Self Reflection Assignment Sample

 Self Reflection Assignment Sample


Since my  business period, an increasing number of universities and organisations have placed greater focus on providing learning that is applicable outside of the workplace as well as inside it, a trend that has continued. To characterise these objectives in the learning community, several words have been employed, such as “deep learning,” “transformative learning,” “critical learning,” and “deliberate learning.” (Feldmann,,2019)

Business learning

Learning can be split into three categories: active learning, reflective learning, and lifelong learning. Active learning is the most common type of learning. Active learning is the most common style of learning. It is also the most effective. Our major goal is to make a presentation to the group. It is possible to implement a range of techniques to efficiently and actively support lifelong reflective learning in large organisations. The following are some examples of such initiatives. Reflection is referred to in two separate contexts by the term “introspection.” One of them would be the process through which an experience, in the form of a memory, might be transformed into something else.

Selection of course

The factor is taken into consideration when a concept, sensation, or action is being considered (while it is occurring or after it has occurred), Following that, there is the formation of meaning and conceptualization from experience, as well as the potential of perceiving things from a different perspective (critical reflection), and lastly there is a third type of creation (creative expression). The following are the responses that we believe are appropriate in this situation: Classes that are modular in form and offer a wide range of participation opportunities are ideal.

Learning skills

Lectures, online live learning, virtual classrooms, action group learning, and immersive learning are just a few of the options available to you. It is allowed to refer to project-based eLearning as well as any useful combination of these notions under the heading “e-learning apps.” It has been demonstrated through industrial experience that incorporating these principles and practises into the formulation of a learning and development programme, as well as the integration of that programme into everyday work routines, is beneficial.

When it comes to schooling, having a regular job schedule may show to be a solid source of revenue in the long run. The potential of the computer as a social simulation device was neglected during this process, which may be used to train individuals to sell by selling, manage by managing, deal with clients by dealing with them, and a variety of other skills. If something like this were to happen, we would call it (Han,,2018)


Virtual interactions with e-learning software packages are conceivable, and the results obtained in these simulations are equivalent to those produced in real-world scenarios. Those who have profited from the use of a flight simulator can put their knowledge and experience into a virtual e-learning environment that can be shared with others in the future. It is possible to create a more pleasurable and long-lasting atmosphere in which learning can take place. Because my experience has proved that learning by doing, rather than learning by being told, produces higher results, it is practically axiomatic that learning by doing is preferable to learning through instruction . Because it has an influence on the fundamental memory mechanisms that humans rely on , it is effective. (Li,,2018)

My Learning Process

The process of learning how to achieve things by attempting them using wrong and appropriate techniques to execute them is known as “learning by doing.” In the event that it is revealed that

There are times when regulations are in effect and times when they must be amended; there are times when regulations can be generalised and times when regulations must be specific; and there are times when regulations can be generalised and times when regulations must be specific. (Nguyen,,2018)

My Experiences

Furthermore, whether they are domain-bound or whether they can be used independently of one another is critical information to understand. It is only by a never-ending stream of new experiences that we learn each of these things, which we then put out great effort to incorporate into our existing memory structures and functionality. Learning-by-As a result, doing things in the actual world is not always viable due to the fact that they can be dangerous, costly, or even a mix of the two. neglecting to make all essential facts available to the public This issue serves as an excellent illustration of how e-learning simulation software can be beneficial. the development of a more effective approach of encouraging reflective learning (Nguyen,2019)

Use of quality e-learning apps (which have been designed in accordance with instructional design theory and best practise) is important to the success of these programmes, particularly in developing countries. Although textbooks and quizzes are readily available on the internet, they are not considered to be part of e-learning. E-learning is less expensive not because all training materials are delivered electronically, but rather because it is more efficient than traditional learning methods. Although there are several resources available on the internet, it is suggested due to the fact that it allows a large number of students to gain valuable experience in a short period of time. (Zhang,,2020)


On-demand training is a term used to describe training that is provided on a one-time basis but is offered on a frequent basis. Her organisation is utilising project-based e-learning software, which is becoming increasingly popular, to build a diverse variety of talents, ranging from practical skills to so-called soft skills (management, mentoring, accounting).

They make use of a blended learning approach in order to provide learners with the opportunity to access e-learning materials as part of their educational experience. Alternatively, they can work together in working groups within the context of a given project to accomplish their goals. Each squad is assigned with the completion of a given task or objective (for example, a water management system). The resources provided by the training team were exclusively utilised in the preparation of this delivery). It is made up of a number of persons who work together.


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