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A. Introduction

The study would make discussion about the personal effectiveness through utilize of SUNDAR PICHAI example. However, the personal effectiveness can be understood as a branch of the self-help movement dealing with success, goals and related concepts. Basically, personal effectiveness integrates the idea from the power of positive thinking and positive psychology but in general it is distinct from the New Thought Movement (Bhardwaj and Gupta, 2017).  In today’s time, it is important to have personal effectiveness skill in an individual’s as it only helps them to select appropriate leadership style as per the different situation and set objectives, motivates the right performances so that goal can be achieved. At the same time, personal effectiveness theory also assists to understand the self-reflection in terms to identify the strength and weakness and based on this, the important steps would be taken. The study of personal effectiveness is also must as it allows individuals people to identify what actions need to follow in every situation. The knowledge about their strength and weakness assist to behave accordingly.

This study would utilize the personal effectiveness theories through assess the Sundai Pichai personal traits and limitations. Based on this, the positive aspects are applied on personal level so that right actions or decisions can be taken. The reason behind to take up the study on personal effectiveness is that every individual can able to study their strength and weakness or design their decisions (Jayan, 2013). Thus, this study would help the individuals to learn about their self-reflections.

The paper will discusses in two ways first one indicates the case study review on Sundar Pichai while second part present the application of Sundar Pichai principles on own development in order to achieve success in this competitive market (Misra and Srivastava, 2018).  

B. Case Study Review

This study will discuss about Sundar Pichai skill or behavior that makes him a global leader. He is an Indian-American business executive of brand Alphabet Inc and its subsidiary Google. He has spent his childhood in Madras, India. He has done its graduation from IIT Kharagpur in mettaurgical engineering. He also got his M.S. degree from Stanford University in materials science and engineering. These areas assist him to strengthen his technical skills. In 2004, he joined Google where he led the product management and innovation efforts for a suite of Google’s client software products including Google Chrome and Google OS. He also got 100the position as a most influential people in Time Magazine’s (Giltinane, 2013).

MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Assignment

Understand the theories of personal effectiveness in respect to Sundar Pichai

As per the theoretical knowledge on personal effectiveness, it is identified that there are several areas that personally effective people possesses. It covers determination, self-confidences, optimism, managing stress and persistence etc. These traits are achieved by the individual when they are highly motivated or have right kind of behavior for them or others (Al Khajeh, 2018). That’s why, the theory of democratic style stated that whether leader or individual both have to consider others people development as well for the contribution of productive results. This kind of leading creates a sense of belongingness by the side of followers towards the leader. The democratic style also promotes the equal participation of every individual which enhances the strong bonding among the leader or team-group members. In regards to the democratic style, Sundai Pichai has been considered as one of the leader which extensively used of this style of leading. Likewise, he is the one that believes in empowering people by giving them opportunity to grow. His major leadership style principle is not seeing their own success but focus on the others ones as well. He avoids confrontations instead of this he emphasizes cooperation among the individuals. Sundai Pichai also give chances to individuals to equally participant in the decision-making in their respective jobs by sharing the ideas with seniors and after assessing the validation of idea the further steps are asked to be conducted by individuals. This kind of practices Sundar Pichai has been following in Google under his leadership.

In a similar manner, expectancy motivational theory stated that individual create positive behavior for the organization as well as leader when they get what they are expected from the organization. In today’s scenario, it is known that current generation is not only expected of good salary even healthy working environment with several exposures to international market or creative packages for the personal growth of an individual. In relation to this theory, it is found that Pichai behavior is the great example that inspires people to being around him. His polite voice and great communication attracts lot of youngsters or every age group (Barba-Sánchez and Atienza-Sahuquillo, 2017). This is because people in today’s time have witnessed lot of aggressive leaders who worked day to night and then get out the result from their employees. But in the case of Pichai, he doesn’t use of aggressive behavior neither his actions are awful still he manages to take out the best result. It is because of his clarity in the goal which it communicates quite well. At the same time, his goal also addresses the same interest of every individual so it motivates the people as well due to result of their hard work also gives them equal benefit. Likewise, Pichai conduct the recognition program as he always believes to appreciate hard work and inspires others to do same (Frieder et al., 2018). These kinds of practices allow Pichai to get more admirer of him and it resulted into less employee turnover rate. Thus, these skills of Pichai made an effective global leader.

Apart from this, there are three major qualities that made Pichai a global leader. Humanity, Understated person, deal-breaking skills

  • Pichai is the one that has excellent approach towards the digital technology as it engages into innovation so that it serves best to people. It knows that technology innovation is the one that could fulfill many needs of people from employment generation to learning for an individual. His all innovation is to help people as he has soft-corner for humans.
  • He is quite understated person as he seems to be unchanged in every situation whether it is critical or normal. This can be justified with the time when Pichai has been constant pressurized for come up with own Google Browser due to strong presences of Microsoft in market. Pichai got the success by keeping peace and concentrate on their work efforts. That’s the reason Google overshadow Microsoft browser till date (Sriyakul et al., 2019).
  • Last and best quality of Pichai is his deal-breaking skill as his navigation project becomes a success only because of his right deal-breaking skill with the different countries due to which he able to pre-installed products on tens of millions of computers. These deals are worth billions of dollars to Google. Pichai able to implement Google map easily with its deal-breaking in international market with huge success (Kalish and Luria, 2020).

