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Leadership could be understood as the potentiality of leading or managing a bunch of people, group or organization. Leadership could be anything but encompassing to influence or guide the direction. Every leader has its own way of leading or influencing. The quality style differs from leaders to leaders. Different circumstances call for different leadership styles.

There exists different leadership theories and it is pivotal to know such as it helps one to introspect one’s own leadership style. Briefly but in point it shall be discussed here. Autocratic leadership- in this style of leadership, the leaders make the whole decision alone. Participative- it promotes the group or followers in decision making. Laissez faire- the subordinates make the decision. Task-oriented- they are more concerned in meeting the goals in due time. Paternalism- they are more based on father-figure mind-set (Kanat-Maymon,,2020).

Leadership and change theories

In this light of deliberation on leadership theories I fall under the autocratic leadership style. It is not that I chose it that way but the circumstance demanded since most of the time in my leadership experience as an intern in Citizens advice in Peterborough from November 2020 to January 2021 was done in remote areas. Sometimes the decisions are to be taken by an individual. Being the leader I needed to entrust myself.

However, in a way being experienced as an autocratic leader it is found out that authoritarian leadership is effective in enhancing performance.  The following are some reasons that I found out in my intern as I was assigned a video conferencing platform for the company.

Firstly, it helps me the citizens to be focused and specified in achieving goals with the help of the subordinates. Since I am the only one who has the last say in any decision making and provides a single assignment upon which the citizens can concentrate and to be responsible without uncertainty. Some research also supports this theory that having a specific goal or objective helps in engaging the work and meeting the needs. Which is best found in authoritarian leadership style.

Secondly, it helps the leader to have a clear identity as being the leader. The strict rules implied help the citizen to be more responsible and obedient. In result, citizens realise what they should do and what they should not as a team member. Implying this clear identity quality is likely thrilling the citizens to me more reliably and thus enhancing the tasks together.

Thirdly, being as an authoritarian leader the focus is set on strict controls, clear rubrics, establishing work responsibility, issuing consequences and rewards. All these are fostering a highly centralised decision-making.

Recommendation for future leadership development

However, with the pros comes the cons. The challenges were not free. Firstly, the location was remote, the network for video conferencing was difficult. And most of the time in order to cover the issues I got to make an individual decision. Sometimes the individual decision making may possibly not be relevant for the other conference. The citizens that I am advising were not familiar in monitoring the systems. In this remote situation for monitoring the systems well there must be someone more expert than me.

Nevertheless, despite the weakness, the company manager was quite pleased with my effort. He remarks on my big factors or qualities why he appreciates my leadership. The following points are jotted down accordingly to the percentage.

  1. Clear objectives

First and foremost despite whatever the organisation it may be. The leader should have a clear goal or have a clarity in outing objectives. Without this the goal can never be achieved. This is one of the big qualities that I possess. This clear vision helps me to foresee what success looks like and give the citizens to also have a clear direction where they are going. I got a rate of 87% in this quality (Thompson,2018).

  1. Under control

Despite knowing that the location I was sent for internship was remote and the network for video conferencing would be that good. However, I could keep things under control. I didn’t react to the situation and gave up. I did every possible way to cover up the issues. I didn’t let the company’s reputation down. Further I wasn’t that confident in monitoring the system well. But my quality of being able to make things under control helped me cover the complaint. Cause I was able to engage well with citizens in addressing the errors and situational confrontation. I was rated 78% in this quality. It seems like authoritarian leadership style is much essential where inexperienced people are there and monitoring is closely required.

  1. Feedback

Though I was assigned to a remote location. Where the citizens totally rely on me. The situation demands that I needed to be an authoritarian leader. The advantage to manipulate the citizen rate was high. But I was open enough to learn and take the feedback of the citizens. Knowing that their feedback could help me and our relationship to grow thus resulting in unity which will help the organisation reach their success. In feedback I was rated 72%.

  1.  Hardworking

Despite taking control over the decision making. The citizen could build trust upon me. The reason is, my workforce is influenced by my hard-working attitude. It was rated 62%. (Heyler,2028)


From the rating of the manager more improvement needed to imply in working hard. The ability to confidentially monitor the video conferencing system well. However, providing for a good leader is though. But in recommendation these are some of the broad principles which can be implied in producing a good leader.

  • Like an authoritarian leader one should have clear vision or goal
  • Share the ideas and have feedback from the group, staff or colleague
  • Managing and balancing the overlapping interest of all the members or the leaders. Where it is needed without compromising.
  • Leaders should step up in times of crisis or when the situation calls. Think and act responsibly and creatively.
  • Avoid quiet reactions rather keep things under pressure.
  • Keep on exploring new ideas and try implanting it
  • Change the ideas of the leadership and try the new way or be open in adopting if the current way of leading doesn’t work well.

Critical review of theories and experience

Extracurricular activates play a valuable role in developing leadership skills. It is one of the most sought after schools in the world, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world (Stuart, 2011). In addition to extracurricular activation in independent learnership programs, leadership modules can be word integrated into technical curriculum. It’s a great way to communicate that you have a problem with the game. This teaching model develops stellar learning in local player skills by “thinking and learning” challenging a team focused on people with real problems in the classroom (Kumar, 2007). Many university programs’ Using is an introductory course of the project-based student who is the leader of the Leadership Chapter in Practice listening . This is one of the most sought after items in the world.

Stages of recruitment to bath time. Rothman (2007) legitimizes the use of English as the recipient of the best online stage, with the best of the best stage programming in the educational institution. This ensures that the stage becomes a meaningful experience, its human capital is increased and the trainer is given a beer experience. So far is one of the most sought after students in Malayalam. The first stage of learning English has only just begun, with a cross-shaped feedback from the entire database of the world as a whole viewing world. Om is one of the most sought after and best performing phase-by-phase interviews with high quality interns. This stage is one of the few messages in the world of the intricate universality of the stage program and doorbell in versions of the Klang Valley. (Xu,29016)


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