Promotion of Creative Thinking

Report – Promotion of Creative Thinking


The main purpose of this report is to critically develop a plan in concern of an organization for promoting creative thinking along with a view to enhancing the innovation as well as corporate thinking. In addition, in order to develop the plan, the significance of creative thinking also needs to understand that is done in this report.

At the same time, a critical evaluation of the implementation of creative thinking is also discussed in this report. Apart from this, some essential ways are also provided under this study that is to promote creative thinking with a view to enhancing innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.  In the end, a meaningful conclusion and feasible recommendation are also developed.

In order to accomplish the accomplish this report, Drax company is selected that is related to the fire alarm as it produces the fire alarm panel for the companies and the buildings that require a high level of safety from the fire. In its clients, some have their premises, offices, and building at the place where they have a high risk of fire. In relation to this report, it is defined that why creative thinking is required in fire-related products manufacturing.

Significance of Creative thinking

In the words of Doyle (2019), creative thinking is defined as a way of looking that is adopted by the persons while looking at something within the different manner or way. On the other side, creative thinking is that “the thinking outside the box”.

Usually, the creativity in the scenes is that involves the capability to perceive the patterns which are not obvious.  In this manner, the people who are with creative thinking have the capability to devise new ways for carrying out the activities, resolve the identified issues and meet the challenges. These kinds of persons lead the fresh as well as something unorthodox perspective for their work.

Apart from above, in concern of organization, it is defended that critical thinking leads the organizational success and its growth too as it is more significant for the organization to develop more creative and innovative work culture for the organization as well as its employees.

In this way, Eahi (2018) defined in its research that creative thinking can be helpful for the organization by moving towards the more productive direction and due to this, creative thinking is extremely valuable for the company in order to make it more innovative.

Nowadays, it is found that creativity and innovation are becoming exceptionally important in relation to the success of all organizational businesses.  It is because emerging competitive situations are rapidly leading the major changes in the business environment.

So, in order to cope effectively with these changes, it is quite essential for the organizations to become more innovative, develop the capability to quick planning and to implement the adoptions of the creativeness for changing their organizational environment (Landry, 2017).

Moreover, it can be reflected that creative thinking is quite essential for the organization because of its emergence at the workplace in concern to accomplishing the work-related activities with more creativity and innovativeness.

In this way, it can be mentioned that there is a direct connection between creativity and the organizational important outcomes like products as well as services quality and organizational productivity, etc.

Moreover, it is because the enhancement of creative thinking leads to the increased quality of the recognized solutions in the context of organizational problems. At the same time, it is also helpful to stimulate profitable innovations and revitalize motivation under the organization (Doyle, 2019).

Thus, creative thinking is an essential tool or technique nowadays within the organization in order to make organizations more innovative and enhancing corporate entrepreneurship.

In addition to this, it is also determined that two types of creative people such as adaptors and the innovators, etc. that are found at the workplace and these are required to be managed a per the innovation in concern of their critical thinking.

Ways to promote creative thing with a view to enhancing innovation and corporate entrepreneurship

After analyzing all the essential aspects related to critical thinking, it is not compulsory that every organization hascritical thinkers in the workplace.

In case of a less creative thinker, organizations need to adopt several ways so that they can improve and enhance the creative thinking through adapting several ways that help Drax Company to promote creative thinking by containing the view to enchaining innovation and corporate entrepreneurship (Forbes Coaches Council, 2017). In this way, some important ways are defined below:

Innovating a Traditional Organization

In concern of foster creative thinking, it is essential for the organization to change its ways of working by shifting from traditional organization to innovative organization. In this way, an organization can focus to create an innovative team that will lead the innovative organization in the future (Stack, 2013).

For creating innovative team, it is essential to develop a team that is comprised of members along with the diverse working styles, experiences as well as skill sets that has the primary objective to get together in concern of innovations.

Foster open and creative work environment for meetings

Companies can provide some additional facilities such as snacks, games and time off, etc. to their workers or employees during the working hours in respect to developing creativity.

At the same time, companies can also encourage their employees to communicate, show a positive attitude and establish a low-stress environment that is helping to support the greater mental flexibility and liberated thought which result in efficient innovation (Hu et al., 2016).

Diverse Employees

For avoiding the group thinking, a wide range of thought processes, working styles, and the viewpoints are important because if the group thinking is not avoided then the homogenized team decrease their ability to identify the solutions that are obvious for the outsiders (Renzulli, 2016).

On the basis of this, it can be determined that innovation can take place in the field of well-fertilized.

Be specific about the organizational vision and objectives

Generally, employees work with the “How” and forget about the “Why”. In this way, if the leader within the organization provides the endpoint to its team and permits them to create the route, then the leader is more likely to achieve more creative solutions (Aleksić et al., 2016).

At the same time, if the leader links the individual’s objective with the organization’s objective, then it is quite easy for them to achieve organizational strategic objectives with more creative thinking.

Changing Skills

While concerning creative thinking, it is important for the organization to have the right people on the team capable of adding their intelligence into the organizational project. At the time, it is also reflected that collaboration also plays an important role when the organizational employees have complementary skills that are essential to accomplish the organizational activities (Chen & Yu, 2018).

