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Problem-solving skill

Problem-solving skill in managers

The problem-solving skill is the essential part for managers in an organization to provide the effective solutions of internal and external problems. Problem-solving skills are reactive tools for managers where the already identified problem is solved. In the words of Sternberg and Frensch (2014), a leader or manager can use transparent communication to solve the organizational problems.

The problem-solving skills are also essential to make the decision independently and timely by the managers in an organization. The problem gets stuck the organizational work or task and also creates the problems to achieve the targets. The problem-solving skills develop the self-confidence and self-esteem in the managers that is very useful to take the effective decisions regarding the problem (Proctor, 2014).

solving skill

In the problem-solving skills, managers use their creativity of mind and communication skills to resolve the difficulty in an easy way.

It is also a process where the manager defines the problem and issues to solve them. In order to solve this problem, the manager uses their problem-solving skills and identifies or generates the different alternative. In addition to this, a manager also evaluates the results of each alternative and selects the best alternative or strategy that can provide the best solution for the problem.

Finally, in the problem-solving process, a manager implements the best strategy to solve the problem for achieving the organizational goals effectively. The problem-solving skills of manager are also helping to improve the performance and productivity. It is because the manager provides timely solutions for most of the problems by the use this skill (Whimbey, et al., 2013).

Additionally, the manager also addresses the risks after the identification to manage the potential problem for the organization. The manager forecasts the problem in the problem-solving skill to address potential issues.


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solving skill

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