Reflective Report

Essay 1

In this report, I developed my learning about the sustainability practices in Zara. During the TIS course, I developed my skills and knowledge regarding the sustainability that is being used by Zara in the global market.

It is identified that there are different challenges such as change in climate, increment in the global warming etc. to an organization that has increased the need of adopting the sustainable practices by the organization This study helped me to understand the three pillars of sustainability that are social, environmental and economic.

It is identified that Zara focuses on the development of society and environment through the sustainable practices.

In this essay, I received positive feedback of Zara because the company has designed the business objectives and actions according to the CSR policy to sustain in the competitive environment.

The sustainability practices of Zara also focus on the energy saving to provide eco-friendly environment to the organization and also provides eco-friendly innovative and unique product range. In addition to this, the sustainability practices of Zara also improve my academic knowledge towards the strategies of an international organization to remain competitive in the market.

I got positive feedback on this essay as I got good grade. I searched a lot about the sustainability aspects of the business and used it in well-organized way that helped me to obtain supporting ideas and examples from real business case of Zara.


Essay 2

With the use of essay 2, I developed by knowledge about the sustainability practices which are being used by Zara in current scenario. In this study, Zara is using product development strategy to improve the quality of products.

This strategy of the company helped me to improve my awareness about market segmentation; target population and positioning that are important aspect of the marketing strategy to achieve success in the market. In addition to this, I came to know about the impact of sustainability policies on the retail sector.

This study also helped me to learn about product life cycle process and sustainability distribution process of Zara that would be used by me in future for making better strategies for the sustainable business.

The SWOT analysis of Zara also supported me to identify the internal and external aspects of company that can affect the business. In addition, this essay helped me to develop my understanding about the impact of PESTEL analysis on sustainability practice in the retail market of China. After the analysis of this report, I can use these strategies for providing suggestion to an organization about the sustainability and its impact on the international market.

With the use of this study, I developed my knowledge and skills about the sustainability measures. I learned that the sustainability measures are useful to attract the customers as well as investors for the company.

I also identified that the retail market has high competition so that I suggested them to understand the activities that are required potentially for the success. I also learnt that Zara is using sustainable measures to increase the competition level in the international retail market.

For this, Zara is using online platform to promote the product and services in the market and also reducing the use of plastic and paper to enhance the brand image among the customers. This study also helped me to define positive and negative impact of sustainability and use of the sustainability practices in Zara.

Reflection on Course

Based on reflection on course, it can be stated that I did well in different areas, but at the same time, I would have done some different things in this course. I searched the materials regarding sustainability practices and their impact with the focus on case study of Zara in well organized way.

I used website, annual report of the company to determine the real information about the company and also considered articles and books to develop theoretical understanding of the sustainability aspects of the business. The use of research log helped me to use databases properly and save time during the research and collect more relevant information about the topic.

the proper research of the articles and books helped me to incorporate the information into may research and write the essay in a comprehensive and logical way. Proper planning of research helped me to complete the essays on time. However, I could have managed time in more appropriate way during essay writings because I finished my essays in the last minute.

Apart from this, I could have given more time to make editing in these essays to develop better essay writings.  I will take care of this in the future assignments. It was challenging aspect for me to implement theoretical aspects to the practical or real scenario of Zara.

I had to evaluate the sustainability practices of Zara based on theoretical aspects of sustainability that was challenging task for me. But by developing better understanding of theories and concepts of sustainability, I became able to make a good integration of theoretical and practical aspects.

During this course, I learnt sustainability practices and their impact on the business as I would like to implement these practices in the organization, where I will work in future. I also learned about the impact of PESTLE on sustainability practices of the firm as in future, I can use this knowledge to handle the impact of external environment on sustainability aspects of the business effectively and improve the performance of the organization.

I have learnt may things during this course at academic and personal level that will be crucial for me to make a good career in the future. This knowledge will be useful for me in the further research and carry out the TIS essays in other areas of the business. It also helped me to enhance my learning and thinking capability that would be helpful for me to work much better.

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