Sustainability and Social Marketing

Sustainability and Social Marketing Assignment Sample

1. Introduction

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Social marketing helps the companies to maintain sustainability and this may help to make various effects the way to depend on the strategic way. The importance to maintain the same is derived from the manner that helps in deriving the constructive change in the organization to maintain the health, environment, and social impact. This study aims to maintain the same in order to maintain the important factors that derive the social marketing strategies in accordance with McCain Foods Ltd Company. The study maintains the appropriate and defines the issues that the world is facing in relation to the food industry and the related concerns with recommendations are provided. Therefore, it is stated that this study enumerates the exigencies of the importance of sustainability in the social marketing facilities of the company.

Sustainability and Social Marketing Assignment Sample

2. A discussion of the entire context


The main issue that the company faces in order to maintain its sustainability in social marketing is the packaging issue. The importance to maintain the same is defined in a manner that helps in defining sustainability in the market. The importance to maintain the same are defined in the manner to maintain the equilibrium in the market (Mirza Alizadeh et al. 2021). However, it is to note that the important issue that maintains the same is to be defined in the manner as to provide the strategies within the importance of the packaging revisions on the consumer behavior. Thus, it is mentioned that the issue that relates to the packaging revisions is connected with the consumer experience and thus the company must take care of it.

The importance to maintain the equilibrium in the part of the company’s growth is to be maintained by the management. McCain is the company that relates its sustainable growth in the way to maintains the importance to sustain the equilibrium of the company’s growth. The important part that maintains the growth in a way to deliver the exigences is derived from the company’s issue and that is related to the packaging details along with the methods of marketing communication (Kim et al. 2020). Thus, the issues are evaluated in the study to maintain the equilibrium of the company along with the importance of maintaining sustainable growth in the market.


  • To aware the consumers of the harmful ingredients of packaging revisions
  • To maintain the equilibrium between the consumers and the company
  • To determine the consumer’s concerns and provide them with solutions

Company Background

McCain Foods Ltd is a company that is headquartered in Canada and is a leading manufacturer of frozen foods such as french fries. The company was founded in 1957 by the McCain brothers who introduced frozen french fries into the world for the very first time. The company has now become one of the leading manufacturers of the same and is derived to maintain the same in various manners (, 2021). The company aims to maintain the goal to achieve the contingencies within the organization in a proper manner. This maintains the sustainable strategy in its way to deliver the contingencies by following certain planet-friendly food in the organization.

PESTLE Analysis:

Political ·       High political stability

·       Changing polices (Sivarajah et al. 2020)

·       Bureaucracy and corruption

Economical ·       Inflation

·       Exchange rates

·       Labour market

Social ·       “Equality and power distance”

·       Role of genders

·       Impact of class distribution

Technological ·       Technological improvements

·       Digital marketing (Huang et al. 2019)

·       Improved R & D

Legal ·       “Employee protection law”

·       “Consumer protection law”

Environmental ·       Waste management

·       “Renewable technology”

Table 1: PESTLE Analysis

SWOT Analysis:


·       Use of localized product (Huang et al. 2019)

·       Advanced marketing


·       Inflation and change in global economy

·       Health problems in frozen food


·       Increase in sales

·       Expansion in the market


·       Employee protection law

·       Loss in customers due to health problems

Table 2: SWOT Analysis

Concern 1

Risk factors of consuming frozen french fries

McCain is the leading manufacturer of frozen french fries and thus the concern of the same is to be determined in a perfect manner. It is to mention that the important part to maintain the same is derived in the manner that regulates the exigencies within the organization. However, it is to note that frozen foods are not healthy for a human being and thus the learner shows concern about health issues regarding the same (Mesias et al. 2020). Healthy behavior is to be determined by the consumers so that the risks that may arise due to consuming frozen foods can be reduced.

In addition, the major part that increases the risk factor due to frozen foods is the existence of cornstarch in the same. However, it is to determine that the factors are mentioned in the way that incorporates with the final similarities and this may continue to perform a health detrition aspect for the human being. As per the opinion of Osman et al. (2022), it can be stated that the importance of the same is to be determined in accordance with the intake of more carbohydrates and calories within human body. The risk factors of consuming the same are that the individuals may face obesity, weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and pancreatic cancer.

Proposal 1
The important part to maintain the health condition in a perfect way is to maintain the same by introducing the effect to determine the facilities of the concerning individuals. The learner recommends maintaining the health condition by reducing the consumption of frozen foods. As per the view of Kundu et al. (2020), this can be replaced by certain food items and can make the food tasty even without having frozen foods. The importance of the same is derived in the manner to maintain the equilibrium within the company’s growth.

