Resourcing and Talent Management


Assignment 3 of the report is based upon findings and discussion gathered from the assignment 1 and 2, during the assignment one key aspect of employment market affecting the Google organization has been evaluated. Whereas, assignment two has discussed the impact of resourcing and talent management strategies for the chosen organization of Google. The report of assignment three will be discussing employee turnover and Google strategic goals in regards to resourcing and talent management theories. As the report progressed it will eventually lay down recommendations for Google organization in terms of improving their resourcing and talent management approaches.

The findings and discussion gathered from the analysis of assignments 1 and 2 explain the resourcing and talent management strategies for Google organization. The recruitment process of Google organization includes recruiting the most suitable candidate by setting up a high standard of screening tests. Besides, the retention process for Google organization also includes hiring the employees through an internal recruitment process that not only saves money for Google in training and workshops but also it helps in building a positive relationship with the employees for the long run(Google, 2020). The employee retention process for Google includes offering a securing notable compensation package to retain highly skilled and efficient employees.

The Theory of employee resourcing explains its objective to recruit the right workforce comprising of traits, characteristics, qualities and knowledge that holds the potentiality of carrying out the present and future business activities of the organization. The theory of employee resourcing also rightfully aligns with employee retention and employee turnover. Examining the theory, it has been identified that hiring a large or small group of employees can generate a problem for the organization, such as large employee group increases chaos and conflict as a result of which it fails Google in achieving their strategic goals that being including of providing career development opportunities along with job satisfaction for the employees(Mayrhofer, et al., 2019). Whereas, a small group of employees fails in reaching out to the objectives due to a lack of creative thinking and team efficiency. A small group of employees also takes time to reach out to the organizational objective as a result of which the productivity of the business establishment decreases significantly. The theory of employee resourcing also explains the retention strategy that is being undertaken by Google to reduce employee turnover and prevent attrition rate(Google, 2021). Career advancement opportunities, skill development and better facilities are being offered to the employees that help the organization foster employee engagement along with reducing employee turnover rate(Zhuravska, 2019). Whereas, on the other hand, poor training and workshops, lack of skill development and poor facilities offered to the employees make them feel deprived and lack confidence and motivation as a result of which employee attrition and turnover rate increases subsequently.

Succession planning in the talent management theory plays a significant part in reducing employee turnover along with helping Google in attaining its strategic goals. A brief analysis of succession planning explains that proper workforce planning is being carried out by the US-based tech giant Google so that it becomes easier for them in recruiting and appointing the most appropriate candidate that rightfully suits the specific job roles(Ali & Mehreen, 2019). Moreover, during the succession planning Google also focus on developing each of the individual employees by providing them rightful training as a result of which it grows their skills and traits. Carrying out successful succession planning for Google organization enables them in achieving their strategic goal of providing career development opportunities along with job satisfaction for the employees along with reducing the employee turnover rate(Cavanaugh, 2017). Whereas, poor succession planning for Google increases issues of gender inequality and waste of resources that in this case is employees. Gender inequality for Google makes it challenging for them in receiving backlash from employees and the government as a result of which the brand value of the organization decreases and employee turnover and attrition rate increases exponentially. Therefore, succession planning as the talent management theory needs to be well planned and organized so that proper activities can be carried out to achieve the best result and maintain employee relationships.

Talent Management

Develop recommendations for the chosen organization for improvements in resourcing and talent management approaches

Based on the above evidence gathered it has been noticed that Google organization face challenges in terms of employee conflict, gender inequality and employee attrition. The following recommendations will be helping Google to overcome the challenges and carry out better business activities that will contribute towards the overall growth of the firm.

  • The first recommendation, creating a healthy workplace environment, the first and foremost task of Google organization will be to ensuring a healthy and positive work environment so that it will ensure that the employees remain engaged and happy that in turn will generate high productivity for the organization. Establishing a healthy work environment will also benefit the organization in eliminating the concern of employee chaos and conflict. Moreover, establishing a healthy work environment will also provide opportunities for the employees to develop their professional careers.
  • The second recommendation, developing zero tolerance or negative work behaviour against challenges of gender inequality. Reducing the challenge will be benefiting the organization in developing emotional connection among the employees as a result of which will be benefiting the organization in developing teamwork and coordination among the employees for achieving better organisational results.
  • The third recommendation, the challenge of employee attrition can be eliminated by Google through the help of offering career development opportunities and improving communication that will be benefiting in growing relationship with the employees along with reducing the employee turnover rate for the organization. Employee attrition rate can also be reduced through the help of providing the employees with the opportunities to take active participation in the decision-making process of the organisation.


The brief analysis of assignment three has explained the implications of the theory of employee resourcing and talent management theories. Proper evaluation of the theory explains that Google firm can eliminate the challenges of employee attrition by providing better facilities and benefits to the employees along with achieving their strategic goals. Whereas, on the other hand, poor alignment of employees makes it challenging for Google to retain employees within the organisation. Proper recommendations based on the above analysis has also been laid down within the report.


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