Reflective Part

Part 2: Reflective Part

Reflective Part

This part presents the self-reflection in respect to the contribution and learning with the team presentation on public-healthcare scenario. The preparation on presentation gives rise to various learning and assists me to strengthen the skills.

However, the learning would be start with the preparation in context to develop such presentation which could communicate the message and awareness about the quality health care properly to different stakeholders (Batool, 2013). For this, I have undergone with lots of preparations such as conduct online research for developing an understanding about the health problem which usually occur in Australia.

Alongside, I also take language classes for making better coordination with other team-members. The proper language communication supports me to build up better relationship with them (Giltinane, 2013). Other than that, there are necessary preparations that I have done are to analyze the communities or region of Australia and then develop the topic or raise the issue and recommend to team-members.

Besides that, I also set the objectives for the presentation such as what are the team powers and how we collaborate with whom to resolve such issues followed by suggest the strategies to bring the changes successfully. Thus, these are the major contribution that I have made in the presentation on public-health scenario.

The working with team, I analyzed that leadership requires lot of patience’s and influencing power to impact others positively. Similarly, the proper communication is the key areas to develop the team spirit.

As a self-reflection, I examine that I need to work on my communication or interpersonal skills as I am good enough in term to conduct the research and provide the relevant facts as per the scenario but I realize that still lacking in making proper communication with other team-members due to I find there is lot of language barrier and lack of patience’s. These two aspects which I need to work for becoming best leader.

I realized that leadership skill demands for the proper delegation and empowerment qualities for working in team as single individual can’t perform the whole task so, it is important for perfect leading to focus on allocation of key responsibilities by empowering other people to manage such task.

Then this helps the team to work with full spirit and provides the best end results and outcomes. In context to this aspect, I found that I am good at empowering people in such a way to provide them information about the topic and related facts but I have struggle lot in the area of allocation of task as I have no experiences of doing it.

That’s why sometimes, the delegation of work responsibility leads to conflicts in team members (Bryson, 2017). At the same time, I realized that creative skill of mine appeals various members in such a way that they ask me for assisting them.

This aspect of leadership I want to make my expertise and based on this, want to strengthen the leadership qualities. Overall, I draw a conclusion on self-reflection that I need to work more on the skills for bring best leading quality.

As a members of team, there are various learning that I have analyzed about myself. Firstly, I have to make more focus on the practical skills of mine including communication, delegation of work along with the inspiring person.

This area can be improved by attached with some reputed organization as they can give opportunity to bring best communication skill. Secondly, I find that when it comes theoretical understanding, I am good enough as having sufficient understanding about the current health care related problems so this allows me to offer best solutions.

This area becomes my strength as I strongly indulge in the activities of reading books and making research on different topics on online basis (Travers et al., 2015). These areas help me to develop a proper understanding about different aspects related to society and economic.

Thus, it can be stated that in-spite of having a various limitation, I also possess varied skills so based on this, I able to strengthen leadership skills. Moreover, I also need to posses the commitment, passion, empathy and integrity etc to build up the communication skills.

This is because good communication skills and decision-making capabilities supports toward the success and failure of leader. To become the best leader in the team, these qualities I need to give a special attention. For this, I require to attend the workshops of great leaders or business so that learning can be gained.

Thus, the self-reflection outlines my strength and weakness in respect to become a great leader among the members in team (Koopman & Hakemulder, 2015). These learning also contribute towards the professional and personal lives when I come with any reputed firm or start my own business then at that time; the leading style plays an important role for the growth or success of work performances.

Reflective Part


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