System and Software Development (Java) CN7000 Proposal Assignment Sample

Project Summary

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Android application has become the market leader in terms of usage aspects of users. With time these usages have been significantly increased and popular with the electronics and e-commerce market. These aspects used to be popular as the source of inspiration for potential researchers, developers, and businesses in the process (Modesti, P., 2021). With the development of interest from potential researchers, customers, and developers these application has changed the aspects of education, learning, information presentation, and access aspects. Here this project is based on an e-commerce system but the background is different. People are using e-commerce sites for buying things associated with their requirements but still visits retail stores on weekends and workdays and that associates a huge amount of time spent in searching for things and getting into the queue. This specific application would provide online services for people to track the availability and purchase of products of the retails stores near to their area.

Research Area

Electronic commerce used to be the type of new business and people is getting engaged in such aspects more with time. From the past decade, e-commerce has been expanded rapidly in the process and used to predict continuous growth as it allows customers to exchange goods and services associated with their requirements (Burd et al., 2020). Here distance does not get determined as a barrier of business and used to be chapter and faster than a traditional model of purchasing products. Here a research gap has been identified. E-commerce has become the area of potential research and that is associated with evaluating the efficiency and new approaches in the way of development. Here in this paper, an updated review of literature has been presented for the study that is associated with the application of such constraints. Here potential gaps have been identified and solutions have been developed by identifying research gaps. Here the priority of the study is about influencing the reach of retail stores for people. Evaluating the efficiency of customer reach and operations associated with retail businesses would provide an influence to shrinking large retail businesses.

Research Gap

People often visit nearby retail stores on weekdays and weekends for purchasing their required resources such as Walmart stores. They used to be placed in queues and used to buy products spending more time than expected. Thus here is a platform is required for checking and purchasing things from their nearby stores. Although similar things are available online they get attracted to coupons, discounts, and attractive deals associated with the stores and retails chains. This specific application would help people in understanding their wait time of the queue and determining reviews associated with the products (Ebone et al., 2018). Here another facility would be included that would help in tracking the availability of specific products and online billing would minimize the time associated with billings. This would help users in effectively reducing their spent time and in organizing their bills and tracking purchase aspects.

Proposed Solution

Here rapid development associated with communication technology aspects has affected human lives in many different forms and changed the way of living in many different ways. Here one of the most significant changes in the process of shopping. This has been possible with the influence of the internet and easy usage of android applications. Here online shopping used to be most popular with users. People also visit retail stores in a huge number (Vince et al., 2017). As android applications help to manage almost everything effectively this specific aspect would also help people in managing user information and evaluating efficiency in large retail stores. With such technologies here retail stores would also be able in managing competitions with e-commerce applications with increased efficiencies. Here this specific system would evaluate detailed aspects associated with retail stores such as:

  • Communication: Here customers would be able in managing products, services, payment status, and availability online. Thus a better and virtual communication would be established.
  • Business process: This would lead to efficiency and automation of different things for the retail businesses in an efficient manner.
  • Services: This would help in increasing services aspects while increasing efficiency and decreasing the associated time required in the process.

Potential Aspects

Here business operations aspects would be evaluated in a framework of the B2C process associated with the process. The customer would be able in managing products and services and would help internet and online services in the process (Hossen, M., 2020). Here the process of electronic commerce could be classified in to different categories and could be implemented further for increasing sales associated with retail stores. Customers used to be more online shopping oriented as per the trend and this specific application would help in influencing customers to follow such trends for retail stores also by reducing their time of engagement and distraction.

Expected Practical Element Output

Here the process of development here would go through four different phases such as setup, development, debugging and testing, and the publication phase in the process. Here development aspects such as software tools, framework, and simulation tools have been discussed in the process.

Software Tools

Here three major tools would be required for developing the application such as:

  • JDK or Java Development Kit: This is used to be the key component for developing applications based on Java. This kit is associated with JVM and JRE that helps in developing Java programs and gets executed as per the requirements smoothly.
  • Android SDK: This is a software development kit that is determined as a set of tools developing applications in android applications (Sarder, M., 2019). This SDK in the process provides a selection of tools that are utilized for developing android applications in the process.
  • Eclipse IDE: Here IDE is determined as an integrated development application that includes aspects of customization, core workspaces, and extensible plug-in systems in the process. This here includes Java development tools for the developers.


Here Firebase would be used for developing such application that here gets embedded with cloud computing and artificial intelligence for building scalable and efficient applications with higher performances. Here the applications associated with this framework are Auth, TestLab, and Firebase ML. Here the features associated with the framework are evaluated:

  • Here the framework is used to utilize analytics and develops unlimited and free solutions for features associated with the process.
  • Real-time database: Here cloud-hosted database here makes synchronization possible associated with server-side components associated with the database (Dehghani et al., 2019).
  • Her many other features also get included in the system such as user authentication aspects, cloud storage aspects, test labs, and cloud messaging features in the process.

Required Resources

Here element requirement aspects have been discussed in the process which is generally associated with data, functional, performance, testing and maintenance, and system requirements in the process. Such aspects here have been detailed as follows:

Data: Here involved data for the project process is considered as data requirements in the process. Here major data requirement aspects are information associated with login and register. Here other requirements are information associated with items (Khan et al., 2020).

Functional : Here functional requirements are associated final system. The application is required to determine versions and price aspects depending on the stakeholders. Here users are required to be registered with relevant credentials for using full features of the application in the process.

Performance: Here performance requirements get associated with scalability, availability, tolerance, and dependencies for developing such a system here. This should require a response and scalability aspect in the process.

System: Here the application should be installed into different devices for meeting basic requirements associated with the process. Here supporting requirements get evaluated with hardware and software requirements of the associated device.

Testing and Maintainability: Here the developed application here should also process meeting all possible bad and good cases of test evaluations (Nobi et al., 2018). This specific application should not also meet crashes and should be able in maintaining new versions.

Prerequisite Knowledge Required

For developing such application here a detailed analysis of targeted retail chains and customer requirements should be evaluated properly. This would help in developing this application more users friendly. Here a set of knowledge associated with the Java programming language would be required. As android applications utilize a set of different tools and frameworks thus understanding different tools in the process is necessary to understand (Hasan et al., 2017). These tools associate detailed aspects of applications and different tools utilize different functionalities. The core aspects of the applications would be developed utilizing JDK, Android SDK, and Eclipse IDE and detailed knowledge about such tools would helpful for developing a fully functional application in the process. Here the set of skills required for the process of development are:

  • Programming skills in Java.
  • Skills for using different frameworks and tools.
  • Skills for understanding customer and business requirements.

Project Plan

Here a project plan has been presented for the system for developing the software here. Here Gantt chart is presented for managing resources and time associated with the process here:

Project Plan-System and Software Development
 CN7000 Proposal Assignment Sample


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