BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership across the Organisation

BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership across the Organisation

Activity 1


Fast Track Couriers is a courier firm that delivers the medium to large size packages across the Sydney. This company is operating their business factions in an effective manner and the operating these activities from New South Wales for the last 15 years.

Objectives- The main objective of the firm is to increase the net profit by implementing change management. In this change, the organization will implement PDA or GPS usages on the truck fleet as well as it will implement the use of automatic lift gates as one person per truck.

·       Having a strong financial position of the company

·       Developing the skills of employees

·       Coving the market through effectively use the resources

·       Recognizing outstanding performance

·       Promote the employees by providing them with learning and personal development opportunities


Use the PDA’s according to the business requirements

Ensure the connectivity of GPS is right

Each staff member should get the training opportunity once in a year

We comply with the following relevant food standards outlined in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code:

– Standards relating to coding range

– Standards related to CPU functioning

The mission, vision, values, and objectives of an organization should be designed as per the organizational achievements. It means it should help the organization to achieve its goals in an effective manner. The manager and leaders can achieve the goals by following these missions, vision, values, and objectives (West et al., 2014).

In this case, the change management is applied by the organizational management to achieve the objectives. In addition, a leader should be able to establish effective linkages among the organizational objectives, values, and standards. He is also responsible to develop the understanding about the role of each individual and group in the organization.

It is identified that the organization is using organizational resources like physical and human resources that are appropriate for the use of media and language.

Through these resources, the message can be delivered effectively. In addition, the organizational leader is a good communicator who will use several communication mediums to solve the issues like the use of telephone, memos, emails, face-to-face conversations and reports (Leslie and Canwell, 2010).

The explanation of clear expectations is important for a manager to achieve objectives during working in a team. In this case, the leader will provide training to the employees so that they can achieve the change objectives in an effective manner.

The internal group will help Fast Track Couriers to remove the issues related to job difficulty, traffic conditions, etc. through the use of an effective training program (Oakland, 2011).

The expectation of Fast Track Couriers is to develop an effective change management strategy, where PDA/GPS usage is implemented on the truck fleet as well as to implement the one person per truck policy through automatic lift gates.

The expectation of the company is to achieve the net profit at $200,000 in the next financial year that can be addressed by the change management.

As change management consultant, the entire change management plan will be communicated to the general manager through email and the role or responsibility will be communicated to the other employees and groups (Spicker, 2012).

It will provide effective investigation incidents promptly as well as the results of this investigation will clearly be communicated to relevant group or individual like need of training to the HR department and resource management to operation management, etc.

Activity 2A


This report mainly includes the information of an organization for the groups and individuals in order to participate in consultations and decision making processes.

In this, it also contains the information related to employee’s contribution to innovation and improvements and at the same time, this report also considers the information for an individuals and groups at Fast Track Couriers Pvt. Ltd to achieve their responsibilities and objectives.

Aim and Objectives

The key objective of this report is to influence, support and provide resources for individuals and groups at Fast Track Couriers Pvt. Ltd.

Important Information

In concern of at Fast Track Couriers Pvt. Ltd, it is determined that it has a need as its employees participate in consultation and decision making that is important for the organization because this kind of participation of employees make the organizational operations effective as well as efficient in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

By taking the part in the meetings, employees get the opportunities to disclose relevant facts and keep their view or opinions in front of management (Benn and Pendleton, 2010). At the same time, this is helpful for the organizations as they know about their employee’s point of view in relations of organizational matters.

Apart from this, the company also wants to include their employees in organizational decision making because through including employees within the organizational decision making, management can get the innovative as well as creative ideas in a different manner (Bolden, 2016).

With the help of these activities, the employer is able to influence its employees and support them in their problems.

In addition, the information related to the contribution of employees and individuals within the organization for the innovations as well as improvements in the organizational operations so that the organization can focus on its efficiency and effectiveness in order to make the business successful and at the same time, more profitable so it can compete within the market with its competitors.

In this way, the innovation and improvement are essential for the organization in respect to make its products more techno-friendly so the customer can feel more comfortable while using the organizational products (Nwabueze, 2011).

In the same manner, improvements are also important as they make the products more effective and efficient in concern to improve the customer’s experience.

Apart from this, it is necessary for each and every employee to know about their roles and responsibilities within the organization because after knowing their responsibilities, employees are capable to perform their tasks with more efficiency and effectiveness within the organization (Muijs, 2011).

In this way, it is also examined that Fast Track Couriers Pvt. Ltd requires to well define the job roles of its employees so that they can help them to achieve their project’s goals that are aligned with the organizational goals.


After defining all the relevant facts above, it is concluded that company has a need to motivate its employees for participating in consultation and decision making processes, contribute to innovation and improvements and achieve their responsibilities and objectives.


While consulting about the consultative decision-making process, there are several factors that need to be considered for the effective decision-making process.

Under this process, internal and external stakeholders are included so it is important to have some specific guidelines for the organization in order to maintain trust, confidence, and respect within the groups. In a similar manner, there are some other factors that should also be considered under the decision making process.