Positive elements of Sundar Pichai’s skills and behaviors as well as their impacts

There are various positive elements of Pichai skills and behavior and this is become a reason why Google is constantly leading the search engine or now in various technologies in across the globe. The most important positive element that works for Pichai is his optimistic behavior. It is known that his polite and supporting nature always proves to be appealing ones. He is the one that always think about other people when it comes to get success. That’s why; he has fewer enemies in corporate world. He even does not involve any of the arguments or unproductive discussion. This become a cause behind people find it generous or simple one. At the same time, he has great skill to develop or retain the successful team. He is not one that loses their talents just for an argument or loses to company. He recruited the people with very strictly manner by going through the test or interviews then only decide to take up into the firm. It is noted that one’s individual has joined the firm then they are become a part of Google and stays for longer duration. According to Naharuddin and Sadegi (2013), he constantly into promotes or appreciates the good work at organization so this makes people to feel recognized. He is always opposed to the political or hypocritical people who spreads unhealthy working atmosphere.

The simplicity in his personality totally reflects in the communication part. This makes every individual to get clarity what he exactly wanted. That’s why; Pichai has long-term associations with its partner’s even suppliers or distributors etc. Since Pichai has grown up in middle-income family so he is quite rooted in his behavior and lives simple life without any demands. This kind of behavior supports the people to follow him in his not only professional lives but also in personal way equally. In addition to this study, Mĺkva et al. (2016) stated that Pichai focus on the continuous improvement through bring innovation is something that makes Google stand out among the competitors. Google is the one that come up with Virtual Robots, Google Maps and various searching apps etc. these makes the lives of people easier whether to communicate with different people or learn from e-portals etc. This skill leaves a positive impact on the lives of many people. It is true now current generation is using search engine or apps for everything to perform their day-to-day lives. 

These skills or behaviors have a strong impact over the workforces or even social community as Pichai behavior inspires many youngsters to focus on their expertise and figure out the weakness for working over it (Oliveira et al., 2017). At the same time, Pichai strong association with its stakeholders also impacts Google on positive manner as it never delays in the execution of any innovation in across the world.

Negative elements of Sundar Pichai’s skills and behaviours as well as their impacts

It is known that democratic style of Pichai leading is effective to get the productive results but at times it also get worsen due to people takes it as liberty to do the task as per their own which sometimes affect the task adversely (Kurtz et al., 2017). At the same time, it is noted that Pichai has polite behavior with ignoring of aggressive discussions at workplace. In that case, without leader involvement many time situations get clumsy as no conclusion come out due to which employees half of the time feel adverse. This kind of behavior of Pichai has side effects over the people. This is because every organization has different opinion people so it’s natural to have arguments. In that case, leader opinion or interferences is must to resolve the situation and make them guide properly. But due to Pichai is involving less on these situations many of the time situation get worsen and this become a reason why personnel leave the job (Ferreira-Padilla et al., 2015).

He has also faces various criticism in regards to not make clear-eyed about their actions. However, He is not very much involved in making clarity about their next step in organization. He is the one that believes in the presenting of final product to people instead of speaking about the project in advances. This kind of behavior sometime affects the competitors or even people as they not get to know about the firm (Moore et al., 2018). Thus, these behaviors of Pichai sometime create negative impression in the mind of people about his extreme introvert or secrecy behavior.

C. Reflective Statement

On the basis of Sundar Pichai personal effectiveness, I got lot of learning about behavior or skills which need to be adapt in present situation. After conduct self-assessing, I got to know about various areas that I need to focus upon. To get the best opportunities in professional career, it definitely required for the strengthening of communication and decision-making skills. This kind of skills only directs the individual behavior towards the situation (Moss, 2017). Likewise, if an individual have proper knowledge about different subject matter then it automatically bring clarity in their speaking which supports other people to decode the message and response it effectively. It is also known that right communication and decision-making skills consist of wide traits that could help individual to perform several tasks in any critical situation.

In respect to self-assessment, I realized that I have an interest in learning new things but due to poor words selection and improper way of communication create hurdle for me to reach on my desired results. That’s why, for my personal effectiveness, I need to polish my communication and decision-making skills (Davids et al., 2013).

I believed that my personal value include honesty, hard work and try to keep calm myself. This is because it’s known that current competition create lot of pressure on mind due to which kind of anxiety occurred. This does not allow to makeup right decisions (Gutierez, 2015). That’s why, I also need to control over my aggressive behavior. At the same time, my interest area also contains interacting with people and writing content. These areas also drive me to select right firm where I can pursue my interest area as well.

