This particular study will reflect the necessity of leading a healthy life in the UK with alarming statistics of the death number of people. Along with this, a discussion will be made on the CDC program that will be beneficial for the people of the country with several important recommendations necessary for the NHS of the UK.

Impact of policies in relation to the UK public health issue

Policy design

Health is a vibrant topic in the UK that mostly occurs in the news of the country. The NHS of the country looks to make the necessary strategies to develop a wealthy atmosphere in the country. Statistics have proved that the government of the country spent about £152.9 billion for the purpose of improving healthcare in the country.

Moreover, 57 percent of people indulge themselves in consuming alcohol with 67 percent of adults suffering from obesity in the country. Almost 602 percent of females have issues of obesity.

Talking all the factors together, in the year 2018 the country experienced 541,500 deaths much larger than the previous year 2017. For this reason there is need to made a suitable policy based on which the smoking rate can be reduced considerably.

Policy Intent

The primary purpose of forming the policy will be to create a suitable atmosphere that will encourage the persons to leave the habit of smoking in the country. In addition, it will be to create a smoke free generation. However, people need to make out the ill effects of smoking that would help them in understanding the detrimental effects accordingly.

Policy process wheel diagram

An effective policy process ensures promising action as well as decisions for achieving specific goals for the betterment of the lifestyle of the UK. In fact, the country has given the focus on using a beneficial policy process to reduce the number of deaths, thereby improving the living standards (Roberts et al., 2019).

More importantly, the NHS has made consistent efforts in ensuring effective policies related to health where the people of the country will not be permitted to drink alcohol or indulge themselves in doing any small activities.


Factors linked to the policy process
1. Knowledge as well as innovation
2. Presence of external influences
3. The political context of the country (Baybuttet al., 2019)

Table 1: Factors linked to the policy process

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All these factors are imperative for the UK wherefore it gets the score of advancing towards providing a better lifestyle for the people of the country.

Proposed inventions

Effective execution of the CDC Framework makes the job easier for the Uk in terms of providing strategic guidance for improving the lifestyle of the people throughout the country (Subramanian, 2019).  It refers to a wide range of activities that make effective support for organizing important activities related to the public health of the country. It consists of Six Steps such as which are discussed below

Steps of CDC program
1. Engaging Stakeholders
2. Describing the program
3. Focusing on the evaluation design
4. Gathering credible evidence
5. Justifying conclusions
6. Ensuring usage and sharing the lessons learned

Table 2: Steps of CDC program

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Figure 1: CDC Framework

(Source: (Subramanian, 2019)

It would be helpful for the people in the country to make out the essence of quit smoking habit otherwise, it will exercise a profound impact throughout the country.

More importantly, the death rate will also be on the higher side, which will turn out to be a negative factor for the growth and prosperity of the country in a considerable manner. The formation of effective planning will ensure the successful removal of the habit of smoking in the country.

Expected outcomes

Based on the above discussion it needs to be stated that the NHS UK will need to tackle important initiatives to improve the living standards of the people in the country. It will provide a profitable scope for the UK to increase the rate of life expectancy in a considerable manner

In this regard following recommendations will be important for the NHS in the UK:

  • Implementation of strict laws that will reduce the scopes of alcohol consumption in the country
  • Organizing health-related campaigns to make people understand the necessity of leading a healthy life
  • Increasing awareness among the younger generation regarding the ill effects of smoking in the country


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