Reflective Report

Reflective Report

Ensure all financial reporting deadlines are met.


This reflective report presents my learning activities which I gained with the Visa Edge Australia. This is an immigration consulting firm which provide best guidance to people in regards to immigration. I have performed the training in this firm where I spent much time on assisting the company to perform the financial report on right time.

Moreover, I also learnt essential step for meeting a deadline work. I found that company ambiences are quite motivating for the individuals in regards to learn new activity and area. Thus, this is a learning experience for me in term to learn how to meet financial reporting deadlines.


In respect to my working period, I have performed various activities in regards to the given task of meeting financial reporting deadlines.

Likewise, I have put under the senior accounting manager to learn about how to prepare the financial reporting on deadline. In regards to meet the deadline, I have asked to attend the training of time management where I have taught about the core skill of time management which include areas like prioritization, scheduling and focus etc.

Besides that, I also used the website for learning about the traditional time management approaches in order to overcome the challenges related to lateness, dead time and interruptions. These areas assist me to achieve the great understanding about the time management. In concern to financial reporting, I apply various steps in practical manner.

It includes develop the list of actions with duration, communicate such deadline to different department of Visa Edge Australia, set the clear outcome, break project and then allocate as per the skill of individual. I also monitor the groups in a way that reports are preparing on time. This way I learnt various activities.

Alongside, there are various activities which I personally perform like prepare the content for making proper communication between individuals regards to task and duration. This practice helps me to realise the importance of time.


My senior manager asked to me to prepare the bulletin for conveying people about the task and deadline. This step makes me learn about how to present the notice for the people in a clear manner. Moreover, I interviewed different people in department and asked question related to how they meet the deadline work and how address the problem and errors.

Based on the questions, I prepared my report and the learning related to time management process will help me in my future when I work with any reputed organisation. Moreover, the deadline meeting procedure helps me both in my personal as well as professional lives. So, these learning support me to obtain big opportunities.


In regards to my placement, I would definitely try to perform more practical work like prepare the financial report so that I can understand how much time I should contribute on entries for timely completion of work.

This decision could assist me for overcoming the barrier of poor time management due to which project manager usually fails to meet the financial reporting requirements.

Reflective Report

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