Positive Leader

Positive Leader


The term ‘leadership’ can be described as the process that practical skill about the capability of a person or association to “lead” or support other individuals, groups, or the complete company.

A leader must have the following characteristics such as able to lead others, efficient enough to manage all organizational operations, can able to perform all managerial tasks, communicate or discuss with others before talking any crucial decisions with everyone, enthusiastic and set realistic goals so that employees can easily be able to accomplish it without any hassle.

The present study deals with the characteristics of positive leadership, skills that are required in order top convince the management of Walmart and the techniques that are required in order to intensify the employee performance.

Walmart is one of the most renowned retail organisations that operate a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discount departmental stores. Total revenue of the company is around 587.94 GBP.

Moreover, there are 2.3 billion employees within the organisation (Walmart, 2019).

Characteristics of positive leadership

‘Leadership’ is one of the most essential segments or the part behind a successful business.

It can be described as the relationship in which a leader or a motivator motivates their followers in order to work together and accomplish the business objectives (Antonakis and Day, 2017).

Some fundamental components that are interrelated with the positive leadership incorporate such as establishing a clear vision for the employees, sharing the visualization with others so that the workers can easily be able to accomplish it, provide proper data, techniques in order to understand organisational vision properly, managing and harmonizing the differing interests of all the members and the stakeholders (Macdonald et al., 2018).

Apart from that, there are various characteristics of a positive leadership are discussed below:

  • A leader must be confident enough to present something in front of everyone.
  • Motivate or inspire others
  • Provide assurance and enthusiastic
  • A good communicator
  • Good decision-making capacities
  • Take responsibility
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Creative mind and innovative thinking capacity
  • Understand the basic problems of the employees that they may encounter at the time of dealing with the workers

Describe the skills that are required to convince the management

The present study deals with the one of the most renowned organisations in the UK, Walmart. Retail skills or capabilities refers to the communicating with the consumers, selling product, clear all the doubts that are encountered by the consumers at the time of dealing the products, provide discount offers in order to grab the attention of the consumers and others (Priest and Gass, 2017).

Here is the list of skills that are required in order to convince the management of the company Walmart are discussed below:

  • Attention to detail: In the case of retail employees a leader needs to concentrate on each topic in a comprehensive manner, and check whether the consumer gets the exact change or goods at the time of buying a product, whether the product that is delivered by the company to the customer is faulty or not etc. There are some other set of skills or tasks that are required by the leader and associated with Walmart are inventory management, customer support, optical merchandising and others.
  • Business awareness: It can be described as the process regarding how an organisation operates their business in order to enhance the overall business performance. In the case of Walmart, the leaders must have a comprehensive knowledge regarding the products and their price offered by the company; minimize the product costs and others. Apart from that, there are some other skills that are present inside a leader to enhance the business awareness include management of internal operations, prevention of loss, trend awareness, ordering procedure and others. Leaders of Walmart have these characteristics which help them to convince the management.

Discuss the techniques that are required to improve the employee performance

Employees are one of the most crucial as well as essential components of a business firm.

If the company is able to provide proper support, training and guidance to the employees then it will help the organisation to develop overall business performance.

It is the responsibility of the leaders of the organisation to motivate their employees at every stage to perform the entire task correctly (Blanch et al., 2016).

  • Provide proper training to the employees: Without proper training employees are not be able to understand the basic work functions. Through proper training employees are easily be able to understand and obtain necessary training regarding their job. A proper training program always helps the employees to build up their skills, improve the interpersonal skills and others. A well-constructed development program allows all staffs or workers to a top level so that they also have analogous knowledge and abilities.
  • Describe the goals and objectives of the company and track performance record of the employees: If the leader of the company is able to understand the goals and objectives of the company then it will help to develop the entire business performances. Without a proper organisational aims and objectives, employees are not able to understand work functions, business operations and others (Western, 2019). It is the responsibility of the leaders of Walmart to provide online sessions and induction events or program for the new joiners and track daily based records of them in order to check their progress.


There are various characteristics of a good leader are honesty and integrity, able to inspire or motivate others, must be a good communicator, delegation and empowerment, creative as well as innovative mind, good problem solving and decision making ability.

Moreover, a proper work culture help Walmart to enhance their profit margin, enhance the efficiency, secure better market presence, provide best-in-class consumer support and others.

Apart from that, there are various un-environment friendly operations are performed by the company which affects the business growth.

The present study deals with importance of leadership and different operations that are followed by the leaders of the company to enhance the performance of the workers.



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