Executive summary

Furniture business passes on a lot of criticalness at whatever point the organizing and flourishing of home are discussed. This report will contain an examination of the expert connections of a furniture association called Swoon Furniture. We as a gathering have fabricated a strategy canvas for Swoon furniture.

It contains all the courses of action of information and data related to the business techniques of Swoon Furniture. The entire discussion has been made as a gathering using diversely concentrated and mechanized prospects. Thereafter, we have also inspected the particular movements that could benefit the customers and expert associations of the association.


In this assessment, there is a description of the business proceedings of Swoon Furniture. This project is done by us in the virtual team. The members of the team belong to different cultural backgrounds and thinkings.

The aim of this team is to make a project on the Swoon furniture and use different types of digital and data skills in it. In this assignment, many challenges are highlighted along with various sets of new learnings. This study is having a new advanced technology tool that can be used in the projects, some related risks to them. The issue of the new innovative ideas and techniques are also used in this project.

Things that are learned during this project

The project of the SwoonFurniture which is given to us, a virtual team. During this project, we have faced a number of problems and issues but in the end, by the team effort, we have completed our task. In this journey, we have learned too many things about myself as well as the things which can help users in the future.

While working on this project I have learned many things about myself also when I have used the self-analysis tool to know about my place in the team then I came to know that I am a shy person or introvert (Bandyopadhyay and Bose, 2019). Even I have the ability of the resources’ investor. By the different analyses on myself, I also came to know that I am weak in some zones like I am not able to report my task on schedule. So, I have to improve that in myself.

When things came related to the team, I have learned the best thing which is mutual respect is a very important thing to start a good conversation. If we do work in teams it is very possible that we can get some very interesting ideas that can be very helpful in the project (Biolcheva, 2017). When we work in a team then it becomes very easy to complete a task because everyone can help others. It is the most effective way to do the job

Skills related to digital and data aspects with some learnings.

We are assigned a project which we have to make with the help of the whole virtual team. The project is related to the business canvas model in SwoonFurniture. The business canvas model with the e-poster consists of the different types of steps which are followed to make things much easier in the project. These steps are as follows key partners, resources, key activities, channel, value proposition, customer relationship, and many more (Howard et al., 2017).

There are skills which we have before, and those skills helped us a lot. Even in this project, we have learned about many new skills related to the digital and the data aspects. I am very familiar with PowerPoint slides; I am very good at it. Therefore, in my team, I am the one who finds any type of errors related to the PowerPoint slides. We have also used the skill like the audio recording on the PowerPoint.

The skill which I learn during this project is the PowerPoint on the Microsoft team (Biolcheva, 2017). This digital skill was taught by my teammates. So, I can say that this project is very helpful to me in order to utilize my skills which I have as well as due to this I am able to learn some new skills.

Advanced technology use in the project

When we are completing this project in the virtual team. We have thought that it may be very good if we use some advanced technology in the project SWOON furniture. This new and advanced technology helps us to make the organization much more effective and efficient.

This new technology helps us to make things much easier. The advanced technology which we are using in this project is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is basically machine intelligence, which means that the machine has the ability to listen to your command and do the work according to the commands which are given to this (Boschert al., 2017).

In today’s world, the use of artificial intelligence is very helpful in doing many works. The use of artificial intelligence increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the work many times which is done. Therefore, we are also using artificial intelligence in our project of SwoonFurniture. This intelligence helps us in giving the command directly to the machines and the machine can do the work according to that command.

This thing reduces a lot of time in making the furniture as well as the preciseness of the products is very high. When things are done in this great and easy way the production rate of the organization Swoon furniture goes very high. They are able to make too many pieces of furniture in a very short time period (Wade, 2017).

If we take the aspects of the management of things by the use of artificial intelligence then we can say that it is a very appropriate method to use. This is because with the help of artificial intelligence one can easily manage everything like old records, new records, money-related things, and many more things.

Innovative ideas which benefit both business and the customers

The project on which we are working on is called the Swoon Furniture, we can use some new innovative ideas in order to make sure that the idea will help both the parties, the business, and the customers. The Idea which is used in this project by us is sustainable furniture. This concept of sustainable furniture is very new and very important because as we know that as time goes on the environmental conditions are getting worse.

In this case, if we are not using this type of method to make the furniture then it is very bad for the environment as well as ourselves (KOOMSAPet al., 2019). The customers are also conscious in those days they are also able to understand the importance of sustainable furniture. In this project, we can use this method and make sure that the age of life of the furniture should be assessed and increased.

The furniture is made by sustainable lumber which is according to the guidelines of the sustainable furnishings department. In this way, if we are able to respect as well as protect the environment the only, we can save our planet. This idea is very important to every person on this planet because if sustainable furniture techniques are not used then in upcoming years, we are going to cut all of the trees for the furniture which can cause the global problem (Biolcheva, 2017). So, if we promote sustainable furniture ideas then it will help the whole world as well as the organization and the customers.

The other thing which is good for the costumes is that the furniture which is going to be made by the organization is of good quality, therefore, the age of the furniture will belong. So, the customers do not have to buy the furniture again and again (Antonsson, 2017). The organization has also used the methods of recycling the old furniture so that they can make new things from the old wood, which can be used by someone so it helps the environment somehow.

Related risks to this innovative idea

Risks are the parallel lines to the new ideas when the new innovative ideas came there are risks bound to them but we are trying to mitigate all of the risks in order to make our project much more successful. The risk can come in front of the organization if the use of this sustainable furniture is used. The first risk is that when this sustainable furniture idea is going to use then it is important to follow and go through all of the regulations of the sustainable furnishings department (Pangemanan and Walukow, 2018).

They provide or tell the organization about the lumber wood which is sustainable. But in order to do all of this requires a lot of time, and in business, time is directly proportional to money. When the organization is going to use sustainable furniture, then, they do not use the accessories based on petroleum products, which are used to make the wood furniture more beautiful (Biolcheva, 2017). In place of this, they have to use some different things which can increase the cost of things. It is also possible that the customers do not attract to their products then it can cause a great loss.


To conclude all of these things I can say that this project on which the whole virtual team has done the work. That project has a lot of challenges and issues but this project teaches us that if we are doing a job in a team then we can fight or tackle everything. There are different kinds of skills that are used in this project which we know and many skills I do not. So, I have learned new things in this project, which is very important to me.


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