It is recommended by the learner that the importance to maintain the same be to be derived in the way to substitute the cornstarch in the frozen foods. The importance to eliminate cornstarch from foods may help the human beings from extracting carbohydrates and calories from foods. According to Mah et al. (2018), Xanthan gum, rice flour and wheat flour are the alternatives that may help as an alternative of cornstarch and this may allow human beings from consuming harmful cornstarch. The company is recommended to sell those food items that are maintained in a way to distribute contingencies within the organization. The food items that may help to reduce the consumption of fewer calories and carbohydrates are rice flour, arrowroot, and wheat. These items can reduce the risks to have the above-mentioned diseases and help in controlling a healthy life.

Concern 2

Impact of plastic on the ecosystem

The impact of plastic is at an alarming stage in the ecosystem that drives the importance of consuming packaged food. The main concern is health and then the ecological factor is there in the same concern. Thus, the packaging is the main issue that needs to be revealed in the stage to determine the exigencies of the ecosystem (Beaumont et al. 2019). The important power to maintain the same is derived in the manner to deliver the exigencies to encompass the strategies within the management of the company. It is to keep in mind that plastic usage is at high risk for the company’s growth, which derives the manner to export the food in a healthier way.

Packaged items absorb the flavors, the individual consumes odors, and thus the polyvinylidene chloride and ethylene-vinyl alcohol applied to the plastic bags. It is to mention that the important part to deliver the exigencies is thus derived from the matter of maintaining the usage of plastic bags.  As per the view of Chae and An (2018), it is equally important to mention that the contingencies in the matter of using plastic bags are equally harmful to the ecological system. The impact of using plastics is highly not appreciated for the environmental condition and the governments in every state are now taking the responsibility to maintain the same in order to maintain the equilibrium of the society.

Amidst the rising concern of plastic use, the company can develop a constructive productive strategy to ensure that use of plastic can be reduced (Martínez-Navalón et al. 2019). The development of strategy requires adopting some changes in the production cycles to ensure successful implementation of the strategy.

Proposal 2

The learner recommends maintaining the reduction of plastics by introducing form fill in the market. Form fill is also a kind of bag that is produced by the machine and this may help to maintain the reduction of plastic usage in the market. However, the importance to maintain the contingencies of using plastic bags is derived in the manner that regulates the exigencies of the same (Das and Dash, 2020). The learner recommends using polyolefin shrink film for packaging of frozen foods in order to maintain the food in a safer place.

The maintenance of the same is to be derived in the manner to extract the packaging of the same. The “polyolefin shrink film” is FDA food-safe approved determination and this is included in the manner to improve the packaging system (Bumbudsanpharoke, N. and Ko, S., 2022). Cardboard and Wax-coated cardboard are recommended by the learner in order to increase the facilities of the same in a manner to improve the human health. The importance to maintain the same is also specified in the manner that helps in performing the exigencies of increasing the usage of fill forms in the market. It is important to mention that the maintenance of the same is derived from the contingencies and thus the important power to control the same is also cost-effective and lessens the work force as well. This needs to accompany by the production strategy to ensure that application can be reduced. It will also help the company to find a suitable replacement to add more value to the business.

Concern 3

Methods of marketing communication

The marketing communication of McCain Company is to be maintained by the management to submit the details of the contingencies and thus the learner derives the important marketing communication of the company. The promotional activities of the marketing strategies of the company are to maintain the social platforms and to advertise on the billboards. The below-the-line marketing strategies of the companies are important for the company as they directly contact the consumers (Krizanova et al. 2019). It is important to mention that the exigencies of the company are to maintain the same by regulating the exigencies and this exaggerates the importance of the same by maintaining the communication in a proper way. It is crucial to incorporate an organic channel of communication accompanied by the social media marketing to ensure that all the objectives can be fulfilled accordingly. Therefore, the company needs to make full use of its communication to ensure that that it interprets its goals appropriately before the organisation.

Proposal 3

The learner enumerates the importance of marketing communication and it is recommended that the company must evaluate the strategies to maintain the communication.  It is important to maintain the same as the important part to calculate the same are derived in the manner to revise the products of the company (Fauzi et al. 2020). It is important to mention that the exigencies follow the effectiveness of the products in a manner to regulate the communication facilities with the consumers. The company can incorporate the available communication challenges to promote or market its products. However, the most important task is to not indulge in inorganic channels which are to ensure that it does not follow any unfair means (Martínez-Navalón et al. 2019).. Moreover, the company can also involve social media in its communication to add more value in the business.

3. Conclusion

Based on the above discussion, it is important to mention that the important part to discuss the sustainable growth of a company may be derived from the social marketing strategies. The study is derived in accordance with McCain Company, which produces frozen food in the industry. The important note that the study shows is the concerns or issues that human beings may face in order to maintain the exigencies within the industry. The study also provides certain recommendations that may help the individuals to maintain proper strategies in the market. The marketing communication in the company must be evaluated in accordance with the maintenance program of the consumer’s behavior. Thus, it is stated that the important part to maintain the same is to improve the sustainability process in the industry.






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