Human Resources Management: “Talent and capability in a software technology company”

Identification of human resources issues at Mixim solutions

By analysing the case study of Mixim solutions, it is found that the company is expanding its business in the effective manner. The main business operation areas of the company are India and Australia.

But, at the same time company is facing the issues in the context of the retaining the employees in the organisation. The main issue for the company is its increasing the employee’s turnover rate. In this, it is found that Mixim solutions employee’s turnover rate has reached at 25% in Australia and 20% in India.

It means that the company poor HRM strategies that are not able to retain the skilled human resources. In this, it is analysed that the main cause due to this company is unable to retain the employees is that there is a lack of cultural understanding of Indian employees by some Australian managers.

That is why, management cannot understand the need of employees and become fail to retain them. Moreover, it is also found that there is also a lack to better target recruitment in the Indian market. Some employees also have a complaint that there are a lack ode development opportunities and career planning for staff in Indian and Australia Chelladurai, P. and (Kerwin, 2017).

At the same time, the given case study also determined that company is not good in the context of fast-tracking of high-performance individuals.

At the same time, it is also found that HR planning, motivation, performances management, diversity management are the concerning aspect of the company as it is the major source of growing high turnover. However, a consultant at Mixim solution found that lack of cultural understanding by the side of manager with the employees is the major problem for failing towards the attracting the talent employees.

Hence, it can be recommended to Mixim solution that it should try to retain the employees. For this, the company can offer better package and opportunities to the employees. The company should hire the right people that are best way to retain the employee of a long time.

It should also provide the award on the better performance of the employees (Beardwell and Thompson, 2014). It will be helpful to motivate the employees and encourage for doing work for long time.

The human resource management of the company establish a team that can identify the needs and requirement of employees at the workplace. It will help to fulfil the gap between the needs of the employees and expected performance for the employees.

As the result, the company can observe improvement in the employees’ turnover rate. The company should also try for making the opportunities for development and growth for the employees because each employee seeks opportunities for development and growth in its professional career.

At the same time, the one of the important thing that can be adopted by Mixim solution is that it can develop and strategy for entertainment, break during the shift, incentive for better performance of the employees (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). It will be helpful to retain the employees.


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