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CIS110-Distributed and Parallel Computing Technologies

Question 2 (Parallel Programming)

  1. There are many features in the modern programming language that is used for concurrent or parallel programming. The feature includes concise coding and provides built-in support for privacy. Null pointer safety is ensured with the coding with the type interference in it. It is also provided with a lower cognitive load with concurrent and parallel programming. In concurrent programming, the process is executed simultaneously. Concurrency plays an important role by exhibiting parallelism in the process. Parallel programming allows execution on more than one processor. This makes the programming easily readable and executable. Modern programming languages depends upon many goals and objective which is suitable for concurrent and parallel programming.OpenMP supports both parallel and concurrent programming in which the features of threads, message passing, semaphores are utilized. With the help of threads, the operations are divided for each thread and it is executed concurrently for each process. Message passing is one of the mechanisms where the message is transmitted from the sender to receiver with the programs which is divided for each process. It is one of the processes of implementing multithreading in concurrent and parallel programming. Threads are executed concurrently by allocating to different processors in the run time environment.
  2. The website programmed in C++ uses two types of functions like lock and thread function of parallel programming. The scenario is implemented with C++ by using lock and thread functions. In the multitasking environment there is always some problems like a lock and hold problems when more programs are running. If the company website is running with several processes there are maybe deadlock among the process which is running simultaneously. This causes each thread to start the execution before the completion of other processes. So the process is locked which creates errors in the website. In that, the first thread while it was in execution after the completion the second thread should start its process which leads to mutual exclusion thereby avoiding the locks in each of the threads. Both the locks and thread cause some performance issues. While considering the lock mechanism in the website it arises to overlapping problems in the process which are running in the system. Thread always starts a process called exception handling which handles the exception in the process. When the exceptions are not caught properly it causes some errors. With this kind of scenario, we need to proceed with multithreaded programs. The problem arises in handling the codes and the process of debugging is also a tedious process. Testing is one of the major issues that can’t be resolved in overlapping mechanisms. If it is not processed properly lock mechanism occurs due to concurrent execution of the process.

Question 3 (Cloud Computing)

  1. The cloud service solution need not be shut down with the system for the up-gradation of the system that is required with the Amazon cloud services. This is offered with the various processes that are offered with the system that may be used with the optimization and modification of the process based on the quality of the service. This is offered with the different processing systems that may be required with the agency to solve the cloud-native problem when the data is serviced with the cloud processor. The system may be scaled with the various process that is used with the different process that is used with the application based on the modification and optimization with the cloud server with the legacy system. all the system need to be shutdown to revise the cloud service approach with the system based on the different principles that are involved with the system and may require the resilience, speed and scale with the cloud-based Amazon service that is accessed with the system. This is offered with the vendors for the migration of the cloud service with the different processor that is upgraded with the system. This setup is measured with the performance and then increases the deployed process with the platform and principles.
  2. The cloud-native solution is the process that is offered with various approaches that are accessed with the migration of the system to Amazon where the number of user capabilities needs to be increased with the system. the system should not shut down in order to decrease the performance, speed and scale the process according to the infrastructure that is offered with the system. The cloud strategy needs to be derived with the system for the migration of the cloud approach with the system. This may be required with the system based on the replacement of the server with other blade servers. This is used with the various streams of the data and offers a flexible solution.


This cloud strategy is offered with the various tools that are obtained to avoid risk with designing the cloud ESK for deployment. This cloud service is offered with the vendor server that is increased with the distributed system. This is offered with the different deployment and development over the system based on the required cloud-native solution.

Cloud-Native Solution Architecture

This architecture provides the system benefit that is more flexible and offers the legacy with a system based on the built-in process that may be executed with the system based on the hardware infrastructure. This is offered with the difficult process that may be used with the migration of cloud approach that is used later with the legacy system.

This architecture is offered with the system that is built-in with the cloud that may be sued with the various benefits that offer more flexibility and legacy system with the cloud approach. This may be used with the particular hardware process that is offered with the hardware infrastructure that is migrated with the Amazon service without the shutdown process. This is provided with the hardware-based infrastructure that is offered with the physical server with the enterprise system that is forced with the advantages and disadvantages that is offered with the distributed system.

The cloud-native operation is involved with the four pillars that are operated with the system. This offers the composability, flexibility and transaction with the system when it is migrated to the cloud approach. This is offered with the development, deployment and provides the complete solution with the system that might be used with the Amazon service to increase the flexible usage with the system.

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