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 Assessment Task 1:

Comparison of Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy between the year 2000 and 2016: To conduct the comparison, there is need to undertake certain heads such as vacant positions, position description, advertisement, shortlist and interview preparation. These all concept are the big part of the Human resource policy as without such activities, the HR manager can’t implement the successful recruitment and selection (Kunze et al., 2013). As per this comparison, it is identified about the company HR policy in 2000 and 2016 and changes in the policies tend to be analyzed.

Additionally, each head defines the time frame, personnel responsible to develop such activity and the documents that need to submit to particular authority. At the same time, the recommendations are given to each HR practice and the reason of such exercise needs to mention in the table. Thus, this table will provide the proper understanding of the healthcare united HR policy in 2000 and the changes in 2016. Based on this, recruitment & selection policy, communication plan and training will be implemented in a successful manner.

TIME FRAME  Two to three weeks Two to three days On the basis of the study, there is need to conduct current research as it is observed that health care united is looking for expansion by opening the new office at Hobart.


The 2016 and 2000 recruitment policy is not as per the current legislation
PERSONNEL Healthcare professionals like physician, nurses HR manager
DOCUMENTATION  Preparation of report through mentioning the Job description and specification   Submission of recruitment & selection form
TIME FRAME Three to five days  

The Human resource manager developed the job description in 2000 but in contrary to this, the senior executive, top manager are held responsible for developing the position description

It is stated that the year 2000 position description policy does not comply with the current legislation.
PERSONNEL   Senior management   Senior management
DOCUMENTATION  It demands the documents related to qualification, experience, job role, and responsibility key objective,

Qualifications required,

WHS component,

Position title,

Terms & condition.

TIME FRAME 20-25 working days  

In accordance with research, the healthcare united conducted the advertisement via print media while internal advertisement includes posting through the intranet.

This recommendation is provided because there is no new advertisement policy adopted by the management. The reason could be not getting approval passed by the general manager.


PERSONNEL  Marketing management and  senior management  HR department  & senior management
DOCUMENTATION  Required approval letter for advertisement  Required approval letter for advertisement
TIME FRAME  Five days minimum. It is suggested that shortlist work was done by only HR manager in the year 2000 but in contrast to it, HR manager and the administrative manager performed the shortlisting the candidates in 2016. The reason could be the high chances of bias with the short list by HR manager.
PERSONNEL  Administration staff and HR department  HR manager
DOCUMENTATION  Resume and interview basis  Resume and qualification documents
TIME FRAME One to two days As per the study, it can be suggested that HR manager requires to complying with new legislation within which it is clearly stated that HR manager and departmental head would prepare themselves for the interview. This recommendation is provided with the aim to align the interview with the new legislation of company.
PERSONNEL  HR manager and department head HR manager
DOCUMENTATION  Resume and documents  Resume

Legislation policy of the healthcare united

This section indicates the outdated HR policy of healthcare united as compare to current research:-

  • Annual leave, community service leave and compassionate leave facilities
  • Offer flexible working environment
  • Grant Public holidays
  • Require notice of termination (Costen, 2012)
  • Conduct training sessions

Other than that, there are numerous areas in which healthcare united still fails to adopt the current HR practice and current legislation. These are as follows:-

  • Work Health and safety act 2011
  • Anti-discrimination act 1977
  • The equality act 2010
  • Culture diversity policy

Thus, these are the area that needs to incorporate into the current HR policy of healthcare united.

Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure

In order to develop right recruitment and selection policy then it is required to address the following areas.

Vacant position analysis: the healthcare united analyze the vacant position through the job analysis or conduct internal research in order to find the vacant job position. This practice is performed in each department such as marketing, finance, human resource, and production etc (Zhao & Liden, 2011).

Position descriptions:- It includes the details about the job role and the qualifications that require to carry out the job responsibility. At the same time, the approval of top management is also important before taking the future step.

Advertisements and promotions:- The company needs to use the current technology for the job promotion. However, digital platform is the trending currently at global market. This is the best way to attract talent workforce (Professional) towards the brand. Other than that, print media advertisement is another tool to make people aware of the job position.

