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Initially, when I registered for the course I thought that it would help me in acquiring the degree. However, with the passage of time, I have realised that during sessions and assignments I have communicated a lot with others. That communication has increased my level of confidence improved my social skills, writing skills and taught me much more than the course content. In part A of the assignment I was required to make a power point presentation on Auswide Bank. The entire journey of making the presentation was full of learning.

Reflective Essay Assignment

Main body:

For the preparation of PPT I was required to conduct deep research on the topic for which I had performed many new things for the very first time. I have realised that when guidelines are clear it is easy to perform the research as you have the foundation for initiating any research. In this case, clear guideline of Part A has helped me in initiating the research smoothly. During the project I have applied research log that assisted me in knowing what kind of database is required and thus helped in saving time that might otherwise got wasted in repetitive activities. During the research I have also learned the manner to store the records to be used later on in final presentation. For that, I have created a separate folder and other sub folders in main folder for saving data related to various heads in the PPT. This has assisted me in appropriate sorting of material which made the formation of PPT smother and saved time. The method was very useful and I am going to use it in all my future works.  This is my personal experience that while making presentation there was ample time available for exploring and understanding different areas for completing the project in effective way.

I feel that, the project has sharpened my analytical and critical thinking through various experiences. While preparing the presentation I have encountered certain issues but I have not indulge much time on those issues but continued with positive attitude to finish the work on time. After completion of Part A, I have critically evaluated those issues by consulting with my mentors and searching on internet so that in future the same issues might not come. This banking sector project is going to be a milestone in my life as it has enhanced my critical thinking ability by exploring relevant material for proving my points.

In the class, I have realised that in the world of business communication plays a crucial role which is not only important in professional life but also in personal life. Good communication also involves effective listening ability. For sharpening my communication skills I have applied varied medium such as oral, written, graphics and computer. With completion of 12 weeks of course material and completion of presentation, now, I feel that I am more confident in expressing my thoughts clearly for resolving any issue I might face in future.

The learning from the course would help me in leading a successful personal and professional life. The academic experiences of the course would also help in other courses and has taught me to look at things from different angles before making a decision. For example, I have compared different templates before selective the most appropriate template for the presentation. I have also decided the appropriate font size, colour etc. for making presentation more effective.

Moreover, I have experienced much improvement in my working procedures. For example, prior to this course I was following a laid back approach which results in last hour rush.  This has resulted in leaving of important areas because of paucity of time. But now, after the course and assignment I have learned the use of folders and sub folders, the way to use indexing for ready reference and locating the folders easily.

The experience of presentation has provided a practical exposure to the real business situation prevailing in the banking system. The literature has taught about the mechanism of banking industry while the project has provided a chance to explore the real problem faced by the chosen bank. For instance, during course work when I studied banking system I have an idea that banking system is a smooth flow of activities as there are various checks at  different points. But post this presentation, this idea was changed as I came to know that banking system not only affected by the policies of the company but also by the polices of the government and other governing bodies which create new challenges for the business. Beside this, researching relevant material is also a crucial factor in the project as there is huge amount of e-material available on internet. I have also learned about my strengths and weakness during the course which would help in working on my weakness for making myself more competent in professional world. I am very much interested in the banking sector and this assignment has increased my understanding of the banking sector. Preparation of presentation has given me the chance to implement my knowledge in practical situation.


The overall experience of the presentation was very positive for me. I have performed deep research for exploring the topic in detail and used relevant sources such as company’s website, government websites, journals etc. in the presentation. While writing reflective report I have also realised certain weakness in me and for that I will work on those weakness to convert them into strengths. The overall learning in the course as well as in the assignment is going to help me in all walks of life. The experience has hone my communication skills, analytical skills, writing skills, research skills and has also increased my confidence level. Preparing the presentation requires coordination skills like folders, sub folders, indexing etc., and presentation skills which is crucial in both professional life as well as personal life.

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