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Gap Inc. is one of the most widely known apparel and Garments Companies that has its existence in not only the USA but all over the world. It has been identified that KPI and objectives to fulfil the main criteria of the company are the most important aspects which are needed to be analysed in order to understand their work culture. The competitive priorities will help to assess the current position of the company as well as its standing in the international market. The future based comprehensiveness is based on implementing the high-quality based analysis of competitors will include Customer Satisfaction, Internal Process Quality, Employee Satisfaction, and Financial Performance Index. Along with this cost, quality, time, flexibility and innovation have been taken into consideration for KPI analysis.

The process of maintaining an operational approach for business purposestrategic management is based on several points such as Understand customer needs, Understand the organization’s financial performances, Great Planner as well as Perform under pressure. The evaluation for different future-based perspectives will be highly segmented through the division of large tasks into smaller parts and dividing those tasks among the employees. The proper identification of lower revenue and customer attraction has been identified in this analysis which might be rectified by providing high-quality operational changes in the strategic management.

In terms of planning and control, there are mainly three aspects such as Business planning, functional planning, and operational planning which could be utilized to identify the particular characteristics of working culture in Gap Inc. Thus, and effective consideration of these planning approaches are significantly considered in this assignment for better understanding of the business process of Gap. In terms of controlling there are threw techniques such as detective, preventive and corrective which could be helpful in maintaining the concurrent aspect of business functioning-based control that is taken for measuring the activities.

The next aspect is based on identifying and analysing the factors of Business approach towards logistics and transportation management which will help to cater to the need of developing future based international clients for Gap Inc. The aspect of supply chain management has been considered through the properapplication of SCM theory and its implication in understanding the particular processes.The different key approaches and concepts of particular theory havebeenaligned with the internal characteristics of logistics such as shipment and manufacturing of any particular product in Gap Inc.(Gapinc, 2021).The transitional management such as equipment and technological enhancement of the company work activities.

Probable recommendations of the particular issue mitigation in trends of Gap Inc. have been considered to make fruitful awareness of the company activities. The step-by-step activities and their direct implication in the work activities of Gap Inc. will help to signify the future usage of different strategies that are needed to be implied under the company aspect. Along with this the concluding statement and the future implantation of the business strategieshasalso been underlined in order to manage the fulfilment of customer needs.

Analysis of key performance objectives and competitive priorities(C)

Competitive priority analysisis one of the most important aspects which could help to define the success of any organization. It has been identified that most of the companies in the textile business in the UK have met their daily activities. In terms of KPI, there are mainly four aspects which are deferred to Customer Satisfaction, Internal Process Quality, Employee Satisfaction, and Financial Performance Index.

In terms of customer satisfaction, Gap Inc. has satisfied more than 300+clients within the last few years which has enriched their experience of serving the right needs to their customers. In terms of internationalenhancement-based reputation of the company has also grown through several stages which havestrengthened the company.

Internal process quality has severalaspectssuch as quality and quantity of the materials which hasbeen produced anddistributedthrough theirofficial channels. The quality checking managers are effective in measuring the internal and external quality of the products which are presented in the prospects of higher achievement.

Employee satisfaction in the company has been developed through severalpoliciessuch as incentives and rewards based on the overtime-based performance that hasbeen given by an employee. In order to evaluate the high performance-based work in company, an employee of the year nomination hasalso been maintained in the company which enhances the employee productivity andefficiency in the prospective culture.

The financialperformanceindex has been developed and estimated of 3.5 Million product outsourcing and gained $ 200000 monthly revenue in terms of all overnational and internationalproducts selling (Gapinc, 2021). The company has helped 30 % of the garment industry of the country to flourish.

The main aspect of key performance objectives is cost, quality, time, flexibility and innovation.

In terms of cost, it hasbeen identified that company gap Inc. has maintained the overall cost of their performance such as logistics, supply chain management, production, and retailingbased basis equally. The overall costing has been around 105000 USD to 200000 USD(Gapinc, 2021). This has helped their different types of activities to be aligned with the sustainable organizational goal which is helping their overall textile business to flourish (Taçoğluet al. 2019).

The quality of Gap Inc. has been maintained along with their delivery process to customers is also not hampered in any particular scope. The quality of garment whichhasbeen delivered to their customers is mostly based on having proper quality checked by an expert who could help the company to enhance their images in the textiles industry. The fabrication and cohesiveness of the value-based resources are present within the material of Gap Inc.

