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Personal Effectiveness is a term that is used to indicate a particular section of self-made success. Individual development, set goals, making your way to walk are related work that helps to identify Personal Effectiveness.

The whole concept of Personal Effectiveness directly elaborates on positivity in life, ethics, morals, a principle that is very much neglected. The working procedure is hard to identify as it is dominated by human psychology and monitoring it is very difficult.

Personal Effectiveness helps to utilize the time duration and also the resources as it enhances proper knowledge about each part of the enterprise. The fact is directly related to workplace development because in an organization proper exploiting time and resources have been highly recommended.

Using the personal experience and learning ability to increment the Personal Effectiveness in an organization that also helps to increase the skill development ability of the individuals.

Personal Effectiveness has encouraged individuals to develop several skills that have counted as skill development like learning driving, preparing presentations with one’s own experience, taking part actively in critical tasks, and other efficiency.

Personal Effectiveness has helped many people to be successful in life and depending on it the stairs seem to be easier. Sundar Pichai is an icon in the field of Personal Effectiveness and success is based on self-recognition, self-analysis, and self-development.

The business development strategies, skills, behavior of Sundar Pichai have been discussed in the assignment along with the implementation of such strategies in self-organization also covered in the assignment. In the current situation, many other influencers are also introduced and the development skills are also mentioned here.

2.Case study review

2.1. Skill and behavior of Sundar Pichai:

Sundar Pichai is a business icon in the present era for his exclusive skills and extraordinary behavior.

Being a part of the Google platform, it is necessary to be creative in thoughts as every 1 in 4 people is Google’s user. Sundar Pichai is a person who has great knowledge which helps in leading and working with commoners.

Communication:  Early years of their career Sundar Pichai was timid by nature but with time shyness to connect with people faded. Running any organization communication is very much important because by this fact the whole organization is connected.

Without proper communication in an organization, the faults of the individual departments and sections can not be traced out. Sundar Pichai uses this tactic of developing the communication method in the organization to run it successfully.

Affiliative leadership: leadership refers to the dominating nature of the leader over the group or the team members or the employees. The conventional concept of leadership is to rule and it is successful in many cases.

But Sunder Pichai did not believe in this type of rude behavior. Sundar Pichai launched an exclusive method of leadership named Affiliative leadership which has a concept of “people comes first”.

Wachira et al. (2018) said that the manner of this leadership is to be more collaborative with the team members for this the employees get a more positive work environment to develop.

The fact provides positive feedback from the employees of the organizations as there is an equal chance to everyone to enhance individuals. Every theory has some cones; this theory also follows the same. For this liberal behavior often the employees are not perfectly efficient to face complex challenges.


Figure 1: Affiliative leaders

(Source: Wachira et al. 2018)

Team player: According to Sundar Pichai the role of a leader in an organization is not ruling over the workers but smoothen the path and exclude the barriers. Self-development and a collaborative environment are very important to get success in an organization.

The initial building process in any organization is highly recommended exclusive teamwork (Fidan and Balcı, 2017).http://PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE It is, for this reason, every organization should focus on teamwork for the betterment of self-development as well as the organizations.

Cockroach Theory:  The famous Cockroach Theory of Sundar Pichai has set a particular concept of tackling the organization. The problem of every organization is the anxiety of failure working continuously in the mind.

Sundar Pichai explains or even identifies the concept through the incident of cockroaches (Garvey and Maskal, 2020).http://PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE In an incident, Pichai assesses that a single cockroach can spread anxiety and also found that the reactions are not the same. The same situation hits the sufferers differently and the reactions are also different.

The scope of different reactions has appeared for the different self-development methods. For this reason, the Cockroach created an exhausting situation among the ladies and the waiter was quite calm in the same situation.

Sundar Pichai introduced a concept to the society that the exhausting, unhealthy, frustrated, depressing, unwanted, painful situation occurs in everyone’s life but in this environment, every individual must remain calm, thoughtful, innovative, motivated then only it is possible to take the organization in the path of growth. These concepts are very important for the prosperity of every organization.



Figure 2: Cockroach Theory

(Source: Garvey and Maskal, 2020)

2.2. Positive elements of Pichai’s theory:

Personal Effectiveness is very much difficult without proper positivity in individual development. In the grooming procedure, the positivity spreads a positive environment in which the youth will get motivation.

Provide positivity and motivation: Pichai keeps the oration always inspiring and motivated so that the youth can do the work enthusiastically.

