Project Initiation

Project Report Project Initiation, Planning and Execution


The main purpose of this report is to develop a progress report for the Kelly & Jeff in which work breakdown structure and an effective plan or schedule will be revised for determining the level of progress in completion of the project.

In other words, Kelly & Jeff want to shift their family from current place i.e., Sunshine Coast, Qld to other place i.e., Perth for which they required to shift to a rental 4-bedroom suburban house because they were earlier living in two-bedroom rental apartment in Maroochydore.

The family wants to shift from one place to other place i.e., between 20th January 2019 to 27th January 2019. In simple words, this project develops an estimation of the cost of transportation from one place to the other place.

This project contains a proper Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for representing tasks or activities that need to be completed with each phase on time.

For successful completion of project, proper milestone plan and task lists are prepared for avoiding any kind of any impact or challenges which affect the project adversely.

This progress report will provide detail project status related to delays, slip and completion, etc of any tasks or activities which are to be undertaken. Moreover, this report will critically provide the implication for the changes which are made in required resources in order to complete the project on time.

This report will also provide complete details related to any adjustments which are made to the schedule of project and describing the reason behind those adjustments.

In this report, proper personal reflection will also be provided for the project process which will define the issues and challenges and opportunity faced by me as a project manager respectively.

Project Status

The project status found to be effectively moving forward towards the successful completion of the project. The current project status is that 40% of the project work is completed and remaining 60% project is work-in-progress.

While determining the project status, it is identified that Phase 1 is completed by the project team in which inventory record folder is created and developing moving plan method respectively.

This completion of first phase reflects the project on-going speed in which assigned tasks are getting timely completed which are undertaken for that phase.

The other second phase is somewhere missed by the responsible person i.e., Kelly and that affected the family tasks list and budget too. The reason behind missing of task found that Kelly faced problem in estimation of the budget which results into the delay in the project as well as inefficiency of the project.

But at the same time, it is determined as an issue in the progress of the project because it is related to the utilization of budget which is getting affecting to a large extent.

However, the project status is that responsible person is performing her given tasks in an efficient manner but somewhere facing problem in scheduling their work responsibilities with the schedule & planned time.

On the other hand, it is also identified that planning for shifting is completed which states that two months project work related to planning or scheduling is done efficiently on time.

On the other hand, it is determined that schedule for disconnection of utilities from old place is delayed by more 2 days as per set time which is 10 days and that is leading to increase in the project completion time.

This increase in time and missing out an activity are factors that reflecting the status of project to a large extent. On the other side, for school admission of children, Kelly for responsible but somewhere she was somewhere busy in shifting and estimation cost of transportation.

However, this situation leads to the school admission of the children and that impacting indirectly on the project to shift from old place to new place. Thus, these stated reason and factor reflects the progress status for the project respectively.

Implication of any changes

For completing a project, it is very important for project manager as well as for the client to bring changes as per the requirements and impact of the internal and external environment.

During the project process, there were some implications of changes that are made on the required resources such as cost of equipment got raised because of increase in the number of equipments required to shift from one place to other place.

The additional equipment required with existing equipment shifting is a big change to the resources which influencing the completion of the project. At the same time, the other implication made related to the project is controlling the project progress and increase in time duration by using deciding a final date to shift from one to other place respectively.

In this, Kelly & Jeff decided to help each other because there was a situation in the complete task where Jeff took the help for completing task list.

In concern to it, the other implications changes made to the resource is that for school admission of the children, all documentation work has to be done within 30 days.

this situation, the changes made by project manager and Kelly and Jeff that for reducing the time duration, the documentation work related to getting copy and scheduling transfer of admission will be done within 20 days only in order to avoid loss to the study of the children.

On the other hand, the change made to the resources is that transportation cost of furniture and car and dog for that movers and packer are involved who are capable in moving from old place to new one.

In this, movers and packers are considered as physical resources which help the Kelly and Jeff in packing and transporting heir all assets safely to their new location.

However, all implication changes in the project are useful and helpful for the client and project manager in controlling and managing all the tasks and activities efficiently.

Details for all adjustments

After some implication of changes, it is determined that there were some adjustments made in the time and cost duration of the project which influences the success of the project and timely shifting of the family from old place to a new place respectively.

The cost of the project which is estimated for the transportation also got changed to a large extent because earlier transportation cost for each asset was different but after changes, cost of the transportation is quite less than previous one.

This brought the adjustment to the schedule of the project which got changed in terms of cost and time such as schedule of transferring the documents and getting copied of it got changed.

Now, Kelly have to complete that work activity of school admission of children as per new schedule time so that they can shift and make their children go to school early without any delay as they will get admit to new school in midsession.

In addition, I also made adjustment in the responsibilities of the Kelly and Jeff in form of complementary scheduled structure so that they can comfortably manage their responsibility without getting hyper or difficulty.

On the other hand, there were several other things which are also required to be managed timely by the family so that any mis-happening can be avoided.

The stated implications changes and adjustment to the responsibility would help the family in completing their work responsibility within time period so that any risk related to shifting get reduce to an extent.

Personal Reflection

While analyzing the project progress, my personal reflection clearly states my learning and experience which I developed in form of skill and capability during the on-going process of the project.

Through project progress report, I learned that project is moving as per plan and schedule manner and that is positive signal for the project team and also for the family (client).

During the evaluation of progress of the project, I found that there were some issues which are affecting or influencing the project in adverse manner and in order to avoid that some adjustments were made by me as a project manager.

According to me, adjustments that are made helped me in enhancing my problem solving skill which will help me in my future professional career too.

After analyzing progress report of the project, I also realized that for completing any scheduled task, some changes or adjustments in the resources are immediately done and that is important for the project success.

In concern to that, I have also identified that when there are any adjustments or changes made in the project and also in availability of resources then I realized that budget of project also get affected from it.

As a project manager, it was a challenge for me to reset a budget for the family and get approval for it. Simply, I would suggest that a project manger should focus on completing each task with full concentration so that performance & productivity get increased to some extent.


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Revised Milestone Plan

S. No. MilestoneTimeProject status 
1.Planning for shifting2 monthsCompleted
2.Changing the school of children20 daysWork-in-progress
3.Plan to vacate the current property6 monthsPending
4.Change the Job of Kelly3 monthsPending

Revised task list

S. No.Tasks ResponsibilitiesTask status
1.Planning to move the familyJeffCompleted
2.Cost estimation and budgetKellyMissed
3.Furniture shiftingJeffWork-in-progress
4.PackagingKelly & JeffPending
5.Vacate the current propertyKelly & JeffPending
5.Vehicle TransportJeffPending
6.School Admission of ChildrenKellyWork-in-progress

Revised Gantt Chart

In this revised Gantt chart, it is clearly stated that first two week of the project got completed (highlighted in grey color) and in that third milestone or outcome of second week got missed i.e., match of payment receipt which affect in a negative manner to the project completion. At the same time, that missed milestone is highlighted into orange color which will be started in coming week successfully. On the other hand, other milestones are going to be done or manage by the family in future coming weeks.

Milestones and outcomeWeek 1 Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7
Prepare records of Furniture, Books, Kitchen products, etc.
Transportation vehicles
Match the payment receipt
Vehicles selection for dog and cars
Prepare transfer schedule as per admission of children in school
Make copies of documents
Boxes, tape, stuffing, markers, etc.
Prepare a list of repairs
Handle payment slips
Develop a financial budget
Due to traveling very far


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