In terms of delivering the right quality-based garments to the customers of Gap Inc., it hasbeen identified that the most important work processes are prioritized by the company managers which helps to handle the pressure of work in a tactical way. Quality management along with a dedicated workforce helps the company to send the particular materials to their customerswithin the dedicated time slot.

In terms of flexibility, a high-quality approach to delivering quality-based materialsis followed in such a way so that work pressure is not an issuethat could create and chaos for the company. In terms of delivering an urgent deadline-based shipment of garmentsalso Gap Inc. has maintained their standard in getting more and more orders fromtheir existing as well as future potential clientswho could help the company as well as that UK-based retail industry to be uplifted.

Company Gap Inc. has implemented some of the different techniques and tactics such as frugal innovationwhich has developed their internal as well external innovation to be implied in the products of the company. In terms of developing the innovative techniques in the company, the valuable resources could be redirected in the utilization process in such a way so that minimalresources could be used as wellassaving time and effort of the company employees are taken into consideration.

Analysis of operational characteristics based on competitive priorities

In terms of operational characteristics, there are few aspects whichhasbeensupportedand maintained by the company which are defined as below

Understand customer need

In terms of understanding customer needs, the company has segmented most of the internal and externals assessment which has developed the company to gain hugerevenue through proper time delivery. The specific budget and quality-based requirement have beenmaintained by the employee of the Company according to the garment-based sector.

Understand the organization’s financial performances

In terms of functional performance, innovation has been very helpful in the organization which is essential to create and flourish future-based management in the organization. The different new and uniquetechniques for maintaining the quality and retaining value-based raw materials to be used in the products of the organization has been maintained in the company which is essential for delivering high-quality-based management strategies to be obtained by the organization.

Great Planner (Either on-time Delivery or Business Development or New product development)

The business development segment has beenmaintained by the companymanaging director and the company executives through their internal process quality management according to the market and customer need (Burzyńskaet al. 2018). The target-based delivery of the different materials in the regionaland global market has helped to develop the business of the organisation through different offline and online platforms.

Perform under pressure

The time management aspect has beenhelpful in delivering the right products to the customers maintaining the time. It is thus very essential in delivering the quality-basedapproachesof the local and internationalmarket. The prioritizing of work and delivery managementhas helped the company to gather the most influential theories and models to be aligned.

Business approach towards planning and controlling(A)

There are mainly three aspects in terms of planning and controlling the business by Gap Inc. These are

Corporate planning

Corporateplanning generallydevelops data at the top of any particular strategyformulation in any company. In terms of Gap Inc. the corporate planning has been activated through some certain aspects such as a) deciding on the company’s objectives and goals, including the determination of which and how many lines of business to engage in, (b) acquiring the resources needed to attain those objectives, and c) aligning the resources to the businesslevelbasedactivities. These are the key fundamental of company which had helped to the company to grow at this certain level (Xuand Wang, 2019).

Business planning

In terms of business planning, there is certainassertion that area made accessible easily through the broad-minded approach inadapting the customer needs of the company. It has been identified that the company has adopted severalaspects such as selecting division objectives and goals and establishing the charter of the business. This has helped the company to maintain a certain level of adjustment in theirbusinessstrategies such as prioritizing and delivering the quality and need-based product first (Xuand Wang, 2019).

Functional planning

The functional planningisbased on dividingthe all activities into a smaller level which could help the final outcome to be aligned with the company prospect. The process of developing the final outcomes is based on havingproper value basealignmentand the application of proper techniques such as six sigma and Kaizentechniques which will help to maintain the certain level of strategy formulation to be occurring at the company performance.


In terms of controlling there are mainly three types ofbusiness controlling approachwhich are taken into consideration by Gap Inc. these are


In terms of the detective technique of internal controlling, it hasbeenidentified that most of the steps such as the reason for occurring any event have been taken intoconsideration. In this scenario, there are mainly three questions that might be asked on the higher authority in terms of negativeevents to take place. These questions are

  • What caused the event to occur?
  • What process failed that allowed the event to occur?
  • Is there a policy that can be implemented to keep the event from happening again in the future?


In terms of preventive controlling measurements, it has been identified that Gap Inc. has taken certain steps such as making proper quality check, limiting the accessible resources to work only, limiting unnecessaryactivities in the time of work tenure of employees which have helped to mitigate the customer satisfaction related issues within the company premises (Tursunov, 2019).