The oration of the inspiring icons has covered such motivating phrases that are beneficial for the industrial environment. These kinds of speeches spread positivity among the team members and the workers.

Transformational Working Process: The framework of the organization can take out the work from a comfortable environment, set proper goals for the employees, and give importance to the duty.

Choi, et al. (2017) mentioned that communication activeness in an organization has smoothened the relationship between the leaders and the workers. Pichai delivers that people are in the first place and with the concern of the people and the betterment of the workers and the employee several strategies have been included in the organization.

Simplicity: The large-sized organization has suffered such a situation when it became caddish and abusive towards the workers. Pichai’s organization has maintained simplicity and humbleness throughout its working process that is worked as a key feature of the organization.

The humble kind of nature of the leaders in the organization helps to enhance the skill of the employees and gives spaces to the employees to run the individual ideas. The behavior of leaders in an organization directly influences the innovativeness of the employees. For instance, if a leader is rude and dominating the employees could not incorporate one’s ideas.

2.3. Negative elements of Pichai’s theory:

Sundar Pichai’s theory also creating some negativity in the personal development process as well though the rate of negativity is very less in comparison to its effectiveness.

In recent times negativity is spread in every section of society which affects individual growth.

Less attention to the individual: Affiliative leadership works in a group for that the working force is always very high. Teamwork always provides a good result in an organization and the rate of mistakes is very low which is good for the organization.

Fabio and Caprì, (2017) said that the team working process also carried several disadvantages such as it could not stress individual efficiency. That’s why the employees are not able to attend to any project work individually.

Struggle with complex projects: The working process under Affiliative leadership takes only positive feedback to show the employees to boost up the energy but never shows negative responses.

As a result of it, the employees in crucial projects are not able to show the performance properly.

Overlook uneasy situations: Sometimes the leader keeps avoiding uneasy situations to be comfortable.

Continuous overlooking the responsibilities of guiding employees has created a crisis in the organization.

 The crisis created by reveling bad news: Applying Affiliative leadership the leaders try to hide the negativity of the organization but by any chance of the news get revealed the organization face many issues.

The other organizations start digging to reveal the other news of the suffering organization to create pressure and try to erase the organization from the competition list (Vives, X., 2019).http://PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE

2.4. Extensive reference

From the above points, it is clear that Sundar Pichai’s theories and strategies are very much effective to run an organization smoothly if it is implemented. According to Sundar Pichai applying Cockroach theory in every organization is very much important to take the organization on the path to success.

This theory describes haphazard situations which sometimes happen in every situation. At that time it is claver to handle the situation with calmness and make some perfect decisions for the growth of the organization.

Failure is the main anxiety problem in every organization and it occurred for various reasons like worst performance by employees, without the proper guidance of the management, and so on. This failure can be defeated by using the cockroach theory.

As a simple cockroach had the power of creating a messed up situation thas a small wrong step has the power of messing up the whole organization in a couple of minutes. If in this situation the management keeps calm and makes some correct decisions then the company can put its leg on the stairs of success.

The other theory is the Affiliative leadership theory. This theory is all about collaboration with the employees. According to Sundar Pichai, the ruling group has such power to rule but it is not necessary to be rude with the employees. By showing humble behavior it is possible to rule a company.

According to Wachira et al. (2018), if Affiliative leadership is applied in such organizations, it will be beneficial for the organization because behavior is the main identity of every person and a person with humble and down-to-earth behavior will be accepted everywhere.

This matter of behavior applies to everyone in any organization. If the leader behaves rudely with the workers the workers will not accept the leader as well as if the workers are behaving rudely with the leader this matter also not be acceptable.

Sunder Pichai always believed in teamwork. Teamwork is always the beat of any organization. If this method applies in business the quality of the work increases because of the unity. For teamwork, the project is creative and it will have the power of eye-catching. Last but not least communication is also a major theory that can be applied in the organization.

Sundar Pichai was a shy person in his early life but day by day he overcame the shyness. To run an organization someone needs to overcome shyness because without perfect communication there is no organization. Communicating with co-workers in every matter is a good sign of growth.

The above strategies should be implemented in an organization to make a remarkable growth of any organization. Organizations should allocate the work among the employees based on the efficiency of every employee. Without perfect work efficiency, the projects will not get the success which they desire.

Efficient workers always get the first preference from all companies and always take the first place. Self-development or personal effectiveness are the major factors of development. Without Self-development, the business cannot meet the expected goal.


