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Part 1

SWOT analysis of Virgin Hyperloop Project

The Maharashtra government has made a proposal to create a hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune. SWOT analysis of the virgin hyperloop project has been discussed below:


  • The revolutionary hyperloop pod is considered to be the fastest travel medium in the world right now. The Virgin Hyperloop Pod has a speed of 1200 kmph that is efficient to reduce the travel time from one city to another.
  • According to Ameliaet al. (2019), the making of these hyperloop pods is quite cost-friendly as the estimation has been around 76 Lakh Corer.
  • Hyperloop pods originally operated as pneumatic pods that controlled the air drag by reducing air pressure hence it can save more energy.


  • Lack of security and safety of using these hyperloop pods are the biggest concern of all weaknesses. This system of transportation needs to operate inside a low air-pressure tube at a very high speed has raised fear amongst all the civilians.
  • Highly advanced technological transportation ticket costs can be even higher than the air tickets (Baxter, 2019).
  • There are a lot of turns and bends in the routes of India and hence it can decrease the potential of such high-speed pods.


  • India is an overly congested country due to a lot of migration in cities and the transportation is crowded as well. Launching of such high-speed technology can help the country decongest a lot.
  • It is tough for working professionals to take long vacations due to the time taking travel mediums. Therefore, the launch of such speedy hyperloop pods can benefit the tourism industry in a lot of ways (Calvo-Mora et al.2016).


  • Hyperloop pods are fast; however, not the fastest as bullet trains top the list in that case. Hence, bullet trains can be considered as one of the biggest threats and opposition to the hyperloop pod industry.
  • The increasing level of competition due to the launch of hyperloop pods can make a reduction in air tickets in the future. Since air travelling is common to people therefore a lot of people can put their faith forward towards air travelling (de Castro Pérez, 2019).

PESTLE analysis of Virgin Hyperloop Project

The five factors discussed in this pestle analysis can put both positive and negative impressions on the project of Virgin Hyperloop Pods.

Political factors

India is one of the largest democracies in this world that is operated by federal laws of government. As mentioned by Hafezi et al. (2017), the project of virgin hyperloop hence can be affected by multifaceted political factors. The political environment of India is affected by policies of government, interest, and benefits of different political parties.

Economic environment

India has a stable economy in the world with a GDP of $5.07 trillion and a growth rate of 5%. As per the view of Hansen (2020), according to industrial reform policies in 1991, India has constantly improved in the environment of economics. Therefore, the project of virgin hyperloop pods can reap a lot of benefits from the good economical environment of India.

Social factors

Social factors in this analysis refer to the elements of change that can affect the business environment. India has one of the most aging populations among all the countries in the world. As per the opinion of Leyer et al. (2020), the pension costs, employment of old age workers are in heavy limit in India. These factors can create a lot of problems for the virgin hyperloop project.

Technological factors

With the technology of 3G and 4G India has faced a lot of its technological projects. As suggested by Lewenstein (2020), India has one of the most powerful backgrounds of IT that constantly provides software upgrades, IT developments, etc. Henge virgin hyperloop project can be fruitful for the country with immense skill and backup in IT.

Legal factors

There are a lot of legal implementation has been done in India recently along with recycling, discrimination disability law, and increment in the minimum wage. It has put a lot of positive effects on many businesses in India and it can be beneficial for the project of virgin hyperloop (Kann-Rasmussen and Hvenegaard Rasmussen 2020).

Environmental factors

The quality of air in India is really low and full of pollution hence it causes a lot of health issues and affects industrialization too. As per the view of Maduka et al. (2018), the hyperloop pods are built to operate in low air pressure and the air being dense in India can adversely affect the project.

Porter’s Five Forces analysis

Porter’s five forces in this study are discussed to understand the customer power, rivalry, threat of substitutes, and threat of new entrants and supplier power of the virgin hyperloop project.

  • Rivalry

The project of virgin hyperloop can bring rivalry with the airline industry as the air ticket cost can be reduced in the future. Besides, success of virgin hyperloop projects can create a large number of firms and it can lead to strong rivalry in the market (Magalhães and Proper, 2017).

  • Threat of substitute

Any successful and well-demanded product in the market has its substitutes. Substitutes are not necessarily copies but they have inspired products that can become more popular than the original product (Mittal and Kumar, 2019). If consumers find another better travel mode than virgin hyperloop projects they can easily switch.

  • Buying power

Buyers certainly hold immense power to decide the future of a product however sometimes the company has the power too. As per the view of Neagu (2018), if buyers are powerful they can buy the tickets of hyperloop only if they find it profitable for them. On the other hand, if the buyers are powerless then the virgin hyperloop can take over the distribution and change the price as per their will.

