Sexual Pleasure

 Human Sexuality- Sexual Pleasure, and Sexuality and Singleness 

The concept of human sexuality has always been a debatable concept, where the members work on analysing their sexual preferences.

These analyses are conducted to find how the personal sexuality preferences are identified and it is communicated with the others. Human sexuality is associated with the sexual pleasure and the other aspects that are quite intimate for the people.

It is necessary to understand the concept of human sexuality as it helps or improves the sexual pleasure and the means to enjoy it in a stated manner (Bailey et al., 2016).

In some of the nations, the concept of human sexuality discussion is not considered to be valid or ethical. It is because of the cultural practices and concepts followed in the nation.

However, the advanced nations ensure to discuss the details and encourage people to explore the human sexuality preferences as it is related to the wellness and healthy life of an individual.

The process includes encouraging the people to understand the relevance of the sexuality that is being followed by the individuals.

Sexuality and singleness

These concepts are quite important as it is related to different individuals and members living in the world.

As per this concept, the sexuality preferences are supposed to be identified, as it is an important factor that assists in dealing with the associated challenges in enjoying the sexual life.

In the sexuality preferences and singleness analysis, it is relevant for the members to understand the preferences as it assists in overcoming the challenges. Homosexual people face quite a huge challenge in overcoming the issue with the singles and this is one of the major aspects or the factors that needs to be taken care of.

The other factors are associated with the sexuality analysis where the members view on the sexuality are analysed. This analysis helps in determining the reason for being single and in adopting eh different methods to overcome the challenges.

In majority of the nations, this concept is not being discussed in an open manner, as it is considered to be taboo.

However, the details are readily shared with the members, and accurate and precise methods are adopted to overcome the challenges and to share the reliable and precise information with the people (McLaren, 2004).

Forum 5 – Christian ethics in public place

Christian ethical values in the public place are quite clear and precise. The ethical values clearly state the process that would be followed to behave and adopt an attitude in the public areas.

As per the criticality rules and ethical values, it is necessary for the God believer to understand the process or the method that could be followed to behave in the general public.

The ethical values of the Christian rule states that the humans have to do the right and the good things to respect the other people.

These are quite important concept, where the ethical values are used to respect the other individuals and do the right things in the public.

The ethical values of the Christianity states that the people have to follow the right things and don’t enforce their personal views on the other members. This would be against the rules and practices mentioned by the God.

The process needs people to respect others and follow the correct measure to deal with the associated challenges involved with respective the other individuals.

Forum 7- Homosexuality

The scientific concept or meaning of homosexuality is related to the romantic attraction, sexual behavior, and sexual attraction between people of the same gender or sex.

This concept is associated with the sexual orientation, where people are attracted or emotionally attached to the other partner of the same sex.

It also examines an individual’s sense to identify that is based on the attraction and related behaviour. This is a scientific method, and there are no specific scientific reasons that states about an individual being a homosexual in nature (Orr, 2003).

The laws in different countries are quite different for accepting and recognising the rights of the homosexuality.

As per some country law, the marriages of the homosexual people are banned or not considered to be legal. Whereas there is some nation that has already recognised the relationship of such people and allow them to get married.

The perspective of the people has widely changed over the time for the homosexual people, and this has been due to the attitude. The laws of different countries are now working on promoting the concept of the gender identify, which needs to be identified and valued by the people and the government.

Forum 8 War and peace

War and peace has always being a conversed or talked over topic. Many country and people prefer peace as compared to war due to the economic, physical, and other damages caused due to the disruption.

Nations prefer peace, as it is quite needed for the people to prosper and live a good and secured life.

The recent war incidences of the Syria and others have had a negative impact on the globe and the people. This was due to the various challenges that existed at the time of getting involved with the peace task execution.

War and peace has been the two interesting topics that are being discussed over and over, and there has been no proper resolution to deal with the same.

There are some nations that still prefer war as compared to peace due to the personal preferences.

It is a serious issue, and thus needs to be overpowered and handled in an organised and stable and better manner.

The process of war and peace analysis includes evaluating the challenges and following an accurate manner to overcome the negative aspects associated with both of them.

In this process, the impact of the war is examined, and the need to introduce the changes are planned and implemented in an accurate manner.



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