3.Reflective statement

3.1. Assess about self-development:

Personal effectiveness comes with many traits I choose some traits to develop my competitive job market such as;

Self-confidence: Self-confidence comes from knowing every step which is taken and becoming more aware of self-development and the consequences which can be brought about for the follies. Keeping trust in oneself is the key to increasing self-confidence.

Confidence depends on how a person talks, walks, dressing style, and physical appearance also. Garaika et al. (2019) said that in the process of building self-confidence, the most needed thing is the capability of what can be done, and understanding myself and thinking about positive things can change the matter.

Also, believe in the actions which are made are the correct steps to achieve the desired success.

Determination: Give the whole concentration in one this is called determination and having this attitude in personality makes a huge difference. This determination helps in achieving the goals and succeeding further.

According to Goodboy et al. (2020), people with great determination did not divert the mind in other sections. That’s why achieving success has become quite easy. Developing determination by self-decline is more helpful.

Optimism: Optimism is the best trait of personal effectiveness. Seeing the bright side or the good side of any matter is better than the other side. Believing that every matter has a bright side makes a person more workable and it makes the feeling that hard work is the key to success. Optimism helps in understanding the responsibilities which helps to make the future better (Lu et al. 2018).http://PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE

Self-motivation: Personally, effective people don’t need outsiders to motivate, the people are enough to become motivated. If I could be motivated by myself it would be the best thing that had ever happened because being pushed from my side to me is easier than the other person.

Understanding what is motivating me is the most important thing and after that, I will be able to push myself from my comfort zone. It is not too easy to develop personal efficiency. It needs strong commitment and willpower to maintain the schedule but if it can be done it will be worth every hardship which is faced (Tokarz and Malinowska, 2019).http://PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE

The above points are very much effective to increase self-development other than that there are some points also like maintaining stress, persistence, problem solving, time management, planning, and creativity.

I will include all the points to develop the competitive job market and will try to enhance the points further.

Figure 3: Assess self-development

(Source:Tokarz and Malinowska, 2019)

3.2. Adopting strategies:375

Personal development is something which can be developed by keeping training and education. Further, I will explain some points working on which personal effectiveness can be developed.

Communication: Communication refers to the ability of speaking, writing and listening to someone also. Perfect communication skills help in understanding the fact that others try to convey and listen to someone peacefully and it also helps to spread a person.

According to Müllera et al. (2018), a person with good communication skills speaks properly and with confidence using a positive tone.

Problem-solving: Problem-solving is also an important trait of self-development. Peranginangin et al. (2019) said that if any person has the capacity of handling any crucial moment or any challenging situation it makes a huge difference because this skill helps the person to stay positive and calm in critical moments. In the future, this calmness will help in making a perfect solution for the problem.

Adaptability: The skill of adjusting in any situation or place is called adaptability. A person with this adaptability power can enrich the skill of connecting with others because the person feels comfortable in any situation and is also able to make others comfortable and with this skill, it is easy to handle any surprising situation.

Integrity: Peoples with honesty are acceptable in every section of society. The people are trustable because of the honesty they follow.

Mills and Boardley, (2017) said that with integrity can be made the standard decision. For the skill of integrity can lead a reputed life and get the opportunities of advancement.

Adopting the strategy of communication can help me in business to communicate with the co-workers and will help to express the ideas and thoughts and also help to listen peacefully to the words of others. I will adopt problem-solving skills in my future business.

This skill will help me to become stronger to make a perfect decision in critical conditions and help in keeping myself calm if there are any unwanted situations. The nature of integrity is the best thing to build a business. Without honesty, no one will be allowed to enter an organization so that there will not be the presence of corruption or dishonesty.

Adaptability is such a skill that helps in adjusting to any situation. I will apply this strategy in my future business so that the co-workers can feel free to adopt all types of knowledge and always ready for every challenge which stands in front of them.

3.3. Current faults of personal effectiveness:

The research method of Personal Effectiveness frequently has such faults that have to be overcome immediately. The business process that has been running in my organization is a collaboration of various influencers oratory.

In the process of adaptation to the business strategies, various faults have been detected which should be excluded from my self-development strategies. According to Misra and Srivastava, (2018) my business strategies are influenced by the Personal Effectiveness examples as depending on it and input innovative changes in it many entrepreneurs faced success.

Unawareness in the process of signifying the strategy: The researchers of the organization variously wrote in the report mentioning that the poverty in skill among the employees, mismatches in experience, diversity in basic concepts.

Yang et al. (2017) mentioned that this fact has occurred because of negligence in the appointment criteria list and that situation has created a crisis in the organization.

