MSc Management Personal Effectiveness

MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Sample Assignment

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Leadership qualities are main for running any organization as leadership qualities require skills and behavioral tactics that will encourage employees to act according to the needs of any organization.
Leadership qualities focus on increasing productivity according to the needs of the organization.
A Person with better leadership qualities will not only encourage team spirit but will also motivate employees for further improvement.
Leadership qualities become most important when employee satisfaction is considered. As long as employees are satisfied it will not only increase employee retention but will also increase the overall working culture of the organization.

Sundar Pichai’s leadership skills and behavior

Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google and Chrome has implemented various key skills in his organization that will enhance the working of the organization it will motivate employees and will help them learn more through Sundar Pichai’s skills and behavioral ways.

When it comes to interpersonal skills, employees have regarded him as being thoughtful in the implementation of his work (Fidan and Balcı, 2017). http://MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Sample AssignmentVarious skills and behaviors of Sundar Pichai that can be listed are:

Communication: When it comes to communication, Sundar Pichai focuses on the implementation of good communicating skills to his audience and also his employees (Al Khajeh, 2018).http://MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Sample Assignment

This will not only enhance team spirit according to Sundar Pichai but will also enable employees to be encouraged and have transparency in work. He maintains strong communication with his team members to make sure that everyone understands the goal that needs to be achieved.

Inclusive leadership and teamwork: Sundar Pichai makes sure that no members of his team are left behind and he focuses mainly on cooperation. He believes that success is only gained when it is ‘we’ and not ‘, me’. He discourages conflicts and confrontations and encourages cooperation.

He likes to involve every team member of his so that everyone can equally participate in the team and decision-making (Gold, 2018). http://MSc Management Personal Effectiveness Sample AssignmentHaving healthy communication and team spirit will make employees work faster and will increase their retention. He focuses on collaboration and teamwork as a medium for the success of an organization.


Simplicity: Sundar Pichai also focuses on simplicity when it comes to working with his employees. He focuses on the flexibility of his employee’s situation, simple living, and high thinking.
Having flexibility in an organization helps companies to succeed more and gain a competitive advantage.


Collaboration: instead of raising a political conflict Sundar Pichai focuses on collaboration with his colleagues and teammates so that the working of the organization works accordingly (, 2016).

Any conflict will hamper the working of employees.

MSc Management Project Management Essentials Sample Assignment

Figure 1: Behavioural skills of Sundar Pichai

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Impact of Sundar Pichai’s Behavioural skills On Google Company and Its Employees.

The leadership qualities that have been implemented by Sundar Pichai have helped Google Company to reach its high. Leadership qualities and skill behaviour has not only helped team members and employees to gain confidence in their team but also has encouraged its team members to focus on the working culture of the organizations (Rubens et al. 2018).http://MSc Management Project Management Essentials Sample Assignment

A good leadership quality will encourage communication. Sundar Pichai while implementing good communication among its memes has not only enhanced transparency in work but also has maintained a healthy environment among its members.

Good communication has a greater impact on employees as employees can clearly express their trust and doubts to the higher authorities. The impact of inclusive and teamwork has enabled the employees to work in decision-making power that has helped them to feel that they are part of the same organization (Bowers et al. 2016).http://MSc Management Project Management Essentials Sample Assignment

This in turn has encouraged the employees to work and has increased productivity and has led to more employee engagement. Moreover, his technique of interpersonal skills such as collaboration has reduced the impact of conflict whether it be political. Good cooperation and collaboration among employees have increased productivity and in turn customer satisfaction. With collaboration, the company has gained immense competitive advantages.

Good collaboration and communication have also encouraged employees in sharing skills and mentor themselves. Good teamwork has enabled employees to work more effectively and increase productivity. Sundar Pichai with his leadership qualities has enabled in retaining more employees, high morals and has encouraged sustainable long-term success.

The leadership qualities have allowed the company not only to gain in a competitive market but also have increase revenue (Ibrahim and Daniel, 2019). http://MSc Management Project Management Essentials Sample AssignmentSundar Pichai has made a rising tide in the online activities of customers and businesses.

Theoretical Framework

For the implementation of good leadership qualities, Sundar Pichai has enabled his leadership skills and behaviours to work on different theories. While applying different theories, Sundar Pichai has not only gained immense support from his organization but also has enabled to create a favourable working environment to work in. the theories that Sundar Pichai adopted are

Covey’s seven habit theory- Covey’s seven habit theories focuses on guiding members and employees in maintaining well balanced and guiding their destiny. This theory forms the most used management strategies and is adopted by many companies so that they could reach heights.

The main focus of this model depends on growing from dependence to interdependence. This is highly effective in the case of Sundar Pichai’s skills and behavioural as the theme of interdependence high benefits teamwork and smart act (Spohn, 2018).http://MSc Management Project Management Essentials Sample Assignment

Covey’s theory also focuses on continuous improvement on a self part. With the renovation and growth of Google Company employees have learned to grow in their inner self along with the increasing demand of the company. Moreover, growth has helped employees secure a position where they can work independently.

Ceo Genome Project- This theory highly focused on the employees’ engagement and stresses of characteristics of high performance. Leadership qualities that

Sundar Pichai has used for Google Company and his employees, many of the leadership qualities go well with the CEO genome project (Botelho et al. 2017).http://MSc Management Project Management Essentials Sample Assignment The theory highly focuses on engagement.

Sundar Pichai as CEO of Google highly focuses on the engagement of employees and other stakeholders of the organization in the decision-making process. He also has focused on discipline communication and makes decisions with speed and conviction that is also one of the characteristics of the CEO genome project.


Sundar Pichai has implemented many leadership qualities in the Google Organization for making it work better. He has implemented many behavioural and leadership skills that have enabled him to enjoy the trust and loyalty of his employees and organization.

The key skills that are included in Sundar Pichai’s are good communication which has allowed the employees to communicate well with their employees and enabled transparency among them. Inclusive leadership and teamwork have enabled the employees to work with each other, share skills, and mentor themselves.

It has also increased their tolerance towards each other. Two theories that go with Sundar Pichai’s skills are covey’s 7 habit theory and CEO genome project theory.



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