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The studying this course is developing my capacity as HR professional as it is providing me opportunities to learn effective HR practices including virtual workplaces, off-shoring/outsourcing, work-life balance, organisational learning, and the psychological contract. It is helping me to acknowledge of HR issues and their solutions to generate competitive advantage for the organization, where I will join in future. It is developing my skills and knowledge how I can solve contemporary HR issues and problems within an organization. In addition, the participation in this course is also developing my understanding of the changing role of HRM and professional perspective towards a career in the HRM professional.

From studying of this course, the consideration of theories like human capital and Resource Based View of the Firm makes it necessary for the HR professional to focus on the development of HR resource. I came to know that war for talent is a significant contemporary HR issue that is being faced or will be faced by different countries across the world. For this, organizations will need to adopt innovative ways to attract, retain and develop talent. There will be high demand of high skilled workers known as ‘Gold collar’ workers who will work long hours, will be career oriented and highly mobile and well rewarded. I have learned that Employer-employee relationship is changing as there is need to focus on recruitment and selection with training for attracting the talent and adopt work-life balance, career management, skill development and job designing to retain the skilled and talented employees for longer period. It is important for me as HR professional to make the relevant changes in HR policies and practices. From this study, I came to know how to manage the emotional labour as it impacts their performance and productivity as well. It is important for a HR professional to be emotional fit at the point of recruitment and selection and manage the emotions of the labour at workplace. It is developing my capacity as HR professional as I will clearly communicate regarding the organizations’ expectations in both recruitment and selection and promote normative control rather than overt monitoring.  This course is also developing my understanding of significant considerations like HR health and wellbeing to remain them productive for the organization.  From this study, I came to know about the monitoring and surveillance aspects that should be properly managed by the HR professional within the organization. Apart from this, the study also helped to develop understanding of the risk and crisis management that may be helpful for me as HR professional within the organization to handle risks and crisis situation. I also acknowledged of the management of older employees after studying this course that also contributes in my capacity as HR professional in future. In addition, I also came to know about the workplace violence and its management that can be crucial for me as HR professional to handle such issues.

The study of this course is shaping my thinking about a career in HR. there are several opportunities for a HR but it also shows some challenges for a HR professional. From the article given on AHRI, it is determined that to make a career in HR, it is required for me to be aware of the most desirable jobs and job growth areas, skill shortages and market value in order to make effective HR strategies. At the same time, review of article given on HR daily community and HAYS suggested me that HR business partner, organizational development specialists, HR advisors, instructional designer and remuneration analyst will be in high demand in 2017 indicating a good career in HR. I am expecting that there will be high demand of HR professionals in coming future. But is also raises the concerns related to effective HR skills and competencies to handle the increasing competition in the labor market. The increasing demand of HR professionals may create better opportunities for me to make a bright career in this profession.

The use of AHRI model of excellence helped me to know what is expected from HR practitioner in terms of capabilities and behaviors. There are 10 behaviors and 7 capabilities that are required for HR practitioners. The use of this model will be helpful for me to know what am I expected to know, what am I expected to do as a practising professional and what am I expected to be as an HR practitioner.


This understanding will be helpful me to make a bright career in HR due to adopting good practices. I will apply all the required behaviors and capabilities to fulfill all the expectations of being HR practitioner. It will also help me to guide my own HR practice and define the career objectives. I will also apply the understanding related to expectations of the professionals like career growth, leadership aspects and work environment/culture in developing HR practices. In addition, I will apply three ways including employees’ support, employee empowerment and communication of company’s culture to recruiting strategy. Through this study, it is determined that Offshroing is advantageous in terms of cost but it causes operational difficulty, quality and service issues and security and legal concerns. The knowledge about offshoring and its advantages and disadvantages will be applied by me to develop better recruitment strategies. As this course has developed my understanding about the Boundaryless and protean career choices that will be effective to make better HR practices. These choices can be effective to provide horizontal job moves, a response
to uncertainty, transactional psychological contracts, networking and personal satisfaction. I will consider these choices and develop an integrated career management system including performance management, coaching and mentoring, succession planning, career training and lateral moves and outplacement. Based on the course, I have learned about psychological contract that are important for developing good employee-employer relationship. Apart from this, I would apply this knowledge in future to develop the psychological contract with the employees by informing them about the reciprocal obligations and promises made by the employer. From this study, knowledge regarding the emotional intelligence also will be applied by me to control my emotions while recruiting and selecting the employees within the organization. I will apply this knowledge to control the effect of employees’ emotions on their performance the performance of others. The study focuses on employee health and well-being, so I will apply these insights to maintain good working environment to ensure positive employee health and well-being to enhance productivity and reduce expensive compensation claims. In addition, different approaches like mergers and amalgamations, Organising model and corporate campaigning, creative compliance, community unionism and outsourcing of recruitment can be applied to manage employment relationship and reduce the management conflicts with the employees. By studying this course, I acknowledged of monitoring and surveillance issue at workplace. This understanding will be crucial for me to take a proactive and balanced approach to manage this issue to maintain employer-employee relationship. The insights related to risk and crisis management will be applied by me as HR practitioner to identify, control and monitor the risks through different approaches including technical, economic, cultural and psychometric. I will also able to apply the crisis management cycle to handle the crisis situation by responding, recovering, learning and identifying.  From this study, I acknowledged that the ageing populations in the western countries have significant implications for labor supply. I have realized that the myths have acted as a roadblock to the capabilities of the old workers and also hinder their participation in the workforce. I came to realize that adopting a proactive approach can provide a benefit in the management of the older workers. The proactive approach has also resulted in retaining the experienced and skilled workforce in the company.

From this study, I came to know that with the emergence of service based economy the number of challenges also increases. The challenges comes like the stress which is linked up with the service work, such as employees face critical emotional situations quite often, also the challenge of burnout of the frontline staff, etc. I observed that there are many possible ways by which the HR responded to overcome these challenges such as by providing appropriate and effective training to the managers, stating clear policy in context of what is expected from the stakeholders and also establishing an emotional fit in the recruitment and selection process.

From this study, I acknowledged that importance of greening of skills and how can one develop them. I realized that this help to promote green jobs and green business and will help to secure the economic prosperity of Australia. Green skills are those skills by which one can reduce the negative impact on the environment that are caused by the industries. The Australians can provide training and development that help to develop the green skills. Further, I noticed that a green skills audit can also be undertaken to develop green skills and also collaborating with the employee and employer representatives and the community organizations. I suggest developing green skills so that it can provide a competitive advantage to the company.  Based on this study, I will use the insights obtained about the management of workplace violence through the development of appropriate policies and practices. I will try to develop a learning organisation culture to manage workplace violence.



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