Assignment Sample on PLIMS Personal Development Plan


A personal development plan is prepared by a learner to further hone learning skills and excel in University (Grit, et al., 2019). I will prepare such a plan based on issues associated with a particular event during my PMILSC module.

Event description:

The event has occurred during the middle of the PMILSC module which is focused on interactive learning skills and communication for PG study. In week 3 of the module, our lecturer talked about the aspects and significance of academic listening. For me, it is a totally new concept and also I am still not effective at academic listening. The event especially is about my lack of understanding in this area even though I tried to follow up with few classmates, it did not benefit me. On the other hand, it felt anxious about its outcome.

Problem areas:

During the particular segment, the processor mentioned academic listening consists of crucial listening ability, oral communication and academic learning skills. But, my issues or problem areas are lack of ability to evaluate information while listening, inability to organise information during a class as I could not capture the relationships between ideas and concepts that are being presented and also I could not predict information. Due to such a problem area, I am still struggling to be a better student. In addition to that, I learned that once I become better at academic listening, I will be able to take effective notes in an academic context and can follow the process to create and deliver an effective presentation.

Action plan:

An action plan refers to a detailed plan that covers actions needed to reach one or more goals (Wain, 2017).

Areas need to be developed Strategies/actions needed to be taken Resources required Current stage

(1-very bad and 5 very good)

Time required
Listening ability Firstly, I will enlist myself in group discussions where I will have to listen to what others are saying carefully in order to reply back.

Secondly, I will take free courses online to further hone my skills in this area.

Thirdly, I will re-read and  go through every detail of the assignments

Group discussions,

Online learning portals and class notes

2 2 months
Quickly write down effective information while listening Firstly, I need to start making notes while listening to lectures or taking feedbacks

Secondly, I should read more articles and blogs to further include tactics in my daily routine

Blogs, journal articles 2 2 months


In this personal development plan, I have identified my problem areas and based on that I have also prepared an action plan where I have mentioned what actions need to be taken.


Grit, R., Guit, R. & Van der Sijde, N., 2019. Managing your competencies: personal development plan. 01 ed. London : Routledge.

Wain, A., 2017. Learning through reflection. British Journal of Midwifery, 25(10), pp. 662-666.

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