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Challenges With The Proposal

In the beginning, I was searching for the content for my proposal, but unfortunately I was not able to choose the right topic. I was searching in the internet for smart topics like IOT, GPS and finally I got an idea of choosing the device tracking as the topic, and I finally decided to do my degree project based on the device tracking system. The aim of this study is to produce a reflection based on the constructing a module for a given research. The professional reflection increases the self-improvement and help us to get in the right path to the research. To develop the ready to do research, which reflects our own type professional practices. The professional reflection is said to be as the self-focused techniques which includes the visualizing of location from where we are, where we have been and where should we go. Reflection is nothing but monitoring the other person or the method into actions and regulating it as soon as possible. For example a child will have the similar character of its parents which is said to be as the reflexive behavior of the child. The reflection develops the skills of the person and trains us to increase and maximize the effectiveness to solve our problem independently. The scope of the project is to do a personal professional reflection of the tracking devices in order to check the effectiveness of the person in the research method. We propose the tracking device method to get a knowledge of its motive, scope and the risk involved in the tracking of devices. Interferences like ethical and the social type issues arises when tracking the device which should be analyzed immediately. The main aim of this study is describing the pivotal system of the device tracking in the environment. The stolen vehicles, goods lost, tracking someone’s information about the vehicle number, monitoring the position of the vehicle, is processed with the exact implementation of the tracking of the vehicles or devices.

KF7028 Research & Project Management Best Assignment Sample

Interaction With Peer Students And Teacher

The tutor supports the students with the various techniques and strategies to be used for the proposed system, and the faculty will give an alternate solution if any problem encounters in the selected topic and offers the long term learning method. The topic proposed device tracking, is the tracking of each devices of the vehicles offers the knowledge for knowing about the location of a person and the position of the vehicle or any other object with the surroundings. Location can be easily find by various application s in the mobile phones and it greatly helps to make the order in sequence so that it can help a person to find the location or the objects. The device tracking will extremely help the people to identify the location in an accurate manner and in an efficient way. The observer or the person coordinates should be tracked by monitoring the virtual space of the location which offers the needed feedback which is taken by the system, and it allows to do calculations for estimating the observer position based on the surroundings. In this study, the tracking of devices will be discussed in brief and explaining the aim, objective and the limitation of tracking a device is analyzed (J. Brookman, 2017). This proposal or project should be deeply discussed with the tutor and both should have a knowledge about the research. The professor should do an evaluation based on the proposal and he should give a feedback based on the plan of the proposal and it helps the student to improve his project. The suggestion of the faculty should be considered by the student, which helps in improving the proposal, and should do the necessary changes in the proposal (Alam M, 2015).

I explained my idea of the proposal with my family, friends and the faculty during the meeting of the project and the required points suggested by the tutor helped me in improving the quality of the project and the feedback is given. The work of device tracking system is an operation field and a numerous questions arise based on this vast topic. The tracking of a device is developed for identifying the accurate location and coordination of a person, vehicles or an object based on the environment. This method also helps to find the bottle necks during the hectic time or the peak hours of traffic, and finding location at that time. Based on the proposal the explanations are given in the meeting, and the questions arise by the tutor about the project are as follows:

  There are several questions arises during the research and some of the main questions which arises in the mind of the professor when researching about the tracking of devices are as follows:

  1. Does the device tracking will records all the data at every interval of time in real time basis?
  2. Does all the informations and data located in the processing unit that is received through the tracking of device method is accurate and efficient.
  3. How does the tracking of the device system functions?
  4. What is the device tracking impact on the relation of legal issues, social issues, and safety of the people?
  5. What are the types of methods, techniques and approaches used for the device tracking adoption?

