UK National health service system helps patients by providing good medical examinations. They want to implement in the cloud platform, to automate the system and have fast access to patients, working members in National Health Service and other company peoples.

Since it is having vast patient details and medication, a cloud-based system is the best technology to examine the NHS system. It includes collection patient information; fixing appointment architecture for this system will improve the details of the system and help to serve patients in an effective way

1. Introduction

The local health system as planned to serve patients at a national level, they need technology to have national health services with the new model.Uk NHS is launched in 1948, it includes many local systems to work. the data collection is main task here, the patients are to fill the data which is then checked by the health care peoples before they consult doctor.

Patients may have different reasons like fever, health check-up etc.This process involve two stages like data entry by patients and next is consulting a medical practitioner and fix an appointment if needed.

At last medical examiner will provide the prescription .this process includes much waiting time’s the system is used by some automated software, fields can be easily filled by option or menus .if the system is under a cloud, patients, medical members, and companies able to use the system with user friendly’s we are to build the cloud architecture for the UK NHS system.

2. Project plan

The strategic plan should be used for all projects .the project plan should be used to build analyze the system  .we need to identify the members involved in the process and also wait for approval from officials in the system. The project should define the aim.

The goal will be achieved only to have a strategic plan. The deliverables to be evaluated. The scheduling of meetings is necessary to monitor the persons. The work is split based on work break down the structure to reduce effort. Identifying risk in an earlier stage is helps to avoid failure or loss in the future.

Stakeholders play a vital part in project plan. It is the duty of them to take necessary decision according to the situation. The members include or staffs need  to follow the action taken by the stakeholders

   System Design

It helps to identify the overall idea of project .design involves with the implementation. System design may be categorized into logical stages such as storage, input, and output. Physical design involves how data can be visualized. Working of the system is done by architectural design.

System implementation

Implementation includes investment, checks for-profit chooses the suitable members to implement. Starting the project is the first step in implementation. It checks the data such as who is involved, where is going to implement, and how it is structured. Implementation decides the tools used in the project.

System Testing

Testing includes regular monitoring of the process by the team lead .it is necessary to have a continuous assessment in all stages of the project, to avoid failures or risks.


Cloud Architecture solution and Implementation

      i.          Requirement gathering

Requirement gathering use brainstorming to collect information from the team. It will analyze the previous documents and review the needed requirements for the projects. Prototyping is used to collect the requirements at the earlier stage of the project. The checklist provides a detailed list of requirements.

Creating patient ID

patient ID is created for collecting patient details like personal information, treatment requirements etc.interface is used to collect all patient details and generate the patient ID .The patient is then sent to the next step such as consulting medical practitioner, prescription needed , collection of blood samples, etc.

Consultant module

This module is used to provide doctor consultation if required. After examining patients in the previous stage they allow for doctor consultation

Medical information system

The information will be uploaded by medical staff and business persons for the betterment of include the details of their treatment and medical recommendation. Separate service is given for laboratory for taking blood samples etc.It also includes appointment sessions for the patients who need it.

 Companies’ data upload

The external companies may also use this system for medicine recommendation. They fed the information related to medicine by which all health service peoples can make use of it. Local system can update the information according to the need.

Finance data:

Transaction made for medicine is connecting with transaction of money in electronic media. Proper security is provided for this section.inorder to protect patient details and money transaction detail.

Health services information

Separate information is maintained in health services by which the members can know who are all involved in the services. This system will help to local services to understand the number of participation of health care peoples

Non-functional requirement: Some of the non-functional requirements are listed below

  • Attainable: The project should be attained all the user, medical staffs and company persons
  • Verifiability: the services should be certified by all the other systems.
  • Flexibility: the system should be flexible to work
  • Security: the main requirement for the system is security. The user data and other money transaction should be secure properly
  • Constant: the system should be constant, it should not change when the condition changes
  • Trust ability: the system should be in a trusted manner .so that all the pieces of information are properly maintained

    ii.          Choice of Cloud Service

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • VMWare

Amazon web service is chosen in the cloud platform because of its reliability, cheap cost, expendability. The cloud platform offers better IT services to handle the project in an effective way. Cloud deployment is easy to use and customer friendly.

Amazon web services as good network, storage, database, and also analytical services. Which is one of the best for our project? AWS provide better cloud service and also security to the system. It is one of the providers of cloud computing with very trust (Narula, 2015).

  iii.          Choice of data centre and standards

The Amazon data center is one of the biggest ones in the world. It is located in more locations. The key aspect to be popular is because of its security. Data centre has a high capacity. It has good accessing speed. It also provides wholesale to many companies.

The special server is maintained with a fast network and speed capability. The data center is vast and has high operating power to work (RICHMILLER, 2015).

   iv.          Cloud System Architecture developed to solve the problem

The above diagram shows the architecture of the cloud for our UK National health services. The client layer deals with the doctor, patient, or other medical staff, and other users denote the companies. they can access the information through a web browser by their will perform operations in cloud service, platform, and store details or upload data using cloud storage.

Since UK health service as in international links the storage is huge because it is used by many health service providers. Next is a logic layer, here the government information, health services have contact with insurance and paramedical for the medical-related information


AWS Cloud Cost Budgeting

     v.          Implementation using cloud platform

·       Database:

·       Cloud Network:

Screen shot:

   vi.          Analysis and Reflection

Cloud computing used in our UK national health services as many challenges because of governance. It as may process includes having an efficient platform for health service. The cost is very low. The resources are plenty to use for our application. Huge servers with a high volume of storage are used. This technology as proven because of its virtualization technique and on-demand process.

The Amazon web service is famous to use cloud platforms because its on use is used so that the health services centers can only pay when they are in need of cloud, all the information like a patient record, medical details, and company information is kept secret (Schneider, 2016)


Thus the UK National health services as implemented a cloud platform. The health services are very vast supported by many local centers. So our system uses a cloud model to use the service in an efficient way.

The patients as to be filled the form in the system which as many options; it is a time-saving process when there are more patients. Next, the system generates patient ID .next the medical staff examines the condition and recommended for the prescription or collecting blood reports.

If needed the appointment is fixed with medical persons. The project plan is used to achieve the aim with proper planning, testing, and implementation. The Amazon web services are chosen in this cloud platform, data centers were discussed. The cloud architecture for health services is gone through. Thus this application with cloud technology proven a great success


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