MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

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Part A


The business world is evolving rapidly and the personal effectiveness of leadership allows the business to prosper in the right direction for long-lasting sustenance and reputation in the market.

Personal effectiveness in the business organization provides a better understanding of business goals within a friendly framework where employees may develop and integrate personal strength in order to propel business growth. Personal effectiveness has many attributes and practice of these attributes with a controlled measure always provides a positive outcome.

Determination, communication, interpersonal skills, effective leadership, intercultural competency, motivational skills, confidence, problem-solving skills, time management, mentoring are some of the necessary tools of effectiveness that help to organize a team to work coherently and achieve success. Determination is the foremost criterion of the leader to accomplish the work successfully through the performance which delivers a significant outcome and energizes the employee to achieve the task.

Moreover, communication is an important part of personal effectiveness in business which provides a clear picture about the task and conveys the idea in employees where effective communication helps to wipe out the misunderstandings of employees and issues regarding the task.

It may be argued that the intercultural competency of leaders helped to create a healthy work environment and trust among diverse workforce which positively boosts the performance and brings out the best from the employee to increase reliability in business operation.

A leader’s personality always tends to influence the employees in order to achieve success with increased performance and motivation to work along with the business mission. In this report, the implication of the personal effectiveness of leaders towards business growth is discussed elaborately.

Part B

Analysis of skills and behaviour of Sundar Pichai to establish as a global leader

Sundar Pichai is the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Google and Alphabet Inc and the use of personal skills and behavioural traits help to establish as a global leader in the business world. The most important skill is communication where Sundar Pichai is excellent at communicating with the team to ensure that everybody is clear about the mission.

Sundar Pichai is known for the speaking tune which evolves according to the presence of the audience who are communicating and that provides a great personality of influence. Sundar Pichai learned and improved communication skills today from childhood days (Miller, 2015).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

The leadership focuses on inclusiveness where empowering employees is the major strategy to focus on every employee’s success and the calmness of Sundar Pichai helps to avoid confrontation and engage more in cooperation for the business mission. Teamwork is the main capability where Sundar Pichai flies to get success on business goals with perfect collaboration and makes the organization a better place to work together as a team.

Resilience and simplicity is another plus point in Sundar Pichai which helped to be renowned as a global leader. Launching the Google chrome browser Sundar Pichai faced huge resistance from inside the company and argued with the founding member to an extent and now chrome is the most operating browser in the world (Prospursity. 2021). http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

The important thing to get the best result where team building is the first task to be done and motivating individuals in the team is to impose the self-confidence to work along with others and within a generalized framework, the task goal will be achieved (Aldair, 2011). http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample AssignmentSundar Pichai touched the height with hard work and efforts where no shortcuts are there to achieve success, positive behavioural traits helped to make strong gestures and an assertive vocal tone helped Sundar Pichai to set an example for others.

Impact of personal effectiveness of Sundar Pichai in business

The personal effectiveness of the leadership always affects the business organizational vision be it positive or negative. The leadership carefully uses effective controls to give a healthy environment to the workforce where employee and organization both may thrive with proper utilization of time and resources otherwise the business mission and vision may be affected adversely.

Here in the case of Sundar Pichai’s leadership is to empower the individual which helps to create good understanding and faith in the organization and successfully achieve and divide the success among the individual.

On the other hand, empowering individuals sometimes creates conflicts in the team and workspace where individual personal strength is ignored due to a lack of strength in others.

Sundar Pichai always focused on making the team cooperative where every employee thrived and was proud to work with this kind of affiliative leadership. However, making an effective delegation out of team members is one of the key skills of the leaders to entrust the job with quick and efficient employees to get the job done easily and more cost-effectively (Tracy, 2013). http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

Affiliative leadership makes the employee happy inside the organization and makes employees improve personal skills and achieve personal goals. On a contradictory note, affiliative leadership may cause poor performance where it has no control over the workforce.

