Sony – Process of Scientific management process

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Executive summary

This essay analyzes the scientific management process for Sony, a reputed Japanese multinational conglomerate company. The management challenges and the business prospects that can be adopted to improve the business conduct are conducted.

In the scientific management process, the leaders of Sony regularize the human resource management, operational works, and in handling the cultural challenges. The application of McDonalization in regularizes the works, and in providing the best work structure for the people are included in the essay.


Sony was formed in 1946 in Japan, and operated as a leading electronic departmental store that sold the electronic products to the clients. With time, the company fast expanded to different parts of the world, and sold wide range of the electronic products to the clients.

The company has the largest musical entertainment business of the world, video game console, and publishes a higher percentage of the video games. Despite of retaining a brand name, Sony faced a huge challenge in launching the products in the market, attracting and retaining the clients, and others.

By applying the scientific management process the management evaluates the type of business changes to upgrade the quality of the business works, and in people management process (Landauer, 2007).

Scientific management process

The concept of scientific management states that a company usually uses or focuses on improving the productivity and enables the leaders to target of the company. With such management, the economic efficiency is increased, which increases the revenue earnings and profit.

Human management and a positive work culture are needed for positively rendering the valued services to the clients and in capturing the market and sales. People with efficiency skills are considered to be asset and it helps in successfully running the operations.

Organizational management and behavior of the company are based on the product, where the needs and preferences of the clients are closely reviewed to make or improve the sales. Sony business model is based on increasing profit, by offering wide range of the services to the clients.

People management process is Sony has being slightly complicated as it impacted the business expansion in different places. The company follows a product based structure, where the needs of the clients are closely examined, and the preferred or the recommended changes are introduced (Reid, 2003).

This needed a defined structure, where the management had to develop and introduce policies for HRM, training, and introducing the best R&D department. With a planned process, the company has different departments that are classified on the basis of the products like the electronic, entertaining, and financial services.

The tasks conducted by different department are handled by the managers who process the works, and successfully operate the tasks.

The application of the scientific management process or technique to the internal work condition assists in retaining the profit margin and in improving the sales. People management is improved, and this improves the staff motivation.

In people management, the leaders work on increasing the cultural values, adopting unbiased system for motivating the people, and in providing the better range of services. Staff motivation is associated with the reward system that is introduced in the company.

Sony has highly focused on research and developmental process that was needed for launching new range of products and services that could be sold to the clients.

Organizational culture is created a favorable work culture, where the values are shared with the workforce and managers and challenges faced by the members are positively overpowered. The biggest challenge is with overpowering the diversity based issues, which arises due to the business conduct operated in different places.

Sony follows a cultural practice, where the organizational activities likes fun games or activities and employees meet are brought together. The organization has a fun culture to work with, and this has increased the staff satisfaction.

A positive work culture indeed creates a favorable workplace to work for and assists the management to positively handle the changing workforce needs. The other aspect is the adoption of the international business conduct policy that assists in successfully conducting the business activities (Bain, et al., 2002).

A proper planning process is adopted and it is properly introduced by the managers, as it would be useful in fast expanding the business activities and in selling wide range of the products to the customers.  In Sony there exists a strong and favorable work environment which is properly integrated with the cultural values.

Staffs enjoy the freedom to express their business ideas, and work on implementing the sale. The open door policy assists in discussing and implementing innovative ideas that improves the workplace structure and staff involvement. Both these factors are relevant for increasing the performances expected over the period of time.

The management focus on approaching maximum number of customers, by launching wide range of electronic products that will be preferred by the younger groups and other aged clients.

Management introduces a proper information sharing process, where the relevant changes in the business conduct and in launching the new type of products are followed. Strategies developed by Sony focus on promoting innovative measures, people management, and in successfully handling the internal challenges existing at the workplace.

These are the needed factors that would assist the company in successfully approaching the clients with different electronic requirements and in properly meeting the changing customer requirements (Schachter et al., 2007).

Productivity for Sony is improved by adopting the best process for conducting the production works, and in increasing the customer database.

A new and improved R&D process are adopted as it is helpful to the companies for successfully retaining the market and in rendering the best and expected services to the customers from different markets. The management still has to focus on the needs and employee needs, by adopting the best approach that builds trusts with the staffs.

Management will introduce the needed changes by implementing the right type of staff motivation, which will reduce the labor turnover this will assists in reducing the labor turnover and in encouraging the workforce to improve their productivity that is needed for providing the best measures for increasing the business activities.

In order to increase the productivity, Sony has adopted the competitive strategy that helps in attaining the success needed for remaining ahead in the market. Decision-making processes are based on the innovative ideas, where the complexity with the policy formation and its implementation are properly introduced by the management.

By introducing these changes, the complexity involved at the workplace can be properly and accurately dealt with by the management (Short et al., 2010).

Concept of McDonalization

The concept of “McDonalization” the capacity of the management to use the proper resources to conduct the business activities are planned and followed.  Through this process, the management could work on adopting innovative ideas that would be useful in successfully approaching the customers and in providing the expected quality of services. A proper decision-making process is required for properly using the available resources including people handling and task management. Sony has successfully carried out the business conduct process, where the required plans are developed and properly introduced by the management.

A positive work culture allows the management to indulge in properly planning activities, where the resources would be properly used and new range of products and services are introduced by the management.

In the resource allocation, the management concentrates on providing the right type of products and services that would be useful in retaining the clients, which is the key requirement for sustaining the challenging and increasing demand of the customers.

In the task development, the management could positively develop the plans for carrying out the operational works. These are the important factors that are included in the strategic planning method, where the needs of the customers and the management based issues are identified.

By evaluating these factors, the leaders could evaluate the reliability of the existing policy and introduce a new measure for handling the operational works. By developing the plans, the management plan the type of resources that are needed for positively conducting the business, handling the business activities, and in dealing with the operational works (Toman, 2003)

In this process, the role of the management and the people management process are closely reviewed, as it certainly helps in dealing with the business based challenges that directly and majorly affects the business conduct.

A proper strategy is developed and introduces an upgraded value of services that would be useful in successfully retaining the market, and in launching new range of electronic products that will take care of the client needs.

The process of McDonalization concentrates on adopting the right method for using the available resources and in overcoming the business based challenges. Through a planned approach, the leaders could positively and effectively conduct the operational works, which includes launching new range of the products and in evaluating the existing needs of the customers.

In this process the relevance of the policy change along with the long term business strategies are designed and implemented. The assisted in positively organizing the works, and in positively expanding the businesses to a new place.


The operational works are designed for increasing the operational works and to overcome the business based challenges that directly impact the long-term goals. Sony has to adopt a competitive strategy, as this would be useful in improving the management process and in acquiring the long-term business goals that are needed for successfully conducting the operational works.

Strategies are properly developed and handled by the management, where the relevant changes are introduced for positively increase the sales and in providing the right type of services by including the people and in increasing the value of the branded products.


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