Sample on Perception on language learning before MA

1. Perception on language learning before MA

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In the initial stage of learning languages before starting MA I thought that it would be hard for me to learn other secondary languages and I also thought that I’m not good enough at learning new languages. The initial stage was very hard for me to implement in my life because it was totally new for me. Since my childhood I’ve been good at communicating in the secondary language. However, as a foreign student, I comprehended that it was difficult for me to communicate with other students. Thus, it has put me in self doubt as I was not able to communicate with the other students knowing that I am decent at communicating in English. However, I thought to myself that I am not good at learning and understanding English my whole life but it was really surprising for me how quickly I can learn English. I was also surprised by my adaptation capability. Moreover, during my course work I have understood that I have average fluency skills thus it has created problems during communication with other students. Besides doing BA honours from Brindaban Government College I have the perception that my English proficiency is not up to the mark that is required for a foreign student.

As a foreign student it is crucial to have good communication skills because you need to cooperate with various other students during your course work. However, before joining the MA course I had the belief that I need major improvement in my English proficiency not just for communicating but also for understanding the subject that I am studying. In addition to this, while I was doing my BA honours course work I also understood that I need to develop a better understanding of English grammar and also you need to have good vocabulary as well. Furthermore, it is important that how you implement that in your fluency thus, it can enhance your communication skills with other students and in foreign land. As influenced by Belkin, Ma & Mandal (2018), I have determined that fluency plays the most crucial role for communication especially.

2. Challenging beliefs

Universal grammar theory

After doing MA I have analyzed various things about myself. As influenced by Coultas & Booth (2019), I have also comprehended that I can quickly adapt with the various situations and I just need to focus on the English grammar part. However, MA has also helped me in improving my English grammar. Moreover, MA has also helped me to understand that I do not lack in English fluency, if I brush up my English fluency it will help me to have excellent English fluency proficiency. Therefore, it will elevate my communication skills with others. While I was doing my BA honours from the Brindaban Government I had the belief that my English proficiency is excellent. However, during my MA coursework I have understood my drawbacks about my English speaking skills. In addition to this, I have also analyzed where I need to improve myself in order to have an excellent proficiency skill. In this process I have studied various theories and tried to implement that in my daily life. As influenced by Syakur, Fanani & Ahmadi (2020), the theory that I have found most fascinating and appealing is universal grammar theory that I have learned during my course work periods. As inspired by Morrison et al. (2019), after implementing I have learned to develop mental grammar that helped me in acquiring languages. Along with this, this MA course has also helped me in developing good communication skills that can help me in future. Moreover, during this course work I have also

3.Implication on starting position and changing approach

This course work of MA will help me and will guide me in future in various ways. Moreover, this course work has also helped me in developing strong fluency in English and as per my belief it will help me in channelizing my thoughts to others in a foreign country. As influenced by Asgharzada (2019), I have also comprehended that a strong English fluency can elevate my English speaking skills that are required in the workplace. Moreover, when I pursue my career in a teaching profession it will also help me deliver my knowledge to the students I will teach. In addition to this, this coursework has also helped me in creating strong communication skills. As inspired by Bošković Marković (2020), I have understood that communication skills will also help me in channelizing my thoughts and beliefs to others. When I would pursue teaching profession it will guide me to understand my students and also it will help me to understand their thoughts. Therefore, it will help me to create a positive environment for my students and also for me. In addition to this, the universal grammar theory that I have learned and followed in my MA coursework has helped me to develop a strong mental grammar that can help me in acquiring various languages. Moreover,  it also guides me as a teacher to find the capability of my students and therefore it will  help me to provide knowledge to them accordingly. Along with this, it will also help me in analysis where my students need to improve themselves. Therefore, I will be able to guide them and can provide excellent education to them. Apart from this, communication skills that I have learned in my coursework will help me in finding solutions in a challenging situation. Furthermore, it will help me in creating more relationships in my workplace that can further help me in understanding the vision and mission of the company I will work for in future. As influenced by Ghanizadeh & Jahedizadeh (2017), I have learned that communication is important for every person in transferring their own thoughts to others. Along with this, communication skill also helps in understanding thoughts of others. Therefore, it helps in creating a positive environment among people. Furthermore, when I work as a teacher it will also help me to create effective communication with my students; therefore, I will be able to deliver quality knowledge to them.

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