Sometimes it may increase negative reaction about the leadership quality and may be critical to face a crisis as it always avoids conflicts. Behavioural traits of leadership always attract the workforce and Sundar Pichai is assertive through the speech and makes strong gestures that are effective for the business.

As a global leader rewards, respect and recognition sometimes may negatively impact the own firm as bosses have frequently created a path leading to employee alienation, not affiliation (Hornstein, 2002).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

The use of Artificial intelligence (AI) makes google smarter than other search engines which can detect more quickly the news of natural disasters, and provide results based on regular searches and Google’s mission is to make the information universal access (Refer to Appendix-1).


This kind of assertiveness is indeed necessary where private and personal information also mixed up and may create confusion in the public domain and may cause illegal use of this universal data. Furthermore, negotiation skills are helpful to business acquisition and are the powerful skills of Sundar Pichai to make the business acquisition successful.

Team building competencies with the essence of job satisfaction is the common area of concern to the effective use of personal effectiveness is to take a mediating role between leadership and technology.

Transformational leadership is always helpful to get the trust and loyalty of the employee upon the leadership where leadership’s engagement helps to understand the employee’s issue and provide a better motivation to improve performance and cooperation (Misra and Srivastava, 2018).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment Sometimes authoritative leadership may help to mitigate the conflicts and transitional leadership is to face and solve the crisis along with business operations.

Critical evaluation of personal effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is the approach of leadership where the full utilization of energy and time to get the best possible result out of resource utilization and every leadership may use these theories to cope up with the business competition.

The leading goal of Sundar Pichai is based on empowerment of employees where it may create happiness in employee strength and help to achieve personal goals along with business objectives. On the other hand, it may be faced criticism to stop or mitigate the conflicts in the work environment as well as critical during crisis time which may face negative reaction from the employee.

The crucial communication skill is indeed a powerful tool to update the team about new incorporation and ideas for the business mission (Kee et al., 2018). http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment Transformational leadership here is determined to set the goal with persistence and minimizing obstacles in innovation and clear the team goal which had a significant impact on employee performance and motivation (Farahnak et al., 2020).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

Sundar Pichai’s leadership strategy is self-deprecating, supportive and graceful where the inner core of Sundar Pichai reflects positively with humbleness and care for other employees.

The selfless leadership helped to garner loyalty and respect from the staff which helped to support the business operation rigorously and obtained popularity in the business world. The resilient nature of Sundar Pichai makes him unparalleled in the world of technology and management which is retained as the global leader successively.

Covey’s 7 habits of Sundar Pichai

Covey’s 7 habits mainly deals with seven important skills or knowledge which is extremely essential in ensuring the success of professional life, the personal effectiveness of skills of Sundar Pichai is also related with Covey’s 7 habits which helps the CEO of the Google to deal with uncertain and unwanted consequences.

Covey also states that an individual needs to be proactive as it may help the person to acknowledge and correct the mistakes and that concept is also followed by Sundar Pichai. Considering the theory of Covey, it may be argued that knowledge is the one of the most innovative and safest ways to ensure the success and growth in life (Covey, 2021).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

In addition to that, Covey’s 7 habits play a vital role in enhancing an individual’s communication skills which is immensely essential in maintaining a healthy relationship with the subordinate of the organization. Sundar Pichai also preferred to maintain effective communication which ensured the healthy and long term relationship with employees in the organization. Sundar Pichai also thinks about WIN-WIN which indicates that leaders needs to be optimistic during a win-lose situation and this is useful in creating a solution for any kind of problems in life.

MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

Figure 1: Covey’s 7 habits

(Source: Covey, 2021)

CEO genome project

The job of Chief Executive Officer is one of the toughest jobs as Sundar Pichai maintains some basic CEO roles which are extremely essential for the success of the company.

In addition to that, a CEO needs to make effective and fast decisions while slow and ineffective design may harm the organizational activities of the organization. Moreover, Sundar Pichai also believes in quality decisions and the CEO of the company makes an effective decision which denotes the personal effectiveness of Sundar Pichai.