The correctivetechniques of controlling business-based objectives arebased on having theproper identification of the defective aspects is taken into consideration. It helps to rectify the defect which has been identified in the proper aspects of development (Zimonand Domingues, 2018). This has been taken into consideration for Gap Inc. to monitor and finalize the future basedstrategicallychanges maintained under the workforce development.

By utilizing these particular aspectsGap Inc. has maintained the net revenue and their overallexpense to be limited items of excessive usage and strategized according to the future need (Gapinc, 2021). Thus, it is justified by the management as well as the other deportment to utilize the future aspect such as customer satisfactionand quality control to be aligned with the point.

Business approach towards logistics and transportation management

Total quality managementtheory is one of the most effective theories in managing the internal and externalquality of the manufactured products by Gap Inc. It has been identified that there are severalaspects of TQM such as customer relation, decision making, continuousimprovement, andcustomer relation which is basicallyconnected with each other in order to generate more valuable aspects or products in the market. The companyGap Inchas implied the aspects of TQM in their overall work progress which is essential in developing the internalandexternal work engagement(Gapinc, 2021).

Thought here are main aspects or tactics of supply chain management, Gap Inc.has taken the directive approach of their connectivemanagement and logisticswhich has been handled by the SCM theory.

In terms of delivering the SCM-based theory, it has been observed that manufacturer, distribution, and retailer play the key role in manufacturing, transporting, and delivering the particular goods to the customers. Then afterward, the consumerconsumesthe particular product through differentsignifiedapplications. Accordingto the theory, the supplier supplies the main aspects such as raw materials, valuable resource, and the other aspects which could help in building the future based product within the company, after this initial step the materials are then provided to the manufacturer who enables certain steps such as mechanical or automation-based steps to make the productswithin the organization which then turns out to be ready for proceeding to nextstage. The final stage involves the distributor distributing the main product to differentdistributionsthroughthe wide supply chain network. Then through retail chain management, the products have beendistributed to different networks of the company.

The consumer gets the final outcomethrough these certain steps which ass the future based managerial aspects of the delivery of differentproducts which is essential to manage the supply chain management (Burzyńskaet al. 2018)


In terms of logistics management, there are different sets that are managed by the company Gap Inc. these are

  • Design Interface

The design interfaces the preliminary approach for designing the different types of control and intervention-based approach which are set by the design controlling method and set as the interface between the logistics controller.

  • Sustaining Engineering

In order to maintain the sustainability of the products, there are several engineering-related models and intervention which helps the particular product such as garments and their related accessories to be ready for the serving to customers in gap Inc.

  • Supply Support

There are several companies such as shipping and management companies who are ready to help and support the logistics-based management in any company such as Gap Inc. The future based management of raw materials and the final manufactured product delivery will be helpful through the help of these specific companies who are delivering the needful materials to the customers (Desoreand Narula, 2018).

  • Technical Data

In terms of supporting technical data and its storage in the particular database, the logistics department has their own procedure which is followed through their fast tags that are attached with every shipment item. It helps to locate the current and past location of the material along with theirsupply Id and destination location details. Thus, it has been essentially maintained in all the different material of Gap Inc.

  • Support Equipment

The supporting equipment such as moving vehicles and shipment cargos are well maintained through the daily maintenance through their internal and external employees of Gap Inc. which helps to sustainable shipment and logistics. The support equipment’s are also being tracked by the production and shipment manager of company which helps to deliver the needful and timely delivery top the customers. This helps to enhance the commitment in the international context.

Business approach towards technology application within their operations

There are several reasons which ash been founded by the company Gap Inc. which might be mitigated through their extensive application of latest technologies. The reasons are

Lack of information on demand and supply aspects

The lack of demand in the supply chain department and the informational aspect are needed to be informed by the supply chain managers. It has been identified that most of the internal and external products were previously very hard to identify along within the location and delivery location which has been later defined by the emerging technologies such as fast tags and bar codes (Desoreand Narula, 2018).

Long procurement time

The procurement time in textile industry is very high which creates a lack in the understanding of the current market demand. Thus, the future based trends are taking a loss of time to be launched in the market according to the need. This has been taken into serious consideration at the time of implementing the future based technologies in Gap Inc.

In order to cope up with these specific problems, it has been taken into consideration that several technologies might be introduced throughtheir future province improvement. These are

Testing & quality monitoring equipment’s Cotton Contamination Analyzer

The testing and quality monitoring aspects of the company Gap Inc. has been taken into consideration through the embedded cotton and its blending process in each and every related material so that quality is being maintained throughout. Fibre neps, trash particles and seed-coat fragments are visible foreign matters in coition which are checked before producing final product to the customers.Different micsroscoping cameras are helping the company to cope up with situation.

