Optional Resources for Upcoming Reflection

Optional Resources for Upcoming Reflection (1705685)

Topic 1: Women experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence

Domestic violence is leading cause for women homelessness in Australiaaffects the considerable proportion of women. At the same time, domestic violence is not always mean to physical abuse but also mental, economical, emotional sexual and psychological abuse.

However, as per the recent Australian and International surveys revealed the overlap between technology and domestic violence. Mostly women face the cyber abuse through text, Facebook and GPF tracking.

Also, Australian Institute of health and Welfare in 2018 declared that 85 % Australian women sexually harassed and most pathetic condition is 32% women hospitality due to family violence (Kavanagh et al2013)

Despite of having the equality based social culture, various reasons responsible for this pitiful condition of women. Such as habit of drugs and Alcohol, Men centric society and decision making, gender discrimination.

More specifically men dominancy is the common reason for issue for maintaining higher status at home, office, social circle etc. Hence, Domestic violence reflects the narrow-mindness in society considermen and women are not equal.

In order to eliminate this social evil for the betterment of women, the WESNET project has been initiated in 2011(WSENET, 2017). It works mainly with the objective of securing and preventingwomen from all forms of violence.

In regards to this, it collaborates with various communities and agencies to helps the victim in terms of safety and their educating them about rights and laws specifically about social media abuse

The most significant step is to develop technological mechanism for helping women in danger and provide training. Lastly, it contributes significantly to eliminate the number of women homelessness in Australia.

Topic 2:Community Development. regional and remote, mental health counsellor.

In the social work practice and community development several dilemmas encounterduring the course of actions. At the same time, in clinical and social work particularly in rural areas ethical boundaries becomes unavoidable. A practitioners face confidentiality and privacy issues as people know each other in particular region.

Sometimes conflict and dual relationship in social works depend on their population, makes it critical to handle (Edwards and Addae,2015)These conflicts may arise due to non-availability of the social workers to the client on time and rural settings in regional and remote areas Herewith, the most important aspect is rational decision making.

When it comes to mental health counselling as practitioners seems more complex due to have space to keep the information secretly about the client.

Therefore, the ethical decision making process is suggested under the NASW code of ethics in order to handle these dilemmas. This code helps to manage the conflict and privacy issues also to understand the rural values and ethics.

It aids and integrates the ethical decision making and problem solving skills in practitioners (Ametrano, 2014). Moreover, it facilitates the ideas to deal with the conflicts in multiple and different situations while establishing coordination among them and be aware the social settings.

Thus, lack of ethical decision making and confidentially can be treated in rural and remote areas during social practice.


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Optional Resources for Upcoming Reflection

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