Assignment Sample on M128LON Sales Intern Responsibilities for Sales Increase


The intern was involved in an internship in the sales department of the business of Aladdin’s Rooftop Lounge. It is situated in the High street of London. The topic of the report is the responsibilities of a sales intern in increasing the sales of a business.


The aim of the report is to convey what the intern has done during the internship period. This includes what kind of task the intern was made to do, what the intern learned during the internship phase, and how they might implement what they learned throughout their project.


The objectives of the report are as follows:

  • To understand what the intern learned throughout their internship that can affect the sales of a business
  • To understand what the responsibilities of the interns were throughout the internship for increasing the sales
  • To conduct.

Responsibilities Undertaken

The intern was a part of the sales team of the said business. The intern had the opportunity of working beside the staff appointed for showing the ropes. The appointed staff taught various significant aspects of this job to the intern. The intern also learned to conduct research and collect data using their computer system. The information gathered and the methods of gathering them were taught to the intern by the appointed staff. The intern learned how to create surveys for customers for extracting relevant information. The intern was also included in several conferences and learned ways of negotiating and connecting with the business partners and other employees for the extraction of the needed data. The intern also had the option of participating in various workshops or exhibitions to understand the situation better. The performance of sales with respect to the targets of the sales department and its review was also taught to the intern. The intern also learned several aspects of the sales division by mere observation of the procedures being conducted. As the steps of these procedures were far too crucial, the intern was only allowed to help in this regard on the surface. Towards the end of the internship, the intern was allowed to conduct a few of the tasks in the relevant procedures. The intern also learned various ways of assisting the managers or other staff of managerial positions regarding the arbitration during various processes. The intern was also made to keep a record of all the things learned during their internship period. The internship helped in creating several presentations for other employees. Some of the presentations were used in the meetings with stakeholders too. All of these are important procedures in a business for increasing its sales. Each and every step in the division of sales of a business impact the business. Even the mere recording of information is a crucial step. Information logging is very significant as this helps in further assessment of sales techniques. These can be used as a future reference too. The intern was also made to detect possible weaknesses and suggest better methods for the sales of the business.


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