SG7001 Managing Strategy

SG7001 Managing Strategy, Operations and Partnerships (Activity 1) Assignment

Introduction [SG7001 Managing Strategy, Operations and Partnerships (Activity 1) Assignment]

A vision statement is an integral section of a business in its process of strategic planning. A vision statement is a document that explains the vision, aim, and future plan of an organization. In this context, the researcher is going to analyze the implications of the vision of the cloth manufacturing industry of Thailand namely Atelier Chiang Mai.

Analysis of implication of vision

  1. Vision of Atelier Chiang Mai

Atelier Chiang Mai is a cloth manufacturing company and the vision statement of this organization is associated with providing premium and designer garments to their customers. Along with this, the vision of this organization is to facilitate a complex section of developing a collection of clothing in Asia (, 2021).

  1. Analysis

Organizational analysis is a method of appraising the personnel, growth, operation, and work environment of an organization. It is a helpful process that helps the manager to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. In order to understand the characteristics of an organization four Vs must be applied and they are Volume, Variety, Visibility, and variation. The suggested attribute of measuring performance is a process of selecting attributes that help to measure the performance of an organization (Gölzer and Fritzsche, 2017, p. 1340).

Quality Evaluation Description and Justification Implications
Volume Moderate The volume of the products is high in this organization and this quality can help this organization to achieve its vision related to developing a complex collection of clothes. Increased volume of products can increase the attraction of customers.
Variety High Variety is also high for Atelier Chiang Mai. This quality can help this organization to develop an important strategy to enhance market share. Different varieties of quality product can help to sustain in the competitive market
Visibility High This organization has high visibility of its products. In order to increase the visibility of products, managers have developed an online platform. Visibility of product helps to select customer different products as per their choice
Variation High The variation of the product is also high in this organization and it can help to develop a distinguishable value of the products to all customers. Variations of a product must be implemented because it can attract different types of customers based on age, sex, or other demographics.
Service Moderate Services of the product to its customer have been moderate for this organization. Different feedback shows customers do not receive their products within a given deadline. Improved service quality can meet customer satisfaction
Quality Moderate In recent days, the quality of the product is moderate for this organization and managers are working to increase the product quality. High quality product with reasonable price can increase customer
Function High The workers of this organization are working efficiently to achieve business objectives. Motivated employees can work more efficiently
Deployment Low In this organization low deployment has been observed and it is associated with employee motivation, engagement, and so on. Employee relation, employee engagement can increase performance
Customer Moderate This company moderately meets the satisfaction of customers. Customers are the heart of the business, it is important to meet their demands

 Table 1: Organizational characteristics and Desirable performance attributes

(Source: Ruotsalainen et al. 2017, p. 235)


From this activity, it can be concluded that the implication of vision is very essential for any business. The importance of vision is associated with the purpose, aim, and objective of this cloth manufacturing industry. In this section, the researcher has analyzed the vision of this organization and provides a table that helps to understand the process of analysis and four important V of this organization also provided in this section.

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