Assignment Sample on Peer and Self Evaluation


  1. Your objective assessment of the overall performance of the group. Consider: the contribution and commitment of members and how this has affected how the group has worked together to make decisions, the distribution of labour and the production of items for assessment. How could the team have been more effective? Comments on improving approaches to team working.

During the course of my assignment, I have found that collaboration and coordination are required for ensuring effective completion of the work. I have found that differences with my tutor are the barriers that can hinder the effective completion of assignments. I have not been able to research or choose the desired topic. This has forced me to have a discussion with my tutor. I have vague idea of the challenges and the problems for developing sustainability. Moreover, the secondary sources have been innumerable so I could not understand the data that can be included and excluded. In this context, I have found that I do not possess the required researching skills. This has made me to communicate with my tutor who has explained me the importance of references and the ways I can enrich my study.  Apart from this, the things that I have learned in the module have further helped me to improve my researching skills with keywords. For example, solar shingles have been a new concept for me. Sustainability strategies like renewable energy and cost effectiveness have helped me to include important things in my assignment. This has helped me to improve my knowledge and gain significant insight about engineering challenges.

My topic has been related to the grand engineering challenge for sustainability whereby we have analysed the problems for determining the solutions. In this context, I have chosen the idea of solar shingles as they are cost-effective and usable for everyone. The product suggested by me has the probability of success since it has found this solution after careful consideration of options available in secondary sources. However, I have been in a dilemma as I could not understand whether the suggested product will help in giving required outcomes. Cimatti (2016) stated that individual conflicts can happen so it requires a great deal of thinking and perception for reaching a consensus. Upon such circumstances, I have researched many journals and articles for finding the required information. This has also required me to gain information from various sources so that the idea can be generated into practicality. After considerable analysis of all the secondary sources through exclusion and inclusion criteria, I have understood that solar shingles are cost-effective and have a practical implementation of ensuring sustainability. This study has helped me to develop effective researching, managing and learning skills so that I can get good feedback from my tutor.

  1. Your own role and contribution within the group is reflected upon. What were your strengths? What could you have improved upon? Comment upon lessons learned and what you will do as an individual to build upon strengths and address areas for development in order to become a more effective, proactive, productive, responsive, and valued member of a team.

During this assessment, I have understood my strengths like effective communication, hard working, patience and critical thinking skills. I could have improved my decision-making and problem-solving skills which could have helped me to overcome my problems that I have initially faced in this assignment. I have not been able to lead and manage my assignment from the earliest. My tutor has not been satisfied with my initial performance and I thought of improving my assignment by including more ideas. I have found it quite difficult in performing the required tasks solely. This has caused a delay in the completion of the work. I have found that this could have been avoided by segregating the tasks or activities in proper time in the initial stages. Van der Haar et al. (2017) stated that a individual can perform well when the individual is aware of the objectives of the tasks and the ways they can be accomplished. If the unrealistic targets are set then the individual can find difficulties in meeting them. This can de-moralise and de-motivate the individual to perform well.

My participation in this activity has helped me to understand the problems that one may encounter while completing a project and the ways they can be mitigated in doing the work properly. Finch et al. (2016) stated that the inclusion and infusion of ideas and skills into the assignment can help in effective completion of the desired work. This activity has helped me to improve my researching skills so that the work can be enriched with the required data and facts. This work has helped me to understand the importance of ethical practices in completing the work. I have found that abiding the ethical practices can help in choosing the idea or the product effectively. Heckman and Corbin (2016) stated that the main areas of development of a productive individual are efficiency, support, delegation, conflict resolution and communication. In this context, I have found that developing these skills can help in improving my performance and getting good grades. Apart from this, during the work, I have found that I need to have patience as it can help in bringing synergy for accomplishing the desired objectives. Overall, it has been a great experience working as it has helped to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. In the future, I would refrain from repeating the mistakes I have committed in this assignment and bring more transparency in my work.


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