In order to appoint the employees first analyze the stranded skill according to the requirements and then include workers following the needs. In my organization, I shall create such infrastructure that firstly analyzes the requirements and then appoints employees according to their skills.

Introducing targets to increase the ability: Various organizations have failed to determine the perfect goal or target for every employee according to their experience and skills. Sometimes it is above the scale and sometimes below the scale and this fluctuation is not good for the organization (Ulandari et al. 2019).http://PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE In order to stabilize the fickleness in my organization, I shall implement such strategies that help to provide a smooth way for the organization.

It is the main issue of any kind of organization and if I can improve this situation the employees of my organization can work enthusiastically. According to the experience of the employees, I shall set the goal for the workers and utilize their workforce intelligently.

Determine skill gaps: The main problem is that it is very difficult to identify the faults for that organization that has faced such losses. In order to solve this kind of problem one strategy is important, that is to follow the trend method.

This section also came into the hole or gape list because many organizations have followed the orthodox methods if or not it is beneficial (Bozer and Jones, 2018).http://PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS ASSIGNMENT SAMPLE For that reason, I should follow the trading methods of my competitors, actively adopt them and innovate them according to my need.

Personal Effectiveness is all about accepting strategy and innovatively utilized it according to personal requirements.


Figure 4: current faults of personal effectiveness

(Source:Ulandari et al. 2019)

3.4. Concept applies for further research:

Sundar Pichai’s Self-Development Methods: The concepts that Sundar Pichai has included as business strategies for getting success in the competitive world are highly significant. The exclusive methods are simplicity, Cockroach Theory, Affiliative Leadership, communication, teamwork, and so on.

According to Waluya and Mariani, (2018) all over the world, the effectiveness of these strategies has been found and it is very good for entrepreneurs because monitoring the efficiency of most successful methods can be included in self-development.

In the future, the application of Affiliative Leadership in my organization has been the smartest move as it will increase the friendly environment in the organization. Affiliative Leadership brings the concept of people coming first in the organization so that employees feel secure and also they input all the efforts to the organization. The fact of individual involvement in productivity and work is undoubtedly important for the growth of organizations.

Positive Environment: A healthy environment for work so important for the employees and the organizational activities. A healthy environment can be maintained if only positivity is there.

Sangperm and Jermsittiparsert, (2019) stated that the processes of the organization have ups and downs, success and failure, exhausted and smooth way, growth and disaster so it is very important that in every situation a kind of positivity must be present.

Positivity provides the capacity to the employees to overcome the crisis and get over it that is very much important in an organization. The positivity is provided by the leaders, managers, supervisors, in the organization, and also by the higher authority. In the future, I shall create an internal structure that will create a positive space for my employees and provide such an environment that helps to express individual personality.

Legal Stability: In the future, all organizations will establish a secure judicial system that takes care of the legal side of the organization.

Kachur et al.  (2020) said that a strong judicial authority has the power to solve the crisis of the organization and a powerful high assembly also helps to solve any critical issue.
My organization will be a collaboration of a strong higher authorized system and a powerful judicial system that can estimate and solve any critical problems.

Other applications of concepts and methods in the future are Simplicity, teamwork, giving importance to every employee, increasing self-confidence, determination, optimism, examining the gap in the organization for benefit.




The impact of Personal Effectiveness has indicated self-made success and the development of recognizing different perspectives of one situation. Regarding individual development, one has adopted several skills, training, increased ability of group work, enhanced communication power, sociable personality, calmness, stability to make discussions and other things.

The maintained abilities have been discussed in the assignment and the consequences are also analyzed keenly. Many influencers have introduced a variety of ideas to run the business efficiently.

The proper development of Personal Effectiveness has created a person and influencers who have much power to motivate others. An aware person has the power to control an organization, define and solve current critical situations and also can estimate upcoming dangers.

The power of connecting the audience with the speech is an extraordinary ability that is only seen in an influencer. The knowledge, ability, experience, motivation provided by influencers mainly help entrepreneurs and newcomers in the competitive market.

Influencers like Sundar Pichai are a perfect example who spread positivity among the common people. The whole assignment has provided an overall view of the positive and negative circumstances of Personal Effectiveness.

The whole circle of every influencer is very wide so that a large number of pupils get infected or even say influenced. In India, there are many influencers and that huge number has influenced many people. The concept of Personal Effectiveness is there from the beginning of society till the present environment and it will continue in the future time and be modified with time.


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