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Skill Definition

Communication skill is an art to express the thoughts into words effectively and communication is a medium through which the massages are passed from sender to receiver using the commonly used and understood symbols, signs and gestures and postures. In regards to this, communication skills are an ability to establish the communication process by delivering the message to the audience successfully according to the platform and mode of communication (Verčič, 2012). Moreover, good communication skills are very important socially, generally and business environment.

ORGA 330 Practice Activity Assignment

Practice Settings

In addition to this, good communication skills have few basic components like assertive listening, confidence and word power of the communicator. In order to develop the good communication skills it is very important to have command over the topic and full information.  Also, rate of speech, intonations and usage of easy words while communication so that receiver of the message or audience can get the main motive of the communication (van, 2013). At the same, below is the plan for practice settings for developing the communications skills. 

Learning plan includes the Vocabulary improvement, confidence gaining and assertive learning. Having the word power is the essential requirement for smooth communication skills. Moreover, good vocabulary helps a person to speak and understand the message, respond according to the communication mode. Simply, it empowers the communicator to communicate in simpler to difficult subject and I would practice below activities to enhance the word power confidence, listening skills (Delamain, 2017). Additionally, practice of draw and explain and audio clips and questions framing activities are for enhancing confidence and attentive listening.

Word Quiz and Puzzles:  These two are very useful techniques to enhance the vocabulary for good communication. This includes the one word activity like questions can be asked to the students dividing to into group of four members and they need to answer in word (Lin and Dunphy, 2013). For an example questions can be :

“Things are no longer in use –Obsolete”.

“Things that can be eaten” – Edible”.

Apart from this, solving the puzzles is also helpful activity in order to create the strong vocabulary; also it is most effective way to learn the new and popular words merged into the language. It educates that how new words can be used into their communication and also helps in understanding their meaning and use accordingly in sentence.

Spell It: In this activity, group of students having four members will practice to pronounce the words correctly, especially new words. In addition to this, it would also enable the students to know the correct spellings of words. At the same time, it would resolve the confusion for using similar kind of words.

Frame Sentences- This is the final activity in which the learning of above stated activities needs to be showcased, discussed thoroughly, practiced and tested in the classrooms sessions (Dunn, and Goodnight, 2016). In this, students will use the learned words while framing the sentences and interact with group members and every time needs to construct the sentences using the new words. 

Drawing and Explain- This activity will practices to gain the confident while communicating specially in public speaking or in group that is the very important for effective communication and sending message to the receiver without any barriers. In this activity, a picture is drawn on the whiteboard and rest of group member will indentify the picture and name it that what exactly it is. Moreover, it will encourage the confidence level of the person who is in the centre in conducting the activity (Nielsen et al., 2013). Also, it enables the learner to resolve the queries of other group member that maintain the flow of communication. It establishes the two ways communication is beneficial for all group members.

Audio Clips – In this activity, group of members will listen the audio clips carefully and with full of attentive listening. It can be of any subject include the curriculum topic. At the same time, members need to make notes of important information of audio clip (Meiby et al., 2013). At the end of the audio, members need to frame five questions out of notes and ask each other. In that manner, it will organize the flow of communications and develop the assertive listening quality.

In addition to this, above discussed activities conducted in group of four students in class room every day in there segments:  introduction, brain storming and practice. At the same time, every group member has to conduct the activity for the practice, thus every person will be host and participant in all activities. In regards to practice segment, each activity needs to be revised thrice so that it would be proven effective.

Behavioral Skills Checklist and Linkage

In context to enhance the communication skills and practicing the development activities there are behavioral checklist. On the bases of these aspects the effectiveness of learning activities would be measured.

  • Thought Process
  • Eyes Contact
  • Gestures and Postures
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Willingness

These Behavioral aspects would help me in improving skills smoothly. While, communication it very important to use maintain the eye contact to while addressing the group. At the same time, in draw and express activity, it is important to have a clear thought process, also, collect the words before speaking.  In addition to this, physical movements are also effective to present the thoughts in public or interacting with individual by moving hands and nodding the head.  In group discussion of activities, the ability to resolve the other’ confusion is also the behavioral aspects of communication (Cazzell and Howe , 2012). Moreover, the most important thing is willingness that is must to learn any skills. That brings the self-confidence and enthusiasm in learners.


I find that activities of quizzes and puzzles went well and group members participated very actively. It created the willingness to learn and confidence in them.  In addition to this, spell it, frame sentences and audio clips activities have been proven very good in terms of problem solving, brainstorming and probing skills. Apparently, the drawing and explain activities has been conducted in nice way but with some challenges of fear in public specking and proper though process. These challenges need to be improves in next practice sessions.  Thus it can be stated that such activities encourage for improving communications skills that can smoothly shape our personal and professional life.


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