  • Supplier power

Unlike buyers, suppliers have some authority in the business of a company. As per the opinion of Nikitas et al. (2017), the suppliers get more power when three are many customers. On the other hand, if a company has only a few suppliers of their material then the power goes to the supplier’s hand. If the materials of virgin hyperloop projects are being distributed by more suppliers the company can have control over them.

  • Threats of a new entrance

If another company with the same approach or project enters the market that can raise the level of competition for virgin hyperloop. As per the view of Nyarugwe et al. (2018), generally, companies with similar approaches offer even more to the consumers to attract the market towards them. Hence in order to balance the market, the virgin hyperloop needs to launch with several powerful marketing strategies.

Data Modelling

A data model helps to create a conceptual structure at the same time creating a bond between items of data. The conceptual anatomy of the virgin hyperloop project is immensely important for the development process. As mentioned by ÖNEREN et al. (2017), the designing of databases is created based on data modeling that creates conceptual, physical data along with logic. For the development of virgin hyperloop projects, the developers have followed a lot of different data models. Some of the data models have been fruitful for them and spoke on the way were of no benefit at all. Through the application of socio-economic data, infrastructure, data simulation, track run, development test the project has been passed. On the other hand, the data analyst of the virgin hyperloop project has used Koalas data analysis that has developed the project in many ways (SULAR, 2018).

Organizations and Systems

Figure 1: Process of data modelling

(Source: Parida and Fatesingh, 2018)

Koalas’ data analysis has given the developers a chance to change minor codes and speed up the project process. The goal of this study is to collect various data and examine them to start the project of hyperloop. As per the view of Parida and Fatesingh (2018), the initiative of the virgin hyperloop is to move cargo and passengers at a better speed than the airlines. Since the hyperloop pods have a better speed than the normal airplanes the plan seems quite practical to work on. After facing a lot of trouble with Spark Switch the developers have changed it to PySpark that has been helpful in decoding different data that they had preserved for data modelling.

A steady way of Pandas was being followed to create data modelling until they were unsuccessful in their way. As per the opinion of Silva (2019), the efficient and quick way of PySpark was implemented in data examination of the virgin hyperloop project. However, the developers have failed to retrieve data this way. At the end of to process, the data modelling of the virgin hyperloop project Koala’s prompt and efficiency was utilized. Through this data model, the developers have successfully decoded various data that since the data models used earlier have failed to analyze.

Process Modelling

Through process modeling the designing technique and process of business has been described for the virgin hyperloop project. As mentioned by Amelia et al. (2019), the main motive behind using this technique is to understand the procedure of this project. The illustration used in this process of modeling helps to create and connect the comparison between the present and future state of the project. This is related to the trial initials to calculate different possibilities of virgin hyperloop projects. In this process modeling inputs, guiders, output, and enablers are involved to picture vital factors. Individual factors such as facilitating sessions, interviews, bottom-up and top-down workflows have been followed in the virgin hyperloop project (Baxter, 2019). Several skilled employees have been recruited by the project management of virgin hyperloop to succeed. During this project, separate interviews were taken to gather adequate amounts of information from individual interviews.

Organizations and Systems

Figure 2: Process modelling

(Source: Kann-Rasmussen and Hvenegaard Rasmussen, 2020)

Additionally, data was gathered from several group meetings with different people from various parts. As per the view of Calvo-Mora et al. (2016), the company of the project is initiating a test tunnel in India for the hyperloop project. No specific numbers of stations can be built with the route of the tunnels and the statutes have decided to be built small so that it can save construction areas. There can be only one parking space near the domestic communities of the tunnel stations. The virgin hyperloop project is targeting the elite businessmen only in their starting stage therefore the tunnel stations require to be located near the airport, big shopping malls, and expensive complexes (Kann-Rasmussen and Hvenegaard Rasmussen, 2020). The station of loops can be situated near the elevator banks to collect skates and to go to the ground level.


Interviewing is a process of conversation between a potential candidate and the employer to understand the demand needs to be fulfilled on both sides. As per the opinion of Hansen et al. (2020), in this case, the virgin hyperloop project organizer performed an analysis of each factor that can be implemented before starting the virgin hyperloop project. On the basis of that case, the organizer of the project has conducted many interviews with the leaders of political parties, government of India, and elite businessmen. The interviews needed to be conducted to understand the future response of the project in India. This has benefitted the virgin hyperloop project to get an idea of whether the project will be accepted and appreciated in India or not (de Castro Pérez 2019). Interviewing the government of India has helped the project organizer to understand the criteria and demands of the government.

It has helped the project organizer to get a fair idea of limitations and business laws to launch a project in India. As per the view of Magalhães and Proper (2017), the route of India has a lot of bends and the project requires a straight tunnel for the high-speed maintenance of the pods. Hence, the project organizer has faced a lot of problems with finding such a route where the project can be implemented with the criteria to be successful. Virgin hyperloop project requires being under the ground and the project management team is still looking out for a suitable area under the ground. With the increasing amount of pollution, the new generation of India has become much more conscious. Hence, they prefer the transportation that creates less environmental pollution, and thus the project of hyperloop is much appreciated under the ground (Mittal and Kumar, 2019).

