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Project Management BN205 ASSIGNMENT

Executive Summary

This report details key factors and findings in relation to our project, contracted by JyotiVIC in regard to their new software integration. This report delves into the following aspects of the project. Project scheduling, in total taking X amount of days, Project budgeting, projected to cost $X, project quality planning, where we conclude that the project lead will oversee all aspects of the project to ensure for a high standard of quality,

Leading and managing Project team, where we discuss how the project lead will ensure a strong and positive team to work on the project, and Project communications where we look at a detailed plan on how we desire to communicate with you, the stakeholders, and how the project leads will talk to staff, and how the staff will communicate with one-another and their superiors.


The following report will discuss various aspects of the project presented to us by JyotiVIC, where we have been hired to integrate their new system to replace the current one. This report takes a look into our project scheduling, including a breakdown of every task and an approximation of how many working days are required.

Going onto look at our budgeting, this includes software costs, consulting costs and employee wage cost, before we delve into project quality planning where we go into detail on how the project leads will ensure for the highest quality of work from our staff and the new system. This leads onto our next topic, Leading and managing project team.

This section will discuss how we plan to lead our team to our desired result and quality, before ending on Project communication where we have devised a plan in order to ensure proper communication between project manager and JyotiVIC stakeholders, employee to manager communication, and employee to employee communication.

Project Scheduling

Project Budgeting

Project Quality Planning

Leading and Managing Project Team

The project is based on the evaluation of change in a software solution for Jyoti VIC which has been progressed under controlled resources and time. The project team members are guided for evaluating the loopholes of the previously installed system which assists them to rectify the improvement in the modified version. Proper transformational leadership qualities have required to be adapted for managing the change justification concerning the business process[1].

The demands, needs, and perspective of the staff have also been provided importance for executing the goal of the project. The drawback of the traditional system is communicated between the team members and the adaptation of the required strategy is justified with the decision making the ability of the business.

The team members for the particular projects are controlled through applying the principles of Servant Leadership Management Style which have mainly focused on the training, coaching or mentoring the members to execute the particular goal. Strong interpersonal skills are required to be applied and proficiency in all the business processes must be maintained.

Supporting the employees for completing any particular job help in raising the morale of the members to accomplish the work within the given time[2]. The productivity from the highly professional team also supports the improved performance of employees which assists them to install the software and run it via first checking.

Maintaining regular communication with project manager also assist them to provide attention in all the crucial field of business by promoting bonding, collaboration, and trust.

The allocation of the work has also processed according to the skillset of employees which provides an opportunity for employees to be proficient with their regular work process. The deadline for the jobs is also maintained which has provided assistance in the field of time management for completing the project within schedule.

Project Communications

As stated earlier, communication between departments has been increased for demonstrating their respective work in progress for the accumulation of the required information in the field of the particular topic. The software solutions have been indicated as old and traditional which consists of diversified issues that are to be required by the involvement of two project members[1].

As they have tested or evaluated the software, the configuration and the properties of software are also prioritized which has inclined the professionals to install the solution based on its effectiveness.

As the project team comprises three members, all of them are involved with the project stages. The particular project has also followed the principles of the waterfall project management framework which indicates the completion of project stages after completion of the prior one.

The installation of the new software is expected to simplify the regular work process of employees which is to be communicated regularly. Approval of the new software solution design is also included under the communication principles of the project.

The checking of the regular work in progress also provides the team members to focus on every aspect of the project. The user experience and alignment with the skills and expertise of the employees or project team members are also required to be communicated for accomplishing project goals[2].

Moreover, reporting the regular jobs to the project manager provides an opportunity for the individual for maintaining the planning of the rest of the project.

The communication in projects is boosted through strong and active listening skills, writing skills, the ability for speaking and interacting or clarifying any particular topic. The conflicts related to applying the software solution are also removed by focusing on different communication aspects under the project execution.


This report has gone into several topics of communication in regard to JyotiVICs new software integration. Where we have touched upon project scheduling, where we take a look at the duration of the project. Project budgeting, delving into our projected costs.

Project quality planning, where we plan how we desire to achieve exceptional quality. Then taking a look at how we will ensure a positive and strong strategy to lead and manage our team, and ending on project communications where we look at what we propose to be the optimal way to communicate to one-another during the duration of this project.


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