Survey Assessment 

Customer 1: Mr. XYZ

Age: 25 years

Gender: male

Profession: Working

From the survey conducted with the first customer, it was found that the first customer was looking out for features. He wanted to have the most attractive features with advanced technology and more specifications that can satisfy his needs effectively.

The customer was not price sensitive he was more into the quality of the product instead of focusing on the price. He wants that the product must satisfy his requirements accordingly.

As the environment keeps on changing so it’s required that the products are designed as per the needs of the customers. The first customer was entirely focused on the features section of the product. He wanted the features to be effective, attractive, technically viable, effective packaging, etc.

The customer faced the problem of not having the advanced features in the product so this motivated him to purchase a product which is delivering highly advanced features.

Customer 2: Mr. ABC

Age: 33 years

Gender: Male

Profession: Working

The second customer was more focused on price aspect. The customer is price sensitive, he wants the product to be under his budget line. The customer was not focused much on the quality aspect but rather on the cost or price of the product.

The customer had a perception that if the product is very costly it must be of good quality. The customer is not price sensitive as he is more willing to pay high for the product. The customer was having the perception that low priced products will not satisfy his needs so this motivated him to purchase high priced products.


Customer 3: Mr. LMN

Age: 28 years

Gender: Male

Profession: Working

The third customer was entirely focused on having a good quality product. He wants the product to be of supreme quality and he was also agreed to pay amount accordingly. He also wants the product to have latest features along with the quality. The customer looked for the product which satisfies his needs and also is matching his expected price budget.

The customer was motivated by watching his friends and relatives and by listening about their thoughts regarding the supreme and excellent quality the product delivered to them. This was the main thing that motivated the customer to buy the product. The customer is always ready to pay if he’s getting premium quality.


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