determined paradigms.

Individuals should be further motivated to achieve new learning benchmarks to shape confident abilities, competitively expand professional growth determinants and generate rapid improvement (Al-Subaihi et. al. 2022).

This will enable varied subject areas-oriented knowledge to be worked on with specific vision enhancement, wider technical determined pace to be functionally worked on with rapid keen functional synergies. There are various training sessions, brainstorming activities, and specific group sessions organized for the development of new skills and working competencies.

This firmly opens up new scope to competently engage in wider consistency-based learning, evolve on motivation, and keen creative working synergies for long-term working improvement.


The recently analyzed aspects within the report have concluded significant factors related to personal professional effectiveness, where leadership skills, traits, and progressive learning aptitude holds specific influence to evolve on wider competitive growth.

The study has concluded Mark Zukerberg’s vision, decision-making traits, and specific competitive skills evolve on competent business engagement. It significantly enables businesses to shape new dynamic competencies, and evolve on long-term achievement as per new specific varied consistency to be worked on as per diverse business performance goals.

Study in a recent study has summarized essential conclusive factors related to various learning styles, for professional effectiveness based on new learning consistency management and wider long-term improvement horizons.

It has concluded the significance of learning new skills through professional skills enhancement, and diverse competitive functional synergies for competitive functional growth actively. Pragmatism and reflective learning styles enable new professional skills to be worked on with functional growth achievement, for long-term timely improvement actively.

The research in the recent study also summarized the essential importance of varied skills such as analytical research, communication, decision making, leadership, and management-oriented which signifies wider scale growth paradigms to be worked on diversely. Furthermore, a report has also summarized keen informative findings on strengthening core functional knowledge among vision-oriented paradigms to further add vitality.

The study further has yielded competitive improvement on wider keen scenarios to engage on best horizons, for commercially oriented enhancement.  Research has also analyzed the critical importance of independent professional consistency learning, to evolve on wider edge-oriented learning goals and determine wider professional edge benchmarks to be shaped actively.


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Tasks Self –evaluation
Project selection and portfolio management I have done recent research on a project with utmost focus on sincerity parameters, essential for leadership-oriented performance within the study.
The organizational context I have done organizational research with effective analysis, and significant adherence to new working goals for authentic extended vision.
Project governance I have completed adherence of project governance tasks, focused on maintaining larger ideologies practically on creative advancement for evolved rise on recent research.
Leadership I have evolved towards leadership theories essential for business management, and strategic working competencies for extended completion of the research.
Advanced planning and scheduling I have worked with a specific focus on advanced planning and scheduling of project tasks, with significant completion of all project questions.
Managing and leading change Managing and leading change will evolve practical rise on wider scenarios, for cultivating productive standards with creative working ideologies.

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