Reflective Report


This report will reflect my overall experience and learning which I learned during my research study. In this study, I research on two different but related research topics such as the first topic is e-commerce and the second topic is e-commerce development strategy of Chinese Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Moreover, this report will help me in self-evaluating my personal skill and strength to overcome the research challenges as well as also support me in identifying that skill or knowledge that helps me in personal development. Thus, an overall report will clearly define the research skill that I used during the research work on both related research matters.


This study is all about defining my skill and personal development that I achieved or learned during these stated two different research (essay) work. For completing my work on time, I used my skill and knowledge in such an efficient manner that I generate best reliable and accurate result. At the time of research study, I focused more on accomplishing my defined aim and objective on time so that I can able to conclude my overall study. In respect to this, I was doing a proper research on the e-commerce development strategy for which I was analyzing the international market i.e., China market.

While analyzing the China market, I faced various challenges as this market is very complicated as well as considered as a developed economy in terms of infrastructure or information technology. This developed barriers for me in my work stud as I was facing problem in understanding and identifying the status of e-commerce development strategy (Birasnav, 2014). But at the same time, for collecting the data related to e-commerce development strategy, I used my skill and knowledge so that I collect more relevant and accurate data. For this study, qualitative data is gathered by me for developing understanding about e-commerce development technology in the Chinese small and medium enterprises (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). However, this work helped in getting knows more about my personal skill and strength or weakness which affects my performance to a large extent.

In the first paper, I was responsible just to analyze and understand the e-commerce features and in that, I think or realized that I justified my study with my learning and skill & knowledge effectively. While studying, I understood that in today’s developing economy, technology development i.e., a rapid development of e-commerce also contributing highly on the social development and national economy. In China market, development of e-commerce technology has raised the competition level in the global market significantly. This study on e-commerce technology also helped in identifying that information technology is now adopted by the different large number of countries in order to target the large customer base across the economy or worldwide. In addition, this study helped me in identifying the growth and development of e-commerce service in the global economy.

From the two research paper, I have learned various new skill and knowledge which gradually helped me in this research study and will also help me in future. Through this research, I strengthened my existing skill and ability to collect or generate data about the international market such as e-commerce development strategy impact on the China market or other global countries too (Dicarlo et al., 2016).  This research study also assists me in developing knowledge regarding the e-commerce technology development and strategy which will help the company to focus more on developing quality and promote business to big competitive market.

In the second report, I also used secondary data collection method for collecting a qualitative data for accomplishing the research work. In this report, I focused on doing a critical analysis for which I used my skill and my learning from previous file report. The study also provided me with various research opportunities in respect of new learning and experience for new things that will somewhere influence my future professional growth. For this second report, I also used different theories which reflected the various actions that I actually performed while analyzing the external environment and e-commerce trading system.

In addition to this, this research practice also allowed me to develop my understanding regarding the research methodology and its benefits for the conducting an effective research study. Moreover, this research learning and experience will provide me with various opportunities in my future professional career in relation to e-commerce development strategy (Ahmad, 2017).  This study helped me that in future how can I use e-commerce information technology and its development strategy in a a different industry that firm achieves new position and growth in the competitive market. From this paper, I also came to know that in future business growth and development is also based on e-commerce technology through the company will able to trade across the boundaries worldwide.

Furthermore, this study also helped me in improving my leadership and analytical skill to some extent which will help me in solving the complex situation in a better manner be it in professional or personal life (Liu et al., 2015). The use of analytical and leadership skill helped me in leading the overall work as well as help in managing the problem and challenges efficiently. Therefore, overall learning and experience of my proven to be well-worthy for me as I gained new skills and knowledge which will help or support me in career enhancement successfully.


From the above study, it can be concluded that this study helped me in identifying my ability and capability to conduct a proper research on subject matter efficiently and effectively. The whole reflective report also helped me in determining new skill and development such as adoption of leadership skill, analytical skill and so on that will help me in my personal development effectively. Thus, this reflective report can be summarized that my experience and my new learning will be very helpful for me in my future professional career and growth.


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