Speaker Note Assignment in 2020

Speaker Note

Hello, I’m —–. Today I’m going to present a paper on positive leadership. The topic of the presentation is: Impact of good communication skill in positive leadership. Before discussing the stated topic in depth, let us first know the basic concept of positive leadership. Positive leadership defines a set of activities that are taken into account with a focus in:

  • Having an influence over the work force.
  • Creating motivation for them.
  • Yield and cultivate the idea of dedication towards the organization.
  • Collaborate, engage and empower them by assigning meaningful works.

Communication is the building block for the creation and maintenance of any relationship. A good communicator can not only connect to the employees abut can also keep everything clear to them. Through communication, the vision, aim and objective of the organization becomes clear to all.

They become aware of the path following which the company is going to progress. For the maintenance of positive leadership, it is important to connect to the entire force. The absence of proper network of communication can lead to segregation in the working process and such a situation is obviously not worth working into. It can also result into a chaotic situation in the organization.

I now would like to highlight the main advantages of good and effective communication:

  • A good network of communication has the ability to build a better team.
  • Moreover, when the information flows freely and without any barrier, every individual remains updated about the current situation of their work place.
  • The productivity also increases because of the easy. It may happen so because of the flawless network among the leaders and workers.
  • Increment in productivity quite obviously leads to a satisfied and convenient customer base.
  • Improvements brought to the work place

Speaker Note Assignment in 2020

A good communicator as a team leader can help to mitigate conflicts.

The engagement of the employees can also be developed.

Relationship with the clients can become better as compared to the earlier days.

It results into a talented and more productive employee base.

Good communication is also required for innovative thought, buy-in and employee engagement, company culture, team development, client relationships and an integral part to sales.

A question may rise now as how to develop communication skill? In order to develop communication skills, the following are the measurements that can be taken into account:

  • Try to listen carefully.
  • Have a solid knowledge about the audience.
  • Share the required and actual facts and information.
  • Prevent from uttering too many words.
  • Communicate adequately so as to make things understandable to the listeners.
  • Having a good communication skill help the individuals to prove them as a good leader.

Good communication is important for positive leadership in order to have positive experiences and better teams.

To conclude the discussion I find it appropriate to have a look on the relationship between positive leadership and good communication skill:

  • Good communication influences a person towards positive leadership.
  • A good communicator can have a control over any situation.
  • A good communicator can connect with the people of diversified belongings and criteria.
  • A good communicator can direct the policies well to the employees. Having a good communicator as a leader omits the caches of miscommunication.
  • Through a good communication skill an individual can enhances the other traits of positive leadership.

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