Shortlisting:- The shortlisting work tends to perform by the human resources department with the administration department (Caers and Castelyns, 2011). This policy is developed in 2016 only with the aim to overcome the favoritism and biases at the workplace. This practice can help to pool the skilled and qualified candidate in the workplace.

Interview preparation: – Interview preparation is the essential activity and it is performed by the HR department with the executives. Such combination would help to conduct systematic or organized interview session. The interview would be developed as per the company policy which reduces the chances of misunderstanding.

Interviewing applicants:- In this, the applicants are interviewed in the boardroom in order to create the professional environment. For this, enough investment company spends and it also proves to be valuable for the company (Bhoganadam & Rao, 2014). It would help the company to reflect the professional atmosphere to the candidate and allows them to perceive positive from the ambiances.

References checks:- The process of references check is important for the HR manager so that they can judge the background of the individual. This will help the company to identify whether the selected employee is suited well to the organization.

Job offers:- There is the certain procedure that company follows when they decide to whom they want to recruit. It involves the checking of all the documents of the individual. Afterwards, it offers the job to the candidate. The job offer process tends to be simple as it will help to avoid as many confusion and misunderstanding.

Other than that external references check and employment offer is also considered as a vital part of the recruitment and selection practice.

  • External Reference Check: At the time of recruitment, employers ask the employees for the references check in his/ her CV (Veil et al., 2011). The action will help to identify more personal information about the candidate. However, the reference check is performed within the friends, family and relatives etc. in regards to this, it is recommended that employer should consider now only one reference as more than two tends to be quite time-consuming. Based on the study, it is depicted that reference check is the important part of the recruitment and selection policy.
  • Employment Offer: Employment offer decisions consider as a crucial one and it is taken when HR manager fully satisfied with the candidate. In regards to this, the employee should recheck the selected one document such as experiences and education certificate. After that only all the legal formalities need to conduct (Williams & Chinn, 2010). This exercise brings more relevancies in the employment offer.

Develop Communication Plan

There are various areas that top management needs to focus on implementing the effective communication between the different departments. Under the communication plan, the selection of right media is most important (Dhar, 2015). This will help to avoid the delay in flowing of information at the workplace. For the healthcare united, the best ways to communicate the information are as follows:-

  • E-mails
  • Intranet
  • Document reporting
  • Conduct team meeting

Besides that, social sites are in current trend among the global environment. In concern to this, Whatsapp and Snapchats are the best-suited one to share the important information. But it is more likely to be the informal way of communication (Puhakainen & Siponen, 2010). It can prove to be effective in the term to make individual comfortable to share their viewpoint or decision about a task or activity.  Other than that, the business meeting would be most appropriate in regards to communicate the policies and legislation to team leaders. Furthermore, Submission of documents in the proper format likely to use high in the different sector for communication of facts to the manager of different departments. Thus, the combination of such tools would contribute towards the smoothly flowing of information about the HR policy among different departments.

Training Evaluation Form

Training is another step in HR policy and it is required to address for including the necessary skills among the new candidate. This will help the employee to perform the task in an effective way. Moreover, the training session brings improvement in the company productivity through making an employee capable to perform the task. The right training program always encourages the individual to successfully complete the work with specialization (Dufour et al., 2010). Thus, it is quite important to conduct the training session once in a week. The frequent changing business environment demands the adaptation of training programs at the organization. Furthermore, training evaluation form tends to be quite important for understanding that whether individual becomes competent enough to address the work or task.

Task description Competent Not Yet Competent
1. Analytical skills Yes No
2. Problem-solving skill No No
3. leading skill No Yes
4. Decision making No Yes
5. Communication skill Yes No

Method of delivery (please circle):

  1. One-to-one instruction
  2. workshop (e.g. seminar)
  3. presentation (e.g. lecture)
  4. online interactive
  5. Other (please specify).

Rate the Training:

  unsatisfactory à satisfactory
Was sufficient time allowed for the session? 1 2 3 4 5
Were there adequate resources? 1 2 3 4 5
Was method of delivery engaging? 1 2 3 4 5
Was instruction clear? 1 2 3 4 5
Was sufficient time allowed for discussion? 1 2 3 4 5
Were supporting documents useful? 1 2 3 4 5


Based on this evaluation, it can be stated that training session will prove to be effective in terms to develop necessary skills and enhance productivity in the healthcare united.



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