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The Atelier is a high-end clothing company situated in Chiang Mai Thailand committed to the development and creation of premium clothes. It provides fashion designers, established companies or start-ups a completely integrated service. The company’s aim is to make the complex element of designing a clothing collection in Asia easier (Banjongsawat,2020).

The Atelier studio was founded by two specialists from the European and Thai fashion industries, with an objective, goal and vision to build a trustworthy apparel company in Asia that operates with European standards and intellectual values. The fashion firm “Nathalie Fordeyn Paris” has been creating its garments line at Chiang Mai for more than two years but always had a problem with quality at the current Chiang Mai workshop. The outfit was unbelievably costly to make and of bad quality. This is why Nathalie Fordeyn Paris, the brand’s two young designers, chose to construct their own workshop (Supartono and Moschovi 2020).

Atelier’s principal or chief vision made it expand swiftly and offered other companies and all in general its high-quality apparel fabrication services at a cheap price. The highly skilled stitchers and designers at the workshop manufacture garments for fashion companies or capsule collections for concept stores, as well as for all wedding gowns by part (Banjongsawat,2020).




High-quality garments and textile accessories are produced. It operates in relation to professional working workshops with exact production methods and concentrates on time-limited commitments, quality control, human rights and environmental issues.


Atelier’s garment workshop is pleased to differ not only in terms of client contact and quality but also in terms of ethical responsibility. The Quality Charters incorporate different principles, including


Fashion must be more eco-friendly-

The Chiang Mai workshop is a precursor to environmental compliance. Its source materials exclusively from a trusted supplier and optimize our manufacturing as regards loss.


The fashion sector should be more mindful with regard to human rights.


Most Asian employees labor in very poor conditions. Six days a week in some nations, such as Bangladesh, people pay less than 50 euros per month for 12 hours a day. All employees at the Atelier have a strong average age of 38 years. Furthermore, everyone has a good income and works in very nice settings (Banjongsawat,2020).



Small-scale production in order to test concept – 50 pcs Low MOQ by design size mix


Medium-scale production for developing and emerging brands.


Large-scale manufacturing for established brands.

Description & Justification

The Atelier clothing factory not just offers a service for manufacturing garments. It does offer many more services like as manufacturing supplies, fashion design, pattern making and sample, various finishing options, fashion counselling and much more. The services we offer as a clothing company are as follows.

1. Drawing technical

2. Making patterns

3. Sample prototyping

4. QC, packing, supply



The company focuses on the manufacture of big quantities of fashion clothing or on modest quantities of clothing production for everyone who wishes to wear an individual piece of fashion. It provides contractual safeguards on a number of aspects, including deadline commitments, quality monitoring, respect for human rights and environmental issues. Working in Asia with a competent, professional and flexible producing partner for apparel means Atelier (Banjongsawat,2020).


Supartono, A. and Moschovi, A., 2020. Contesting colonial (hi) stories:(Post) colonial imaginings of South East Asia. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies51(3), pp.343-371.


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