A CEO needs to set a vision for the company as Sundar Pichai focuses on high performance of all employees which helps Google to achieve future goals. CEO genome project mainly provides leadership training and the company is mainly known for delivery smart training as a CEO of a company needs to follow the smart objectives of this project to be an effective CEO.

There are many reasons which make this project successful such as the company has collected 930 CEO samples which are immensely essential in making individual c-suites for every learner ( 2021). http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample AssignmentFurthermore, A CEO needs to be adaptive in nature or else the CEO may not be able to be effective during an unfavourable situation.

Part C

Application of personal effectiveness principles for self-development in the competitive job market by using Gibbs reflective model


I have also attended a personality test and this test shows that my assertive index is 65% which proves that my time management skills are good. On the other hand, I am only 35% turbulent which may not affect my time management skills. In addition to that, my observant index is 59% and this is quite good to maintain discipline in the workplace. I think that time management skills are one of the most important skills one may have to survive in a competitive job market and being able to manage time properly will only help an individual to achieve success in life.

In my opinion, failing to manage time properly in life will only have a negative impact on an individual’s life, in the job market, also in life as well. I have come to the realization that in a competitive job market, everyone is running and trying to finish the job within a given time to avoid lagging behind others.

The first one to finish a job will have more time to complete the rest of the tasks and also have sufficient time to go through the work the individual has already done. Proper time management skills are extremely helpful in accelerating the effectiveness and efficiency of work and thus, it is an important skill to have for every individual (Refer to Appendix 2). According to research, it may be stated that time management skills help to prevent any interruption in work, utilizes the lost time and also makes the work more efficient (Asghari et al., 2018).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

I also think that stress management and decision-making skills are one of the most important skills which need to be developed while without these skills it will be extremely difficult for me to be successful in the competitive job market.

On a contradictory note, my decision making and disciplinary skills are extremely poor as the MBTA shows that my thinking skills only 53% and feeling index is 47% which are not suitable in making an effective decision (Refers to Appendix 4). Additionally, my judging skill index is around 54% which is not enough to make the stress in the workplace and for that reason IK need to improve my stress management skill.

I have realized that decision making skill is one of the most important skills which I need to improve as if I am not able to make a perfect decision in the workplace then it may create a negative impact in the workplace.

In the modern era, the workplace has become extremely complex as in this complex environment decision making skill is one of the most interpersonal skills as it also helps to improve the efficiency of a company (Ceschi et al., 2017).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment I also feel that decision making skills have a relationship with stress management as if I improve my decision-making skills then I may be able to manage the stress in the workplace.

Moreover, I may state that I will be able to secure my job position if I have improved my decision making skills as decision making skills need to be developed through making proper plans before work.

MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

Figure 2: Gibbs reflective model

(Source: Ceschi et al., 2017)


Time management skills will also help me not to procrastinate things and make a schedule beforehand so that whenever I will undertake any task, I will be well aware of what I need to do, so that I may finish my work in time.

Research suggests that time management skills are helpful to decrease procrastination and if I fix a certain amount of time for a few activities then I will be more unlikely to keep it on hold for the next day (Agadzhanova, 2019). http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample AssignmentOther than that, time management skills will also help me to be ahead of my co-workers and that will give me a competitive advantage within an organization, which will help me to have a good reputation in a workplace.

My time management skills will only help me in staying calm and composed when there will be too much work pressure and finish my share of work without any mistakes. In addition to that, managing time properly will only help me to be productive, which is an important requirement to sustain in a competitive job market.

Additionally, I have realised that a wrong decision may create a negative impact on the professional growth of a human being and for this reason, I want to develop my decision-making skills. I have to say that appropriate decision-making skills consist of analytical and strategic thinking as I also feel that an improved decision making skill may help me to solve the difficult problems in the competitive job market.

On the contrary, the significance of decision-making skills is rapidly increasing in the job market as experienced decision-making skills are extremely essential for improving the ability and effectiveness of workers in the job (Deming, 2021). http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment I have observed that I have to consult with the senior managers in the workplace as the guidance of the senior managers may create a positive impact in improving my decision-making skills.