From the MBIT personality test, I got to know that my scores clearly indicated that I am quite passionate as well as emotional kind of person. This kind of person built healthy relationship with people but also get in lot of troubles due to their innocence behavior. I need to focus upon this side on mine by becoming more practical in nature and try to deal with situation through more logic way. This kind of changes in me would help me to get desired results (Thabet et al., 2017). However, this test conduct helped me to understand myself in more depth manner as I got to know that I am quite ambivert kind of personality in which I interact when I feel comfortable and I hesitate a lot to take up new or risky challenges but always have interest to learn something new and ready to face any kind of competition. Thus, these self-analysis area make me realized to work on my communication and decision-making part as all skills like leading or risk taking are automatically get improved. 

As per the Sundar Pichai personal effective skills, I have identified that he is known for his tune in his communication. I found that even he has excellent communication pattern still he discovered new ways to improve his speaking pattern and include more of the listening side. He believes that speaking only includes just repeating your words but listening helps individual to get knowledge about something new (Salehzadeh et al., 2015). I realized one USP in his speaking skill is that he is always into make clarity about his mission to people whether within workplace or at the conferences. This kind of behavior assists him to get the right response of people and individuals also get to know about the expectation of Pichai with them. This kind of two-way communication supported to develop mutual understanding within given productive outcome. In relation to this study, I could apply his communication traits through adapt the right selection of words so that every group of listeners can understand and interpret it. The patience and polite way of speaking also attracts the listeners towards him. This is the trait I can incorporate it through practice being polite in nature and it automatically assist me in my communication as well. It is also necessary to learn how to communicate as per the audience’s type and related to topic. It is known that people in their personal space does not focus on their voice tone and these things as they just feel comfortable to speak in different tones as they are surrounded by their relatives or friends (Luo and Liu, 2014). With Pichai study, I would also adapt the words selection as per the audience’s type. This kind of behavior could also assist me to able to compete in this tedious job environment where cut-throat competition exists for getting the job. For the job, the communication is the aspect that is noticed first so it would be better for me to focus on the speaking part. This is because interviewer always looks at the communication part as they want people to have clarity about their words and what they are trying to communicate. These kinds of areas could support me to get the desired job. For this, I could use of online tutorials where I can see the presentations of elite speakers even I can watch the videos of Pichai and able to imbibe the gesture and posture in myself as well.

Apart from this, I found that decision-making is something which is equally important for procuring the right job. This is because if individual is not able to make logical decisions then it wouldn’t help the firm to get the desired goals. Likewise, Pichai makes rational decision by making proper research about the areas which involved to making right decision. It is found that Pichai also used of democratic style of leading to make relevant decisions (Lynch, 2015). Likewise, he invites people to participate in the decision-making process through conduct the meetings. This kind of process helps him to reach out on relevant decisions.

In relation to the practice of Pichai, I incorporate his traits in the form of first make a habit to make research and plan out the activities before make any conclusion. This kind of practice could help me to reach out on making relevant decisions whether to invest in particular project or not. Other than that, I found that Pichai is also a great leader due to it manages different cultured people under one roof.

By adapting the Pichai traits in my personality, I need to focus upon the areas like conduct training sessions for the personnel’s so that they can make interactions at the training program and learn to work together. Besides that, I organize the fun-activities for the employees so that they can start cooperating to each other and develop the healthy working environment at workplace. I could also adapt the different leadership strategy as democratic is not only the way to lead the people at best manner because there are many individuals who are new to firm that couldn’t give their best ideas as they definitely need time to adjust in workplace ambiences. That’s why; I feel that leadership style need to change as per the situations so based on the conditions the leader should pick up the style to lead the people (Salehzadeh et al., 2015). Likewise, if there is time to get the instant result then there is definitely need for an autocratic leading style by holding authority and guides the personnel to perform the task accordingly. This way I could able to complete the work on time. That’s why; it is must to change leading style as per the situations.

These strategies would help me to overcome the personal development gap which occurred due to having rigid behavior and not interact with many people. That’s why, I unable to strengthen my communication skills. The personal development gap is also occurred because of getting inappropriate guiders due to which I have not brought necessary changes in myself. These gaps could be filled with the focusing on my employability skills which could leave a positive impact over my professional career in the form of getting job opportunity in any reputed firm. Whereas, I could also become an entrepreneur with the polish of my communication and this skill would help me to get many partners or stakeholders (Misra and Srivastava, 2018). It supports me to make the professional career successful. It can be stated that the application of Sundar Pichai personal traits would help me to get the best professional career.

D. Conclusion

From the above study, it is concluded that personal effectiveness is the important aspect to undertake for getting know about self-strength and weakness. This is because it helps people to make corrections accordingly. Similarly, by taking example of Sundar Pichai I able to learnt about personal traits of him and based on this, I apply on my limitations. Likewise, I realized that I have been facing problem in my communication and decision-making skills. this could be strengthen only with the application of Pichai principles which stated that polite speaking or focus on listening rather than uttering is more productive. He also made always clear about his mission or vision to people so this helps others to get clarity what he exactly wants. This kind of behavior I want to incorporate on myself. I would focus on such areas through practicing it in my daily life to speak politely and with patience. Apart from this, I would also adapt the situational-based leading style to get the work done accordingly. This would help me to get the desired results at organization. These strategies tend to help me to strengthen my professional career. Thus, these discussed traits of Sundar pichai definitely proved to be effective for me in both personal and professional way.


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