Sustainability Issue at farm


The study focusing on the issue related to the traditional farming practices which result in improper development of quality crops and poor harvesting leads to increasing dust and air pollution in environment.

However, there are various areas that give rise to the limitation in traditional farming practices. Moreover, the traditional farming practice is not considered as sustainable as it majorly depends upon the hoe and animals traction to implement the land.

At the same time, the traditional farming areas focus less on the concept of reuse, reduce and recycle due to making a heavy investment.

In current situation, there are various farmers especially in developing countries are still using the traditional farming practice which majorly leads to increasing problem of poor quality of crop which directly affect the health of people. Alongside, this traditional farming practice is also not considered as an eco-friendly method of making crop production.


There are various reasons why it is important to consider this study. Here are the areas which present the significances to undertake the sustainability issue in farming practice:-

Ø  Farmers with traditional farming have to spend mainly about 15 hours to harvest and cultivate the crop. This practice involves releasing of large amount of dust which mixed up with the environment and it give rise the issue of air pollution.

Ø  Soil is used in traditional farming area where decomposition takes majority of time. This places the crop in a high risk of getting soil disease. It could affect the health of people in the form of poor soil result in creation of inappropriate food products.

Ø  Pesticides are used to protect the crop from attacking of crops. But this process does not allow plants to grow healthy which affect the production of food.


In respect to address such problem and bring sustainability, there is need to greatly emphasis on the modern farming practice adaptation. Moreover, government should start support the agricultural industry in the form of provide adequate capital, human resources and technical resources to perform the best farming practices. however, there are various solution that can prove to be useful for achieving the best farming practices:-

Ø  Intensive tillage: – In this, soil is cultivated deeply, completely and regularly through include vast array of tractors. The soil is loosened, water drains better, roots grow faster and seeds can be planted more easily. Moreover, cultivation is also used to control weeds and work dead plan matter into soil.

Ø  Monoculture: – When the crop is grown alone in field is considered as monoculture. This process is easier to cultivate, sow seeds, control weeds and harvest etc. it also helps to expand the size of farm operation and improve aspects of profitability and cost.

Ø  Synthetic Fertilizers: – The yield gets increase with the application of synthetic chemical fertilisers. This practice make it easy to manufacture, transport and apply the fertilizer for supplying crop with readily available and uniform amounts of several essential plant nutrients.



Government and Agricultural department are the responsible areas within which farmers take valuable advice.

Ø  Government: – They are responsible for providing support related to capital, human and technical resources.

Ø  Agricultural department:- They can help farmers in regards to undertake the practice of modern farming in order to bring sustainability.

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