Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample

Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample


SolarX is a renowned Australia company working in solar energy sector and are responsible for installing, configuring as well as maintain rooftop solar panel in Australia.

As the demand for a solar panel is increasing, this organization is planning for collaborating with a local company. This strategy is useful for increasing efficiency of configuring and installation process.

In this project, several risks associated with this collaboration process will be identified [1]. Apart from that, SolarX and its internal bodies will be selected so that the R&D process of the concerned organization can be discussed.

Strategies for cost effective process will be explained as this can boost up SolarX operational process. In the collaboration process, different risks are involved that will be discussed along with intellectual property protection process.

Identify different risk

            As SolarX Company is collaborating with a local company, different risk are involved with that has identified and explained below.

Availability risk

            Both SolarX and SAR sun need to access information for business, and in this situation, it is essential for management of the companies are to make information available.

In his purpose, some risks can be there, such as infringements risk [2]. As the information is open for accessing, other company may use this data for their use. It is recommended making sure all the security is followed.

Organizational documents should have protection so that only these two company can assess. Installation process and configuration technique must know by only employees of SolarX and SAR sun.

Brand risk

            One of the significant factors of intellectual property is brand value. This is the biggest asset for an organization and for that, SolarX and its management must protect brand risk.

In this way, brand image, as well as reputation of SolarX, can be protected. All the rooftop solar panel should have SolarX brand and not a brand image of SAR sun. SAR sun is responsible for helping the installation process and in the product; copyright should be from SolarX [3].http://Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample

Compliance risk

Entire legal process should be done carefully as lack of documents of collaboration process; it may lead to legal issues in the organizations. Legal problems are a serious problem, and for that, it should be appropriately mitigated.

Business value risk

Business value is a part of intellectual property of the organization. Different risks are associated with business value that must be reduced for better business operation.

Access risk

As data risks are involved, organizations need to increase security level. Though this strategy is essential, few drawbacks are there [4]. This strategy is responsible for creating access risk. As the data has high security, access may be denied in this situation.

Identification of internal bodies

            Internal bodies from SolarX should have responsibility for protecting research and development. Management, including higher level managers, has a significant responsibility in this purpose.

Managers can identify suitable strategy so that the R&D process can be saved. SAR sun Company has different responsibility such as speed up installation and maintenance process. In this situation, management of SAR sun should not be involved with development and research process.

In this way, management can be protecting intellectual property of SolarX. Apart from that, an employee in the R&D department has a responsibility to protect IP of the company. No employees form SAR sun should be involved with R&D process. SolarX employees should do an entire decision as well as operation alone.

Cost effective strategies

            Management has found several strategies for reducing cost of R&D. Management of the company also required to make sure that IP has been protected.

Outsourcing with security

Though outsourcing is one of the best strategies for reducing cost of R&D process, it has different risk [5]. Intellectual property risk is there, and for that, a proper implementation strategy is needed.

As outsourcings is vital in the company and SAR sun is responsible in this situation. Complete company information should not be shared with SAR sun. Proper security, along with outsourcing process is best for SolarX.Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample

Figure 1: Cost effective strategy

(Source: Influenced by [6])

Business process management

BPM in this solar installation company needs to be implemented as this process can increase business process. Use of technology from other company can be adopted, so the operation of solar panel installation can be improved.

Three main factors, including collaboration, control and coordination is required for business improvement. Collaboration with SAR sun is responsible for efficient configuration process. In this situation, it is essential to be careful so that intellectual property can be protected.

Several advantages are involved in this strategy, such as less error and more time in the operation.

Lean process

In this way, efficiency of the operation can be increased by eliminating wasteful resource. Management must be careful, and for that, a proper lean process must be implemented in the system [7].http://Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample

In this case, three metrics are essential so that entire process can be boosted up.

            Simple and effective manufacturing and installation procedure has positive significance in this situation. It is a recommendation for management is to implement this strategy for configuring rooftop panel of solar energy so that customer service can be improved.

This improvement process should be a continuous process along with a measurement of its effectiveness.

Database security

            As this is one of the biggest solar panel company in Australia, a huge database is required in this system. For example, this company can use cloud based database system with suitable security implementation [8].http://Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample

Risk in the collaboration process

            SolarX needs collaboration with local solar panel organization for betterment of their business. Though it is essential to make collaboration, some risks are there in the situation that has been discussed below.

Lack of flexibility

            Flexibility of the organization can be reduced, as the employees need to collaborate with employees from a different company. Employees may not work with full potential, and this problem is required to mitigate.

In this case, management can increase team bonding and communication as these two strategies can improve flexibility.

Decision-making and its complexity

            Organizational leaders and their decision-making strategies are different. This difference in the organization can be the reason for increasing complexity in the organization.

Apart from that, complexity in the work place is responsible for reducing organizational time as well as cost of the organization.

Culture mismatch

            Work culture has importance significance in the workplace and for that different work culture in the work place may create organizational issues [9].It is vital for the new company and its employees to adopt new work culture so that efficiency of the work place can be increased.

Data breach

Data security is vital in the workplace. Sensitive data such as customer’s information as well as installation procedure is there and for that is recommended to avoid a data breach.

Password, as well as username combination, must be installed in the system so that unauthorized person cannot log in in the system.

Data modification is one of the significant issues after collaboration, and for avoiding this system, management must have a secure password system [1].http://Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample

IP protection of SolarX

            Intellectual property should be there, and it must protect collaboration system. In this situation, the management that has been discussed below can apply several methods.

Patent and copyright

Copyright, as well as a patent of the product, should be there so that these types of risks can be mitigated. In the solar panel, SolarX must have copyright so that collaborated company cannot access this product for their individual purpose.

Lean and fast process

Lean process has positive significance in the organizational operation. Process in the organization should be fast as well as effective [2].http://Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample

Different team

Teams in the organization should be different so that employees from both company can complete their task within their comfort zone. In this way, management can be able to avoid risk of different organizational culture.

It is difficult for different employees to adjust in the same team and for that is recommended to make them different team, so that outcome can be increased.


Open source

Source of information in the company must be open as this policy is responsible for accessing data more efficiently. In this situation, it is also essential for secure database [3].http://Best SEB725 Engineering Entrepreneurship Sample

Though open source is crucial, management must ensure that the information is not accessible by unauthorized person. Access should be given to specific employees and one team should not access data of other team for avoiding open source system.


It is concluded that SolarX Company needs collaboration with other company for expanding their business. Collaboration strategy has different risk, such as intellectual property risk.

IN this project, management of SolarX has identified potential risks so that it can be reduced. Apart from risk identification, internal bodies have been identified, as it is crucial to mitigate organizational risks.

Management of this company needs to reduce their organizational cost, and for that, several strategies have been explained. Regulatory risks are associated with collaboration process that has been described in this project.

Intellectual property and its dangers are required for reducing those disadvantages that have been done in this project.


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