Skills Required With Proposal

The pivotal skill that is necessary with the student for developing a research proposal is the communication skill, in order to explain the proposal in detail to all the team members and the faculty. The next skill needed is the writing skill and the skill required for reading purpose. The reading skill is necessary in order to search a particular document and an article and read it, to read a journal paper, or the proposal of another project to get a clear idea of necessary for the proposal. The writing skill of a student helps him to update the necessary contents in the project paper to submit the document with clarity to the professor (Ward M, 2016). Each student who is doing the project needs to do the detailed analysis of the proposed system and he should be regularly update the present model, to the tutor in regular basis and meeting is arranged for explaining the proposed project in  detailed manner.

The proposal article is read offers various skills required for the proposal and is categorized as follows:

  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical thinking
  • Explanation skill
  • Research skill
  • IT skill

Critical thinking

IT offers the needed research and helps to conclude the arise argument in the research.

Analytical thinking

It is an analyzing process with various analytical skill resources which is to be developed along with the proposal.

Explanation skill

For a student who is proposing a project needs the skill of good explanation in order to clear the proposed system objective to the team members and the professor.

Research Skill

The research skill means involving the time and the financial management within the proposed project.

IT skill

The IT skill for a student is required for offering the confidentiality, availability and integrity within the project data.

Lesson Learnt And Strategies Adopted

I have gained knowledge about the tracking of devices during the proposal of the project, and the proposal is begin with explaining the proposal using the available resources like journal articles, blogs, websites and books (K, 2008). Based on the various analysis for the proposal it is concluded the techniques used in the proposal are cleared to the professor and the explanation is given as follows. The development technology of tracking the device originally begin from the application of the cold war and it is high. In this study the tracking context of the devices is mentioned for getting a better understanding of usage of the tracking of the devise n the society is highly pivotal.

Based on the proposal of individual planning of the research, the lessons that we learnt from the objective is about the  spacecraft sputnik the vehicles or devices like global positioning system GPS contains the satellite channels at a point which is already fixed for determining the exact location of the person or an object. Geographical Information service or System (GIS) used for exactly tracking the position or locations of a person or an object on a large scale, and it is compulsory to have a better knowledge of the geographic condition of that particular area. In the RFID method, the micro unit chips are very small in terms of the size and originally it do not ned a battery, and are always connected to the device or objects for tracking the location and positioning of the object. Radio frequency method develops a technology of positive transformation, which is used for the transmission of the data in order to get a validated and exact data about the device movements when the researcher is in motion state.

The various steps for identifying lessons we learnt from the proposal is as follows:

  • Identifying the comment and the recommended skills of the student to gain knowledge from the proposal and for the scope of the project.
  • A document in the form of a report should be developed from the lessons we learnt in order to improve the project management along with the training period.
  • The article searched regarding the project should be mentioned.
  • The details of the proposed project should be stored in the cloud for offering the security and the service of the proposed project.

Professional Development Plan

The professional plan of the development process is created in order to execute the project successfully along with its objectives

Action Resource Needed  Plan Start Date Plan End Date Actual

project Start date

Actual project End date Evidence of Result Review date Actions follows Reflection
Identification of the topic of the  research  Lab requirements and laptops 14/08/21 29/08/21 17/08/21 31/08/21 Document and Lab report 26/08/21 Monitoring Reading, Analytical skills
Literature Survey Lab requirements and laptops 02/09/21 15/09/21 02/09/21 13/09/21 Document 11/09/21 Analyzing Writing, Reading, and critical IT skills




Project plan Lab requirements and laptops 11/09/21 15/09/21 11/09/21 13/09/21 Document 10/09/21 Monitoring and analyzing Analytical skills
Meeting with Tutor and team members Lab requirements and laptops 16/09/21 17/09/21 Meeting with tutor 17/09/21 Monitoring and Feedback Critical and analytical thinking skills
Following the require timeline Lab requirements and laptops 16/09/21 17/11/21 16/09/21 29/11/21 Document and report 16/11/21 Monitoring Analyzing IT skills and research skills
Challenges that we face with proposal Lab requirements and laptops 28/09/21 31/10/11 28/09/21 31/10/11 Lab requirements and laptops 26/10/11 Analysis Critical and analytical IT skills


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