  • In concern of decision making, the trust of group members, their confidence and respect among group members are important. Moreover, a leader through positive role modeling, effective communication, and consultation, can develop trust among the group members who are going to participate in the decision-making process (Clark and Armit, 2010).
  • In a similar manner, a positive role modeling is also effective for build the confidence and at the same time, the respect among the employees so that they can deal with ethics to their colleagues and subordinates. The positive role model is not sufficient but an influencer also needs effective communication and consultation.
  • In addition, it is examined that embrace, resources and effective implementation of improvements are important for the organization in order to develop the workplace culture. In this way, it is determined that if required resources are provided to the organizational employees when they need them, employees are capable to develop the workplace culture within the organization (Fulop and Day, 2010).
  • In a similar manner, effective implementation of improvements is also beneficial for the employees in order to develop the work culture by reducing negativity within the organization.
  • With the help of understanding the global environment and new technology, employees can perform their operations with more effective and efficient that are essential to make the organization more profitable and successful. Due to this, an organization can develop competitive advantages.
  • After ensuring about the employee’s actions, it can be ensured that the flexibility, as well as adaptability, is conveyed among the employees for implementing the changes and accessibility within the organization (Benson and Blackman, 2011). If the organizational operations are accomplished with more efficiency and creativity, it defiantly develops the environment for accepting the changes.
  • As per the study, it is also determined that in concern of decision making, employees have to consult and participate in the decision-making process and this need to be done with relevant groups and individuals. Under the decision-making process, other members of groups are included so that the consultation process can be accomplished effectively.
  • While making the decisions, it is essential for the organization to consider the needs and expectations of both external and internal stakeholders who are connected with the organization as they have their interest in the organization (Brookes and Grint, 2010).
  • In concern of decision-making process, there are several options on the basis of decisions are made but some options contain the risk so it is essential to have a risk management plan that can be implemented within the appropriate timeframe.
  • The social media is one of the best marketing tools to represent the organization in an effective manner in the respective market in order to target the potential audience. It is also beneficial to make the positive image of an organization in the customer’s mind within the market (Edwards and Gill, 2012).

Activity 3A

In this activity, the external change consultant will call the staff members for a meeting, where the professional competencies, ethical conduct, and continuing professional development strategies are demonstrated. The meeting agenda includes different things that are as below:

  • Improve organizational performance– In concern to this agenda, it is identified by eternal change consult that there is an issue in the communication of the employees regarding truck location as well as it needs much more time for communicating at the outset. In addition, it is identified that the development of PDA/GPS can minimize issues related to rumor and misunderstanding that can be faced by an outsider.
  • Improve management performance and decision making– In addition to this, this meeting will also have an agenda where the strategies related to improvement in employees performance and decision-making skills will also be discussed.
  • In concern to this, the resource required for the training program will be discussed and how the firm will collect the appropriate finance (West et al., 2014). At the same time, the discussion will also include the ways that can be used by the management to improve the management performance that can increase the profitability of the organization as well as how the employees can make effective decisions to achieve the objectives.
  • Improve employees’ performance and commitment– The organization also needs effective strategies to improve individual performance in the organization. In which, the members in the meeting will discuss that how can the performance of individual can increase as well as how they will use the PDA/ GPS system to increase the productivity.
  • Help develop greater trust– This meeting will also discuss the ways that can be used by the organization that will help to develop the greater trust of the employees on the organization (Leslie and Canwell, 2010). In concern to this, the strategies and approaches will be developed in the meeting that can be helpful to develop greater trust by discussing issues of common interest.
  • Increase job satisfaction– It can be said that the employees in the organization are more likely to be motivated if the firm will use a good training program for increasing job satisfaction. In addition, some rewards and awards will also be provided to the employees for the increasing level of job satisfaction.

Activity 3B

In this activity, there is a need for advising the staff to write a caption. This will demonstrate the build and support teams by assigning accountabilities and responsibilities to teams. In this, the external change management consultant will provide the role and responsibility to each employee.

It will be provided on the basis of the change management plan and organizational objectives to achieve the goals. In addition, the assessor will also build and support the teams by ensuring that the people have enough resources to achieve the objectives like human resource, physical resource, and financial resources.

At the same time, it will also be demonstrated that the organization should empower team members and individuals through the use of effective delegation and support. It will also be helpful for the employees to solve the issues as well as an initiate for effective support.

The change management strategy of the organization is also helpful for the company to resolve the issue related to the environment. In this, it will create and maintain a positive work environment by focusing on customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction.

In addition to this, it is also identified that the change management will also encourage the team members and individuals for developing the innovative approaches. As well, it will directly affect the performance of the organizational work because the PDA/ GPS system is a new technology of increasing productivity.

On the other hand, the assessor also demonstrates the personal and professional competence through modeling ethical conduct in entire areas of work. In concern to this, the organization and its employees will follow the business ethics to encourage others. In addition, it will also help the business to create a sustainable environment.

Similarly, the organization will also adopt the appropriate interpersonal and leadership style in order to meet the organizational objectives in an effective manner (Benn et al., 2010). These strategies are also helpful for the organisation to meet particular circumstances and situations like the effective use of resources that can be helpful to achieve the objectives.

Furthermore, the management will set personal objectives for the individual and achieve them according to the outcomes of the work program. Additionally, the organization will develop some effective criteria by which an individual can ensure their self-performance as well as professional competencies (Clark and Armit, 2010).

It will continually be improved by engagement in the range of different activities of professional development.

The change management will also provide effective training to the organizational employees by which, the employees will participate regularly in the industry, professional network as well as in the organizational group.


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