At the same time, it is also effective for Drax Company to enhance the employee’s skills and knowledge as per the changing competitive environment. In this way, changing skills are beneficial to develop creative thinking for innovation.

Availability of Appropriate Tools

Under the organization, it is must to have appropriate tools so that organizational employees can enhance and show their creative thinking essential for leading the innovation and corporate entrepreneurship. These factors are beneficial for Drax Company as it provides significant profitability as well as success.

Provide them Direction

If under the organization, employees are provided the correct direction in respect to their thinking, then it can be proved creative for the organization in order to accomplish the organizational operations in an effective manner. In a similar manner, creative thinking and organizational innovation require a balance as well as a hand-off approach (Lyskova, 2018).

Most of the time, it has also been seen that improper direction kills the employee’s creativity so it is important for the organization that if the need innovation then they have to provide correct direction to its employees or creative thinkers.

Thus, it can be mentioned that above-defined ways can be effective for Drax Company in order to promote creative thinking with a perspective of enhancing innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.

At this time, it is also defined that these ways can be more successful for the organization if these are adopted by deep intensity to achieve an innovative environment for the manufacturing of the fire alarm panels.

Critically evaluate the implementation of Creative Thinking

In addition to the different ways of promoting creative thinking, it is also examined that there are several challenges that are usually found while implementing the creative thinking under the organization with the expectation of advanced innovations and corporate entrepreneurship.

In this manner, some important challenges or factors that impact the implementation of creative thinking are as follows:

Fear of Failure

It is defined as one of the important challenges or factor in concern of the creative thinking that restrict it under the organization to show by the employees within their working. In this manner, employees get afraid to be wrong and making a mistake as well as losing the time or money which is more crucial for each person at present (Brian Tracy, 2018).

Employees step back because they think that they do not have the experience of failure that creates the obstacle while implementing creative thinking at the workplace such as Drax Company.

Lack of Direction

Some employees feel the lack of direction as the challenges while implementing the creative thinking at the workplace because when the employees try to do something different in absence of appropriate direction, then the success cannot be ensured by those employees in concern of providing the innovation to Drax Company in which innovation is most important in manufacturing the fire alarm panels.

Passive v/s Proactive Thinking

These two kinds of thinking are also considered as the challenges while implementing creative thinking at the workplace for seeking the innovativeness in the organization. The passivity is the major challenges for Drax Company.

In this way, if the organizations do not continually stimulate their mind along with the innovative ideas as well as information, these lose their strength as well as the energy that is more likely to the muscle which is not exercised (Playford, 2018).  Apart from thinking proactively and creatively, the organization’s thinking becomes more passive as well as automatic.

Rationalization and Justification

It is considered as one more challenge for the organization that is determined in implementing the creative thinking related to the development of the innovation in the organizational manufacturing process (Sieczka, 2011).

It is well known that human beings are identified as the rational creatures that mean the continuously using the mind by the people to explain whole the world to themselves so that people can feel safe and better also.  In this way, through constantly rationalizing the decisions, employees cannot learn how to improve their performance in concern of business success.

Fear of Criticism

One more challenge for the organizations in order to implement the creative thinking is the fear of criticism that means usually organizational employees have the fear of criticism or the fear of ridicule or the rejection by others while experimenting about anything by using their creative thinking.

In other words, under the organizations, employees also have the fear of looking foolish and surrounding dumb. In this situation, people get afraid to try to sell themselves as well as their ideas in respect to making the business innovation that leads to the success of it (Brian Tracy, 2018).

Due to these kinds of fear, organizational employees keep themselves safe and settle for far less in comparison to their true capable of earning.

Thus, these are the significant challenges for the organization mainly for Drax Limited who needs the innovation within their fire-related products as these are safety products that are why it needs to keep them updated and innovative.

Similarly, it is also important to keep the fire alarm panels technological advanced but with these challenges, it is quite difficult for the organization.

Conclusion and recommendation

The above study clearly concluded that critical thinking should be adopted by the organization in order to enhance innovative and corporate the entrepreneurship.

The creative thinking is considered as main elements that lead to the achievement of organization success which found to be more significant for organization to develop in the field of innovation and creativity.

In this study, significance of creative thinking help in discussing the benefits and importance of it for the improvement in the organization.  In addition, this study also helped in identifying the ways such as open & creative working environment, innovative & traditional organization, diverse employees and changes in skills, etc through which organization can adopt or implement the creative thinking within an organization successfully.

Further, the study also evaluated the performance of organization in order to identify the challenges which create barriers during the implementation of the creative thinking within an organization.

As per above study, it can be recommended to the organization that there is need to educate and enlighten the skill of the employees accordingly in order to overcome the motivational thinking.

Further, the other recommendation provided to the organization for overcoming challenges is that management should focus on building the creative culture for which highly talented and creative candidates are required to be recruited.

The recruitment & selection of new employees will somewhere enhance the working environment as well as simply boost the motivation of the employees to perform best by using or generating effective and creative idea which convert the failure of an organization to success.

Moreover, allocation of new resources or tools will be recommended to the organization for successful implementation of the creative thinking. When the employees will be provided with new resources for that proper training should also be provided so that better utilization of resources and tools are made.


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