Reflective audio recording

Reflective audio recording Assignment 2020

In the first place I am going to speak about how I used the three step process provided in the assignment reef in order to narrow down my topic of discussion from the general topic statement provided by my tutor.

The provided topic required to make a discussion on the multifaceted and ever changing process of communication which can be generated and impacted in several complex ways. In the first step I analyzed how communication can be impactful by selecting specific industry from the list of given examples.

I opted for advertising as I believe in the current dynamic business atmosphere; advertising has the maximum scope of communication. In the second step my idea was to select specific advertisement practices of my own interest based on which I would write my essay. I selected electronic advertisement as well as social media advertisements.

Specific advertisement cases which I selected to study in this context are the Facebook advertisement of coca cola black, which promoted and new coca cola products without any added sugar. The ways in which social media advertising helped coca cola to establish communication with audiences by means of this advertisement, was the initial focus.

Under the scope of the third step I also identify the ethical issues of electronic and social media advertisement on the basis of the selected advertisement cases.

Is there are various modes of communication used by modern advertisements; I had difficulty in selecting the specific advertisements which I would highlight in the essay for analyzing the ethical advertisement part.

Another challenge faced in this context was in the way of analyzing how modern day advertisements create customer value propositions through their content.

The three step model identified in the assignment brief what’s the fundamental structure that I used to format my essay. In the initial Phase I highlighted how advertisements establish communication with audience.

After that with the use of specific keys examples IB mounted in ethical issues associated with advertisements and the relative outcome and reflection of advertisements on the purchasing behaviour.

In order to develop structure for a coherent essay, I fashioned the set of coherent ideas in order to make my ideas make most sense for the reader to understand.

Reflective audio recording

In my research work I understood that essay should be essentially linear that is one idea should be proposed at a time so that the audience can also develop their mental lineup while reading the argument and across arguments provided in the essay.

As my proofreading strategy I followed the policy of reading aloud my own work to myself. This helped me to detect grammatical error as well as awkward organization of the ideas in my essay. fitting this also help me to understand The authenticity of my structuring and content.

In analyzing the strength of my essay I would highlight, I have provided various arguments for all the three stages based on which I constructed the essay. All my documents have been professionally linked with the examples I have provided in the essay.

As far as weaknesses are concerned I would like to highlight that other forms of communication techniques used by advertisement should have been incorporated in the essay.

In order to improve my research skills I believe I have to do further research work using more valuable internet sources. My academic writing ideas for develop if I am able to proofread my own work repetitively.

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