Moreover, it is required to be argued that if someone is able to enhance the ability of prediction making then it will be extremely impactful for the person to make better decisions as a man needs to be more confident to improve the decision making (Refer to Appendix 3).


Other than time management skills, my disciplinary skills will also help me to be efficient and effective in my workplace, which will further increase my chances of surviving in the competitive job market.
My disciplinary skills will allow me to be a person who listens more, which means I will be able to follow the instructions given to me extremely efficiently and that will allow me to do my jobs without any errors.
Listening more means, I will not interrupt my leader or immediate supervisor and try to understand what I am actually required to do so that I may do the job in a seamless manner. In addition to that, my disciplinary skills may come in handy whenever any internal conflict takes place between my co-workers, as I may take the initiative to resolve the matter and try to create an amiable workplace.
It may be stated that the issues that create conflicts are considered to be an integral part of any organization and irrespective of the outcomes, conflicts have a negative impact in the workplace (Georgieva and Georgieva, 2019).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

Furthermore, my disciplinary skills will help me to be adaptive so that I am able to work under any situation and any amount of pressure, which is an important key skill to achieve to survive in a competitive job market.
Since I will be able to cooperate with all the team members and also follow instructions carefully to enhance the overall team performance.

I think I may utilize my disciplinary skills to work in a remote work culture and especially in today’s age when the majority of companies have asked the employees to work from home.

It needs to be mentioned that the number of companies that are allowing work from home has increased in an extensive manner since the advancements in technology has been able to make communication better and achievable from anywhere (Van der Lippe and Lippényi, 2020).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

According to me, my confidence level is not so good, however, if I am able to improve my confidence then I will be able to improve my decision-making skills. I may imply that without effective decision-making skills I will not be able to achieve professional growth in the competitive job market.
I also think that sometimes I have to participate in group discussions as it will help me to identify my string of band weaknesses which will help me to improve my decision-making skills. Additionally, I also feel that without decision making skills a manager of the company will not be able to implement an effective leadership style.

Along with that, decision making skills are also a crucial part for surviving in any competitive job market and most of the successful leaders in the world have excellent decision- making skills. Decision making skills may be considered as a soft skill and thus, it is more important for someone to have, since in today’s age technological skills are not sufficient anymore and an individual also needs effective soft skills as well (Dean, 2017).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment

In addition to that, my decision-making skills will also be helpful for me to choose the right thing to say and do, so that I may not say or do anything that could potentially harm my reputation in my workplace. It may be stated that the importance of developing decision-making skills and capacities by an organization or by an individual is extremely crucial, since that will be helpful for working under a situation of crisis (Cohu, 2021).http://MSc Management PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Sample Assignment


From above all discussions, it may be concluded that personal effectiveness has a great impact in employee performance and business growth where leadership quality always makes a difference in the business world.

The open-mindedness towards change and technology has a positive impact on creating a healthy and friendly environment to work along for a long time. Employees are affected positively with the leadership performance where the leadership is used to impose confidence in every employee to bring out the best performance toward the prosperity of the business.

On the contrary to that, improper planning and use of unethical time frames lead to a disaster of both employee morale and performance. On the other hand, incorporation of technology and business acquisition is the complement of negotiation skills and decision making which is the result of proper use of personal effectiveness of leadership.


It may be argued that my stress management skills need to be improved by enhancing my judging skills and I need to consult with senior employees to know the way in enhancing the stress s management skill.

On a specific note, my decision making skill may be developed by improving my thinking as innovative and creative thinking is always influential in improving decision making skill.


It may be concluded that, Leadership assessment about human resources and market change directly impact the business mission with the decision making and negotiation skills.

The positive behavioural trait of leader helps to understand the work issue and helps to mitigate the conflicts around the work environment. Specifically, personal effectiveness has a powerful presence to propel employee performance according to the business objective set by leadership to carry out the business mission along with revenue generation.


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