Design and Development of Pilling Tester using Digital Image Processing (DIP) Technology

The DIP technology is extremely useful in term of segregating the unwanted and wanted materials to be placed outside of the particular materials. This has been taken into consideration that that most of the quality based on the international standards like BS, ASTM, DIN and IS are present within the company standards. The usage of Pilling Tester is to test the pilling (hair ball) characteristic of fabric and knit fabric cloth which helps to test the material before and after the splitable condition such as tearing or any type of damages which helps to identify their strength.

Textile testing equipment for strength testing and trash analysis

In terms of recycling in Gap Inc. it has been seen that most of the unused or preciously used materials are taken into the recycle bins which might be helpful in future usage of different relevant materials for the company. There is a specific R &D department which helps to attain the future management of the preciously used material so that there is no such wastage left for the environment. The usage of equipment’s such as Rapier, Power jet and Air loom has helped to gather and results of these materiel which helps to build sustainable environment also.


In termed of finishing of the new developed materials there are several technologies that is used to eliminate skew and bow distortion generated during the fabric passage to the setter automatically. The features includes highly sensitive solid-state powered detectors, intelligent signal processing to automatically adapting to various fabrics which h helps to maintain the future based quality of the fabrics in order to deliver quality materials to the customers of Gap Inc.

Recommendations to the business and conclusion

The recommendation and suggestions for the particular supply chain and logistics development as well as the business approach development are suggested as below

  1. Adapt the product differentiation strategy by providing unique benefits to the consumer

The products differentiation strategy is one of the most powerful yet simple strategies which would be proven to help the company Gap Inc. The strategy signifies to adapt the changeable techniques throughthe future trend and demand of customers. The process of this technique must be redirecting to have customer focus which could make more en more satisfied customer and in return the company would be benefited through the increase of their reputation in global and international market (Desoreand Narula, 2018). The process of delivering quality based management strategy throug him proving the quality of standard which are being maintained by the company utilising their time, cost, effort and workforce. The company must have to adapt the highly satisfied customers target in year to achieve its sustainable business growth.

  1. Adapting more advanced supply chain management technologies

Adaptation in terms of latest technologies of the international based supply chain technologies are already began to be present in the company prospect of Gap Inc. It is helping to improve the overall products manufacturing and selling of the product in the international and national market which is targeting to achieve more and more customers in the market segmentation.

The implementation of high-quality based technology such as AI and robotics will help to maintain the standard of quality of materials. AI will help to make the process of manufacturing to sharpening more convenient and easier which will help to save time as well as cost of the company. Along with this more emphasizing effort will be needed to be given to use robotics in the different shipment-based activities in terms of internal and external aspectwhichwill be operated by the manager in a centrally connected device (Desoreand Narula, 2018). This will help to maintain the environmental stability of the workforce and also will be benefited to the company through focused planning and management of work.

  1. Providing loyalty club cards to customers

In terms of attracting more new potential and retaining old customers it would be beneficial for company Gap Inc. to invent and commercialise the club cards in the market. The usage if specific benefit based on the loyalty points which could be redeemed by the consumers will be helpful in attaining help to more and more customers of Gap Inc. The process of using more and more different types of services through the purchasing of customers, the cards will be use and thus company will also be benefitted. The indirect promotion such as word of mouth will be effective in this case which will attract a chain of customer buildingstrategy for the company.

  1. Improving service and delivery time

The service improvement of the company along with the delivery prospect of company is one of the most important aspects which could help to elevate the revenue as well as brand elevation in the business world. The company has implemented the prioritizing and sorting process of each and every step in the working tenure of employees which could help to maintain the loyalty and customer satisfaction. The service such as promising delivery and maintain commitment management are the key of sustaining old employees as well as to attract new customers.

According to the above analysis, it could be concluded that most of the strategies that are taken by the company Gap Inc. needs to be changed accordingly in order to cope up with the market demand. This will also help to segment the target market as well as to flourish the future of textile industry in the global market. Thus, one of the most improved and segmented approaches in the company recommendation are also given which could help in establishing the trust and loyalty of the customers within the market in terms of availing products from Gap Inc. KPIs such as Customer Satisfaction, Internal Process Quality, Employee Satisfaction, and Financial Performance Indexwill be taken into consideration which could help to sustain future strategies of the company.


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