The virgin hyperloop is a new technology and it is quite frightening for the civilians of India. The immense amount is equally thrilling and frightening for an individual and comes with a lot of risk alongside the benefits. As mentioned by Neagu (2018), the government of India has pleaded to present the ways of recovery if any damage happens due to introducing this new technology in the country. This has created various genuine problems in the launch of this revolutionary technology in the market of India.


The questionnaire method is a type of survey method that helps in collecting data that is used for various purposes such as solving problems etc. As per the view of Mittal and Kumar (2019), this method includes some questions based on a virgin hyperloop project that helps to gather various data in a short period of time. These data are being assisted to understand the consumer’s criteria, consumer’s mind regarding this virgin hyperloop project. Two types of questionnaire methods are used in the virgin hyperloop project that includes both formal standardized questionnaire and exploratory questionnaire. A formal standardized questionnaire helps to gather the quantitative data of this virgin hyperloop project that means statistical data is gathered by this method (Parida and Fatesingh, 2018). This gives clear data of the project by which the project manager assumes about the development and improvement of virgin hyperloop projects.

The other method helps to gather qualitative data of this virgin hyperloop project that includes those data which are observed. This questionnaire method is done in the early stages of the project development to get a better view of the project possibilities. Apart from this, this exploratory questionnaire method helps to understand various newly invented characteristics of this virgin hyperloop project. As per the view of Silva (2019), the question is asked based on preference over transport varieties. This method is very identical to this virgin hyperloop project that helps in the growth and improvement of the project by collecting data. In addition, this questionnaire method helps to know the demographic information of these virgin hyperloop projects. The questionnaire has been performed on the stakeholders of the company to understand whether the work in progress of the project has been rightly passed or not.

Part 2

Soft Systems – Rich Picture

The traveling process can be conducted in many ways to attract customers by advertising on the social media platform along with it in the daily newspaper. The traveling process was advertised after realizing the craze in public for a particular region. According to MARTÍNEZ-DÍAZ et al. (2018), the Hyperloop was a new concept that can increase the speed of travelling and people can reach any place within a small interval of time. In the initial stage, the concepts were provided to the common people so that they can gain an idea about the Hyperloop, and when the concepts became clear, they will access the services regularly. According to GKOUMAS and TSAKALIDIS (2019), the leaders will play an active role in maintaining the strategic management and provide the training procedures towards the employees so that they can maintain the procedures. As the people started to access transportation suitably, the organization of the Hyperloop will increase the revenues for the organization, and this will help for further growth.

Organizations and Systems

Figure 2: Rich picture

(Source: Created by researcher)

A rich picture diagram has been used in this part of the study to depict the relationship between the customer and the supplier. The diagram sums up the various ways that communications for the project have been established. To communicate and gather the perspectives and opinions of civilians, government, politician’s telephone communication has been used. Calls and times have been properly analyzed and balanced to make the conversations healthy and without and blockage. The information has been gathered through various resources and the lender members have been trained and skilled in various ways. Society and supporters of the virgin hyperloop project have been identified through the concessions.

Workshop Planning

The workshop planning is a process in which an instructor in an organization helps to provide an image towards the learner or the customer. It helps them to get involved in some work and get motivated to solve any problem in a small group which can bring excitement towards them. According to MARTÍNEZ-DÍAZ et al. (2018), in the travel industry, the hyperloop brings a new prospect towards the people and the people were attracted to take the ride after the opening of this loop.


  • To take feedback taken from the first human trial for the project and its associate workers with their helping hands, it gains a new shape.
  • To find the enthusiasm among the workers for preparing a new project


  • All the staff and managers had shown their thrust for suitably building the project work.


  • The human trial for the Virgin Hyperloop was carried out in the US, and the interesting fact was that two staff from the company agreed to provide themselves in the trial period.

An arrangement was made for the project.

  • Hyperloop which was considered as the improved version of the transport systems that seems to arise in this decade. The tube through which the capsule runs was erected in the column, and sometimes it was found running under the ground. According to GKOUMAS and TSAKALIDIS (2019), the whole system was sealed and fully operated by using the automation technique. Along with it, no drivers were needed for the running of this system; no errors will automatically become less.

Techniques used for the planning

  • Low-pressure tubes along with it the entire system was sealed.
  • Carbon fiber
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Vibranium

This type of system was taken into account to increase the speed of the transport system so that the people can reach from one place to another. According to NIKITAS et al. (2020), the objectives that were made for conducting the project became successful, and the excitement among the employees was catching the eyes of their employees.


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